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Available October 5, 2008[1]

Thousands of years ago, Norrath almost fell to the Void. A group of sturdy adventurers banded together, resisted the scourge and eventually saved the world.

They were the Ethernauts.

Legends of Norrath™ Ethernauts is the all-new release for SOE's fantasy trading card game based on the EverQuest® and EverQuest II® MMOs.

Ethernauts Features:

  • New Storyline - Kicking off the second story block for Legends of Norrath, Ethernauts will tell the story of adventure, heroism, loss and sacrifice thousands of years before the events unfolding in EverQuest II The Shadow Odyssey. Players of the MMO will learn the history of the Ethernauts through cards, lore, scenarios and raid play.

  • New Cards - More than 280 beautiful new cards, including 210 base set cards, 16 new quest cards and more than 30 promotional cards. Ethernauts also adds new unit races, including the Half-elves, the Centaurs and the Treants, as well as 4 new avatar cards.

  • New Loot - Ethernauts adds 20+ new loot cards for EverQuest and EverQuest II , including rare and exotic items from the Void, as well as new mounts, cloaks, consumables and baubles.

  • New Scenarios - Experience themed content from the upcoming EverQuest II expansion, The Shadow Odyssey, before it hits shelves. 10 brand-new scenarios will take you on an exciting journey through the story and events of the Ethernauts, with exciting rewards for completing each one.

  • New Raids - Raiding is a popular format in Legends of Norrath that allows players to work cooperatively against a common opponent. In Ethernauts, players will have two new four-player raids to puzzle through and defeat!

  • New Starter Product - Ethernauts will mark a new format for the starter deck product. The new Legendary Starter Pack will contain enough game cards, avatars and quests to make four different decks (Fighter, Mage, Priest and Scout).

  • Complimentary Pack for Current Subscribers - All EverQuest and EverQuest II subscribers, in good standing, will receive the new Cloudskipper Starter with the release of Ethernauts as part of the subscription. This beginner's starter will introduce you to the Ethernauts and their path through history. This starter also includes the exclusive Cloudskipper Avatar, the airship of the Ethernauts!


Thousands of years ago in Norrath's past, the mightiest heroes of this forgotten age came together to face a terrible evil from beyond reality's veil. These adventurers traveled the world seeking artifacts and allies in their quest to save Norrath from creatures from the Void. Now you can join these heroes on their epic adventures. You too can become one of the Ethernauts!

Chapter 1: Exiles

The tales of the Ethernauts begin as you help Nurgg, Illisia, Kaltuk and Bayle, each cast out from their homes and families, come together to battle against the creatures of the void.

  • Scenario 1: An Ogre's Revenge - An ogre weaponsmith is counting on you to help avenge his family.

  • Scenario 2: The Eternal Prism - After tracking down a pair of renegade barbarians, you must join forces with them against a mysterious common foe.

  • Scenario 3: Faltering Faith - While traveling to the south, you come across a band of dwarves under siege by a company of trolls. Rather than abandon the dwarves to their fate, you throw in your lot with them against the trolls, and make an ally in the process.

  • Scenario 4: Ruins of the Kedge - You must face angry mermaids in order to help retrieve and ancient artifact from the sea

  • Scenario 5: The First Rift Opens - When the village of Oceangreen is endangered by a beast from beyond, it's up to you to defeat the beast before the entire village is destroyed.

Chapter 2: Exodus

Chapter 3: Escape

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