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This is a 5-man Expert rift event, opened by use of a Lure: Auricore Forerunners. The goal for the Ascended in this rift is to free the slaves of the Auricore and defeat those responsible. It has five phases and two of them are timed.



  • Free 6 captives
  • Kill 12 Coingluts
  • Timer: none

This phase is pretty standard. The Ascended will face off against four packs of Coinglut Binders and Coinglut Slavers. Have the tank pull each group one by one and burn them down with either single target or AoE.



  • Kill Orez the Hunter
  • Timer: none

Orez the Hunter is a cyclops with 159k health. The tank should pick him up and face him away from the group as he has a cleave. He is a cyclopian warrior and has very few skills. He can put a couple debuffs on the tank but none of any consequence.



  • Kill Wrekdreg
  • Kill Auricore Brawler
  • Kill Aruicore Basher
  • Timer: 3:00

Even though the timer starts out at 3:00 the mobs will not aggro until about 2:40 is left. During this phase and the following ones Captain Uriek and his team will assist you. Feel free to take advantage of this assistance as they can take a lot of damage and also deal out quite a bit.

Have your tank grab Wrekdreg, Auricore Basher, and Auricore Brawler and face them away from the group. The group can either AoE down these three or single target the Basher and Brawler before moving on to Wrekdreg. The npc's can draw aggro off of the tank but it should not matter as they can handle these monsters quite well by themselves.



  • Kill 35 Auricore Earthspawn
  • Timer: 4:00

During this phase monsters will continuously spawn around the rift. There are three types of monsters, the Auricore Baelsting, the Auricore Scarab, and the Auricore Soldier. The scarab has less than 10k health and does not need to be tanked, simply have dps kill them as they see them. The soldiers have 19k health and should be tanked by either the group tank or the npc's, but even a rogue or dps warrior can handle the meager damage they deal if the main tank is busy. The baelstings should be tanked by the groups main tank and focus fired while they are up. They have 33.5k health and should die quickly as long as the group pays attention.

Assuming the group does not get overwhelmed then meeting the timer for this phase should be simple.



  • Kill Kraw Oldgut
  • Timer: none

Kraw Oldgut will decide to take on the Ascended directly after they have dispatched all of his minions. Kraw has a single target knockback that he will periodically use on the main tank or one of the npcs, whichever has aggro at the time. He will also place 3-5 red circles on the ground that have a diameter of about 10 yards. After a brief period an earth foothold will spawn in the middle of these circles and do an AoE knockback along with a moderate amount of damage. Avoid these circles and keep the group healed up and Kraw is a simple encounter.


This is simply known loot, it is not a full list of everything that can drop from this encounter.

Auricore Forerunners Loot
Auricore Spaulders
Auricore Mantle
Auricore Shoulders
Corrupted Soul
Dragonwatch Barrier
Kraw's Anathema
Onyx Dragonslayer
Obsidian Dragonslayer
Polished Hope
Earthly Conductor

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