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The following are transcripts and video from the Windurst quest A Manifest Problem.

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Fort Karugo-Narugo Part 1

This cutscene can be viewed in game by talking to Ramblix at the Goblin Footprint at (D-13) in Fort Karugo-Narugo.

Rotih Moalghett : PLAYERNAME?
You just missed Tihl and Mihl.
Tihl Midurhi : Hey, PLAYERNAME!
What took you so long? The boss'll have your ears if you stand there yappin' much longer.
Mihl Pakorhma : It's...awfully quiet arrround here.
Where is everyone?
Tihl Midurhi : Hm?
I guess it is a little less lively than usual...
Rotih Maolghett : I can explain...

Ghyo Molkot : Whose rrridiculous idea was that?
You think you can hold the fort against the Yagudo without my girls?
Kamolo-Domilo : These are the directaru orders of the Star Sibyl.
The Tigresses are to head for Castle Oztroja and support the Warlock Warlord's offensive.
Kamolo-Domilo : The Star Sibyl also specifically statey-wated that the loss of the Warlock Warlord at this time would be disastrous.
Ghyo Molkot: Smells a little fishy to me.
We were packed off to Fort Karugo-Narugo so fast our heads are still spinnin', and now you want us to dive straight into the enemy strrronghold?
Kamolo-Domilo : The words of the Star Sibyl are not subjectaru to discussion.
And that goes for the Warlock Warlord's orders, as well.
Nhiko Rhaabel : ...
The poeple on this continent really know how to strrroke a Mithra the wrong way.
Ghyo Molkot : So what do you plan to do if they rrrush the walls while we're gone?
Have you got some sorta plan?
Kamolo-Domilo : Hmph, the walls of the fort are protectarued with powerful sorceries. Even if the Yagudo could breachy-weach those defenses, they would wiltaru before the combined magical might of the Caster Companies.
Kamolo-Domilo : Enough dally-wallying!
Off to Castle Oztroja with you!
Ghyo Molkot : Huh! Don't come crrryin' to me when you have birdmen in your basement!

Rotih Moalghett : ...and that's why there's so few Mithrrra around.
They've all marched to Castle Oztroja.
Tihl Midurhi : Then wouldn't that mean...?
Rotih Moalghett : What is it?
Romaa Mihgo : Tihl! Mihl! PLAYERNAME!
You saw Professor Koru-Moru safely to Jeuno?
Tihl Midurhi : Grrreat timing, boss!
We have something important to rrreport.
Mihl Pakorhma : You see, there's magic in the fortress and a secret code and it's all bad!
Romaa Mihgo : I...have no idea what you just said.
Can one of you make sense of that for me?
Romaa Mihgo : Are you tellin' me the Yagudo have got their talons on some magic-rrresistant armor?
Tihl Midurhi : Our source was rrreliable...
Romaa Mihgo : So we're back to good old-fashioned soldiery?
That means our forces here consist of a handful of Mithra and a company of pudgy bookworms...!?
Rotih Moalghett : Boss!
Isn't that the Sagittarian Master Caster?

Lukka-Lakka : Master Caster Kamolo-Domilo, are you sure our unit will be sufficientaru?
Perhaps we should call the Tigresses back...
Kamolo-Domilo : There will be no need.
The magical walls of this fortress were builtaru to withstand the most determined onslaught.
The Yagudo won't lay so much as a feather on the inner courtyard.
Kamolo-Domilo : (We'll see how the Warlock Warlord's reputation holds up when rumors fly about his reck-weckless plan and his rescue by Mithran mercenaries sent at the Star Sibyl's behestaru...)
Kamolo-Domilo : (And to make the deal all the sweeter, I will earn the accolades when my Sagittarian War Warlocks single-handedly obliterataru the Yagudo invaders...)

Tihl Midurhi : ...
Romaa Mihgo : Why do I have to do everything myself...?
Romaa Mihgo : Do the Tigresses have half a brrrain between them!?
They're not a bunch of mewling kittens to be taken in by any Tarutaru's glib tongue!
Romaa Mihgo : PLAYERNAME!
Run yourself over to Castle Oztroja and get the Tigresses back!
Romaa Mihgo : Magic-resistant armor...
Makes my hackles rrrise, that's for damn sure!
I'll be right after you, PLAYERNAME.

Castle Oztroja

This cutscene can be viewed in-game by talking to Ramblix at the Goblin Footprint in the Castle Oztroja (A Manifest Problem).

Ghyo Molkot : Is that it for this floor?
Nhiko Rhaabel : Looks like it.
No sign of strrragglers...
Ghyo Molkot : Where are all the hulkin' elite troops hidin'?
We've fought nothin' but rrrank and file...
Romaa Mihgo : Ghyo!
We need you back at the fort!
Nhiko Rhaabel : Huh?
Romaa, what are you and PLAYERNAME doin' here?
Robel-Akbel : What's going on here!?
Ghyo of the Tigresses and Romaa of the Cobras...
Who's guarding Fort Karugo-Narugo!?
Ghyo Molkot : That puffed-up peabrrrain from the Sagittarian War Warlocks sent us here under the Star Sibyl's name.
We thought we had no choice!
Prido-Homildo : The Star Sibyl...?
Nhiko Rhaabel : That's rrright.
And there was this--
Robel-Akbel : Keep your explanation brief!
Romaa Mihgo : The fort is in big trrrouble!
Robel-Akbel : You're certain?
Romaa Mihgo : Here's the situation...
Nhiko Rhaabel : We left prrretty much nothing but the little warlock guys at the fort.
I'm guessin' they aren't too handy with swords or bows...
Robel-Akbel : I'm surprised this type of equipment appeared so early...
Robel-Akbel : Was there anything else gleaned from the quipus?
Robel-Akbel : "Manifest, lead us to the city.
Windurst...will fall"...?
Ghyo Molkot : Manifest?
What's that supposed to mean?
Nhiko Rhaabel : Isn't that what they call the Yagudo deity...?
Romaa Mihgo : Tzee Xicu the Manifest!
Robel-Akbel : Fascinating.
So the Yagudo leader has joined the main thrust towards the city.
That explains why the castle is so empty...
Romaa Mihgo : When you're done hypothesizin', how about we mobilize our forces and march back to Windurst!?
Robel-Akbel : No, I think I understand the game now.
First, we return to Karugo-Narugo.
Robel-Akbel : Romaa, I need you to head to Windurst after all.
Rouse the Anacondas and send them to the fort with all haste!
Romaa Mihgo : Understood.
I'll pass on the order to Perih.
Romaa Mihgo : PLAYERNAME, return to Karugo-Narugo with Ghyo and the others.
They're gonna need all the help they can get!

Fort Karugo-Narugo Part 2

Rotih Moahghett : You've brrrought back the Tigresses!
Thank Altana!
Rotih Moahghett : I've been trying to tell the Sagittarian War Warlocks about the magic-resistant armor, but I might as well be talking to one of the fort's walls...
Kamolo-Domilo : Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel.
We have breathlessly awaited your safey-wafe return.
Robel-Akbel : Save the pleasantries.
Why did you send the Tigresses to Oztroja against my specific instructions? Under the name of the Star Sibyl, no less...
Kamolo-DOmilo : The fort is secure enough when combining the elemental fury of my unit with these impregnable walls.
I simply thoughtaru to make better use of our excess troops...
Robel-Akbel : ...
Pattna-Ottna : Warlock Warlord!
Th-they're here!
Pattna-Ottna : The Y-Yagudo...
A huge army...!
Kamolo-Domilo : How!?
Robel-Akbel : I have heard rumors of cave systems connecting Sarutabaruta to Aranoneu, with entrances dotted along their length...
Robel-Akbel : The mouths of these caves are easy to miss, but the tunnels themselves are...well...cavernous.
They must have traveled here underground...
Robel-Akbel : Tzee Xicu.
You claim the ridiculous title of an earthly deity, but your cunning is not to be underestimated.

Robel-Akbel watches the Yagudo force near the fort.

Robel-Akbel : ...
Pattna-Ottna : They seem to be holding their position for now...
Robel-Akbel : They mean to encircle us.
If they can cut us off from Windurst, the city is as good as lost...
Robel-Akbel : We take the fight to them.
All non-combatants are to retreat to the inner chambers.
Pattna-Ottna : Sir!
Robel-Akbel : Mercenary Majors! Step forward!,br> Robel-Akbel : The Yagudo have entrenched themselves out of bowshot--they meant to starve us out.
Robel-Akbel : To break this siege, we'll need one unit to march outside the fort and draw them in.
Robel-Akbel : This will be a most dangerous duty...
Who is up to the task?
Romaa Mihgo : My girls will handle it.
Romaa Mihgo : Cobra Unit!
We're headin' outside for a little exercise!
Perih Vashai : Anacondas, to the walls!
Don't let Romaa have all the fun!
Ghyo Molkot : Now you're talkin'!
Tigresses! Snipin' positions!
Perih Vashai : Romaa, watch your tail out there...
Romaa Mihgo : Hmph, I'm more worried about you falling off the wall!

The Yagudo force advances...

Robel-Akbel : This fortress...no, the entire Federation Forces are in your paws, my brave Mithra...
Perih Vashai : The Cobras have pulled them into bow range...
Perih Vashai : But hold your fire!
We want to brrring them in as close as possible! Romaa Mihgo : Listen up.
We wait for the Anacondas to loose their rrrain of arrows, and when the Yagudo falter...
Romaa Mihgo : ...we slice into their rrranks!
Romaa Mihgo : Here they come!
Perih Vashai : Hold!
Perih Vashai : Not yet...
A little closer...
Perih Vashai : Loose!
Romaa Mihgo : Cobras!
Romaa Mihgo : For Windurst!!!

Kamolo-Domilo begins to cast magic.

Kamolo-Domilo : Magic-resistant armor?
We'll see about that...
Kamolo-Domilo : Firaga!!!
Kamolo-Domilo : Impossible!
Cease casting! No more elemental spells!
Kamolo-Domilo : Pull back!
Supportaru the mercenaries with enhancing magic!

A mysterious figure watches from a green chocobo.

Perih Vashai : Take aim!
Perih Vashai : Romaa!

There is an explosion amidst the Anacondas.

Perih Vashai : ugh...!

The mystery figure rescues a fallen Romaa.

Romaa Mihgo : ...
Romaa Mihgo : !?
Romaa Mihgo : ...
??? : At this rrrate, they'll reach the central tower...
Romaa Mihgo : Who the...?
Romaa Mihgo : A Mithran...male?
Lehko Habhoka : I am Lehko Habhoka...a frrriend.
Lehko Habhoka : It's almost time...

Kamolo-Domilo : Do not wastaru your energy with elemental spells!
Kamolo-Domilo : All non-combatants to the hidden port!
Lukka-Lakka : Too late...
We're surrounded!
Livura-Novora : <Pant...pant>...
We...we're the only survivors of the Taurean War Warlocks...
Kindel-Bandel : <Cough...cough>...
If I'm to be slaughtered, then I'll go outaru in a blaze of Firaga...!!!
Pattna-Ottna : Don't be a dunce!
When magic fails, it's time to draw your sword!
If your sword snappy-waps, you fight with your fistarus!
We'll show them what a Taurean War Warlock is made of!
Robel-Akbel : Don't give up, childrend of Windurst!
Believe in your Warlock Warlord--we will win through!
Robel-Akbel : We must win through...
I have sacrificed everything for this...
Robel-Akbel : !?

San d'Orian knights appear in the distance.

Robel-Akbel : Yes!!!
Ashmea B Greinner : My Windurstian allies!
Ashmea B Greinner : The Royal Knights have heeded your call for aid!
Pattna-Ottna : Is this...is this a dream!?
Rachemace : PLAYERNAME! Tihl! Mihl!
Jolly good to see you again!
Mihl Pakorhma : I can't believe it!
Tihl Midurhi : He actually brrrought an army with him!
Robel-Akbel : I am Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel!
The Federation is in your debt!
Yrvaulair S Cousseraux : They mean to sack your capital, Warlock Warlord!
Leave these taloned curs to us!
Robel-Akbel : My thanks!
Robel-Akbel : Major Romaa, a word, if you will.
(There is a chink in WIndurst's armor--no one expects an assault from below.)
Robel-Akbel : (I believe the tunnels our enemy used to surprise us here stretch all the way to the city...)
Romaa Mihgo : What!? Are you saying that the attack on the fort was just one big distrrraction?
Then why are we still standing here...?
Robel-Akbel : Lower your voice.
(We cannot win that way. A turned ambush is better than a first strike.)
Robel-Akbel : (We use the very same tunnels to blindside our foes. They will not be expecting an attack from behind.)
Romaa Mihgo : Of course! Er...
(If we can uncover one of these tunnel entrances and sneak up from the rrrear, they'll never know what hit them!
Assuming we make it there in time...)
Romaa Mihgo : (You're a real gambler, aren't you?)
Robel-Akbel : (Hehehe...
The same quality I admire in you, my dear. Now hurry! This subterranean force must be destroyed!)
Robel-Akbel : You. I've seen you handle yourself in a fight.
Take this fort key.
Robel-Akbel : There must be a tunnel entrance located somewhere within the fort.
You'll need this key to access some of the restricted areas.
Romaa Mihgo : You're sure you can trrrust this greenhorn with something that important?
Robel-Akbel : Do not be concerned. I will leave a spare with Rotih Moalghett for unexpected contingencies.
Robel-Akbel : Now, go!

Windurst Battle

Windurst Waters (S)

Zolku-Azolku : This Yagudo force...it's endless!
Zonpa-Zippa : Ahahahaha!
The more the better! Bring on every lastaru one of them!
Zonpa-Zippa : Go forth and destroy, my masterpieces of magical, mechanical mayhem!
Not ten, not a hundred, not even a thousand beaked beastmen are a match for the mighty-wight of the Cardians!
Zonpa-Zippa : Pain! Destruction! Exhilaration!
What better way to testaru my creations!?
??? : Am I too late for the action?
Zonpa-Zippa : Hm?
Robel-Akbel : Oho, no matic-immune equipment for these troops.
They have yet to outfit the entire army, it seems.
Robel-Akbel : What an excellent opportunity to unleash the full extent of my wrath.
I felt a little left out, what with all those Elvaan and Mithra stealing all the glory!
Zonpa-Zippa : Robel-Akbel!
You're interfering with my magnificentaru field experiment!
Robel-Akbel : My apologies, dear Zonpa-Zippa.
Robel-Akbel : Hear me, defenders of windurst!
This brave soul has triumphed over a second Yagudo force that sought to ambush us!
Robel-Akbel : There will be no more reinforcements for our enemies!
If we win this field, the day is ours...!
Tzee Xicu the Manifest : Sniveling wretches.
Tzee Xicu the Manifest : You have stained my honor...
Tzee Xicu the Manifest : But your squeals of glee are hasty.
Today's battle was nothing more than a prelude in the dirge of your nation's obliteration...
Kayeel-Payeel : They're retreating!?
Zolku-Azolku : Disciples of malice!
Learn the stingy-wing of defeataru!
Zonpa-Zippa : What, is it over already?
Robel-Akbel : ...
Robel-Akbel : Victory!
Robel-Akbel : The city is saved!
Robel-Akbel : Now is the time to heal your wounds...
Robel-Akbel : ...and mourn the passing of friends.

Romaa Mihgo : Phew...
That was a scrrrap and a half.
Romaa Mihgo : But they pulled out as soon as the tables turned.
Gotta say I'm imprrressed with their sense of practicality.
Perih Vashai : Hey, Romaa.
It looked like you were sleeping for a bit there, but maybe you were just moving rrreally slow...
Romaa Mihgo : Wha-!
This coming from the brave soldier who hides up out of harm's rrreach!
Perih Vashai : Hehehe...
Romaa Mihgo : Hehe...ahahaha!

Dhea Prandoleh : Hey, did you come from the homeland?
Lehko Habhoka : Maybe I did.
Nhiko Rhaabel : Do you like bluetail?
We could go fishin' down by the porrrt!
Lehko Habhoka : That sounds like fun.
Tihl Midurhi : Hey! You just prrromised to have dinner with me!
Lehko Habhoka : Now now, ladies, let's not fight.

Lehko Habhoka : Ah, we meet again.
Lehko Habhoka : I was watching you back at the fort.
Lehko Habhoka : Hmmm...
Lehko Habhoka : (Sniff, sniff)...
Lehko Habhoka : Interrresting.
Lehko Habhoka : Ah, where are my manners?
Lehko Habhoka : This lady is one of yours?
Romaa Mihgo : Th-that's rrright...
Lehko Habhoka : And your name...?
Lehko Habhoka : (Name), is it?
I am Lehko Habhoka.
I think we'll be firm frrriends.
Lehko Habhoka : I'll be seeing you...
Perih Vashai : A male Mithra...
Romaa Mihgo : He was certainly the center of attention...
Perih Vashai : Not surprising, considering how few people on this continent are likely to have seen one.
Perih Vashai : Heh, he catch your fancy?
Romaa Mihgo : O-of course not!
Perih Vashai : Something about that name...
Lehko Habhoka...? Lehko...
Romaa Mihgo : What's this now?
I think you're the one whose fancy's being tickled!
Perih Vashai : ...

Romaa Mihgo : Well done, (Name).
You played a big parrrt in this victory.
Romaa Mihgo : And we've had word that the Royal Knights put the last nail in the Yagudo's coffin back at Fort Karugo-Narugo.
They rrreally pulled our fur out of the fire.
Romaa Mihgo : According to Tihl and Mihl, you're partially rrresponsible for their change of heart!
Romaa Mihgo : Here's a little pat on the back from me.

Heavens Tower

Robel-Akbel : Master Caster Kamolo-Domilo of the Sagittarian War Warlocks.
Do you understand the gravity of your transgression?
Kamolo-Domilo : Sir...
Robel-Akbel : You misrepresented the Star sibyl and sent troops to Castle Oztroja under false authorization...
Kamolo-Domilo : M-my most abjectaru apologies...
Robel-Akbel : Your actions placed Fort Karugo-Narugo and the city of Windurst in mortal peril.
How will you repent for this crime?
Kamolo-Domilo : Anything! I'll do anything...!
Robel-Akbel : Close your eyes.
Kamolo-Domilo : Uh...!?
Robel-Akbel : Pray to the moon and the stars...

Lehko Habhoka : Ah, the poor little thing...
Have you no mercy?
Robel-Akbel : That's rich, coming from you.
Lehko Habhoka : Whatever do you mean...?
Robel-Akbel : Fine. Play the innocent.
You know as well as I do that justice has a price.
Robel-Akbel : And I will protect Windurst...by any means necessary...
Lehko Habhoka : Hmmm...
I'm happy with the way things turned out.
And I have a fascinating new piece to play with.
Robel-Akbel : ...
Lehko Habhoka : Will she be a knight? A bishop?
Lehko Habhoka : Or just another enthusiastic pawn...?
Lehko Habhoka : ...
Lehko Habhoka : Even pawns have their uses...

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