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Trion has been publishing a fiction series featuring many of the primary characters in Rift. These stories can be read on the Trion website at Tales of Telara.

These are lore-specific articles for Rift: Planes of Telara. As you travel through Telara, listen to the conversations of the peoples you meet. Many of them will be discussing things that will lead to a deeper understanding of the lore of the game.

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12th Sanctuary Guard Letter 1 (Rift Lore) 12th Sanctuary Guard Letter 2 (Rift Lore) Abyssal Precipice (Rift Lore)
Acacia Zardonis - Nightblade (Rift Lore) All Hail King Aedraxis (Rift Lore) Amardis Mathos - Paladin (Rift Lore)
Ardenburgh Statue Plaque (Rift Lore) Asha Catari (Rift Lore) A History of the Eth (Rift Lore)
A Letter from Sasha Nikadon (Rift Lore) A Letter from Scotty (Rift Lore) A People United (Rift Lore)
A Royal Proclamation (Rift Lore) Boglings (Rift Lore) Charmer's Caldera (Rift Lore)
City Record of Ardenburgh (Rift Lore) Clever Kehmeh (Rift Lore) Darkening Deeps (Rift Lore)
Deepstrike Mines (Rift Lore) Defiant 2.0 (Rift Lore) Durnes - Ranger (Rift Lore)
Dwarves (Rift) Ekkehard Valnir (Rift Lore) Elementalists, The First Mages (Rift Lore)
Ember Isle Lore Founding of Atia (Rift Lore) Freemarch (Rift Lore)
Gisa Malik (Rift Lore) Gloamwood (Rift Lore) Gods (Rift)
Greenscale's Blight (Rift Lore) Hammerknell Fortress (Rift Lore) Humans (Rift)
Instructions for Care of the Malgams (Rift Lore) Iron Pine Peak (Rift Lore) Iron Tomb (Rift Lore)
Journal of Zareph Mathos (Rift Lore) King's Breach (Rift Lore) Kira Thanos and Uriel Chuluun (Rift Lore)
Kobold Creation Story (Rift Lore) Lastlight (Rift Lore) Last Days of Hammerknell (Rift Lore)
Marshal Kain's Field Journal- Scarwood Reach (Rift Lore) Mathosian Empire (Rift) Mathosia (Rift Lore)
Memorial- Battle of Lords Hall (Rift Lore) Meridian (Rift Lore) Natia Sihi's Field Journal, pg 84 (Rift Object)
Niyol Cliffswind - Sentinel (Rift Lore) Notice of Evacuation (Rift Lore) Nysyr - Inquisitor (Rift Lore)
On Neddra the Warlock (Rift Lore) On Sourcestone (Rift Lore) Orphiel's Failsafe Device (Rift Lore)
Orphiel Farwind (Rift Lore) Phynnious Rothmann - Pyromancer (Rift Lore) Protocols for Proper Regeneration (Rift Lore)
Realm of the Fae (Rift Lore) River of Souls (Rift Lore) Runic Descent (Rift Lore)
Sanctum (Rift Lore) Scarlet Gorge (Rift Lore) Scarwood Reach (Rift Lore)
Scotty (Rift Lore) Shalastiri (Rift) Shimmersand (Rift Lore)
Silverwood (Rift Lore) Skirathos (Rift Lore) Sourcewell (Rift)
Stillmoor (Rift Lore) Stonefield (Rift Lore) Talos Roda - Purifier (Rift Lore)
Telaran Calendar (Rift) Telara (Rift) The Convocation (Rift Lore)
The Fall of Lantern Hook (Rift Lore) The Fall of Moonshade (Rift Lore) The First Oaths of the Icewatch (Rift Lore)
The Great Telaran Library (Rift) The Nature of Rifts (Rift Lore) The Origins of the Endless Court (Rift Lore)
The Passing of Joster Mathos (Rift Lore) The Price of Progress (Rift Lore) The Prophecy of the Ascended (Rift)
The Slaughter at Meridian (Rift Lore) The Song of the Keepers (Rift Lore) The Theology of the Vigil (Rift Lore)
The Unholy Blight - Reavers (Rift Lore) The Vigil (Rift) Timeline (Rift)
Tome of the Shade (Rift Lore) Tome of the Vigil (Rift Lore) Vachir Altan - Champion (Rift Lore)
Veseslav - Assassin (Rift Lore) Visions of the Past (Rift Lore) Warlord Borte (Rift Lore)