April 30, 2007

New Items: Polished Sapphire NecklacePolished Sapphire Necklace RecipeOld Broadpaw's FootTorn JournalPrickly Bloom LeafDwarf Padded Jacket (lvl 11)Leather GauntletsCowl (lvl 20)Greatsword (lvl 17) ;

Leather ShoesBeaded NecklaceEngraved Opal Necklace (lvl 23)Reinforced Sturdy Leather Boots (lvl 21)Forge-Crafted Boots (lvl 21)Superb Leather Boots (lvl 16)Ancient Iron IngotFaint Edhelharn Token (lvl 25)Superior Eggs and OnionsCrude ShortswordNavy DyeSteel Forester's Axe (lvl 25)Cloth VestWooden Long Bow (lvl 32)Wooden Long Bow (lvl 38)Wooden Long Bow (lvl 35)Bundled ArtifactsWooden Long Bow (lvl 41)Wooden Long Bow (lvl 44)Elven Cloth Gloves (lvl 29)Warg-tailElven Cloth Gloves (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Gloves (lvl 32)Craban-featherElven Cloth Gloves (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Jacket (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Jacket (lvl 32)Elven Cloth Jacket (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Jacket (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Pants (lvl 32)Elven Cloth Pants (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Pants (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Pants (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Shirt (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Shirt (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Shirt (lvl 32)Elven Cloth Shirt (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Shoes (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Shoes (lvl 32)Elven Cloth Shoes (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Shoes (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Shoulder Pads (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Vest (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Vest (lvl 35)Elven Cloth Vest (lvl 32)Elven Cloth Vest (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Helm (lvl 32)Elven Cloth Helm (lvl 29)Elven Cloth Helm (lvl 38)Elven Cloth Helm (lvl 35)Elven Robe (lvl 35)Elven Robe (lvl 38)Elven Robe (lvl 32)Elven Robe (lvl 29)Constable's JacketConstable's Hammer

New Mobs: Black ClawBleakwindColnorSnarlerSawtoothSwiftfangCandaithTarkrip RenderTarkrip RaiderStonehold Spear-hurlerBlackwold LeaderSkunkwood's Den-motherSilent Moor-stalker

Updated Quests: Instance: Jail BreakInstance: The Assault on ArchetIntro: Amdir's RequestIntro: Honing Your SkillsCandac's DelayForeword: An Unwanted GuestDaffodil is MissingIntro: The SpiesCandac's DeliveryBarton Tyne Has Lost His RingBook 1: Chapter 1: Unravelling the ThreadInstance: Unravelling the ThreadBook 1: Chapter 2: To a Constable's AidSpiders at the WallsDen of WolvesForging a New BladeFalco's GardenInstance: Skorgrim's TombIntro: Skorgrim's TombA Fitting MealFluffing the PillowsIntro: The Assault on ArchetBear PeltsTo Mr. ButterburBook 1: Chapter 3: Blackwold's BrokenBook 1: Chapter 4: Dark DesignsBook 1: Chapter 10: Into the Barrow DownsReconnecting TiesA Few Pages ShortThe Menace ConfrontedThe Veiled MenaceBandages for CallumThe Bird and BabyThe Wisdom of the ThrushesRise of the OrcsHunters Become PreyBree-town to TrestlebridgeInstance: Blackwolds BrokenOff to StaddleWolf-peltsThe Last of the FireworksA Sack Of Feed

Updated Items: Simple Flute (lvl 20)TiritholCandac's WallMap HomePointed Hat (lvl 17)Weatherbeaten Hat (lvl 1)Candac's HelmetAvornharDagger of the Juggler (lvl 10)Dwarf Padded Shoes of Fleetness (lvl 15)Brightwood's VestTallangTaronnMunce's AxeSweet Lobelia SeedLight HideAgateBloodstoneCracked Dwarf-carvingDirty Neekerbreeker EyeDirty Toad EyeNeekerbreeker IchorArnorian CoinArnorian HeirloomArnorian PotteryAsht's ToothAtli's AxeBlackend Spider EyeBlackened Barghest EarBlackened Barghest PawBlackened Bear PawBlackened Crawler Egg SacBlackened Huorn HeartwoodBlackened Huorn RootBlackened Lynx SkinBlackened Sicklefly FilthBlackened Spider CarapaceBlackened Warg PawBlackened Wight Finger BoneBlackened Wight SkullBlackwold OrdersBlunt Barghest ToothBlunt Crawler BarbBlunt Sicklefly MandibleBlunt Spider MandibleBroken HiltBroken Neekerbreeker HornBroken Neekerbreeker MandibleBroken Sicklefly MandibleBroken Spider MandibleBroken Wight SkullBushy Wolf-TailClean Barghest TailDecrepit Wight Finger BoneDented HelmDiminutive Barghest Grave Dust PileDiminutive Wight Barrow TreasureDiminutive Wight Grave Dust PileDirty Bat ClawDirty Boar HoofDirty Hendroval TalonDirty Hendroval WingDirty Neekerbreeker WingDirty Shrew ClawDirty Sicklefly FilthDirty Sicklefly WingDirty Spider SpinneretDirty Wight Finger BoneDirty Wight SkullDry Spider MandibleDusky Bear PawDusky Lynx ClawDusky Spider EyeFlawless Boar-hideFractured Wight Breastplate FragmentFractured Wight Pauldron FragmentGlistening Spider WebHuge Worm Eye (lvl 1)Iron Helm RecipeJagged Bear ClawLarge Warg TailLeathery Sicklefly CarapaceLetter to CandacLight Neekerbreeker CarapaceLight Neekerbreeker LegLight Sicklefly CarapaceMetal EarringMonstrous Cave Claw DigitOld Iron PotOrthodox Wight Barrow TreasureRuined BellowsShimmering Wight Barrow TreasureSlab of Boar-meatSmall Wight Barrow TreasureSoft Lynx-hideTainted Wight Grave Dust PileThe Shield-Brother's RingCave Claw DigitCave Claw NailCave-claw LegCracked Sicklefly CarapaceDire Warg-hideDirty Bear PawDirty Lynx PawDirty Toad LegDirty Wolf PawDrake-leather HideDrake-skin CuirassDrake-skin Cuirass RecipeDull Bear ToothDull Hendroval BeakFennel-seedIron RingKnifeLight Spider LegLolo's BackpackLynx-furLynx-PeltMangled Sicklefly MandibleMangled Spider MandibleMatted Bear SkinMatted Hendroval FeatherNovicePolished ArmourRipped Hendroval FeatherRipped Lynx SkinRotted Brigand Dagger SheathRotted Brigand Sword SheathRugged Warg-hideScarred Warg-pawSlick Toad SkinSmall Hendroval WingSmall Lynx PawSmall Sicklefly FilthSmall Sicklefly MandibleSmall Spider EyeSpider's Poison-sacSpider-silkTiny Spider SpinneretTiny Spider WebWendingway's Shoulder PadsWhite Warg-hideWight-skullWight-swordWintersebb Drake FangWolf-hideWolf-peltWolf-toothYellowed Hendroval BeakYellowed Lynx ToothYellowed Rat ToothYellowed Shrew ToothYoung Bear PawYoung Boar TuskYoung Canine EarYoung Canine PawYoung Canine SkinHengaimAdso's AxeMudbottom's BaneBlackclaw's ClawBlackened Spider EyeBleakwind's TongueClean Drake TailColnor's ScaleDecrepit Wight SkullDirty Spider EyeDusky Huorn HeartwoodDusky Huorn RootExtremely Sharp Cave Claw ClawFlawed Huorn HeartwoodFlawed Warg EarGrey Wolf EarHuge Drake TailHuge Wight Barrow TreasureLethal Sharp Dread Turtle Webbed ClawSawtooth's ToothScarred Huorn HeartwoodScarred Spider EyeScarred Worm EyesSharp Auroch TailVery Sharp Auroch TailVery Sharp Bear ClawVery Sharp Lynx ClawCloth Gloves (lvl 1)Wight GuardGailthin's Feathered Hat (lvl 14)Small Shrew ClawBoar Hunter's MaceLover's HelmDirty Shrew PawDirty Spider WebPipe-weed DefenderFried MushroomsDirty Toad TongueLeather Helm of Fate (lvl 12)Blackened Warg EarSnarler's ToothWet Barghest SkinLight Spider CarapacePadded VestPolished AmethystPolished AgateWorn Half-Orc Dagger SheathWorn Half-Orc Sword SheathSmall Neekerbreeker EyeCracked Neekerbreeker CarapaceLeathery Spider LegBlackened Spider WebBlackened Spider SpinneretLeathery Spider CarapaceSmall Toad LegSmall Spider SpinneretSwiftfang's ToothBlackened Half-Orc Dagger SheathBlackened Lynx PawWet Lynx SkinBlunt Lynx ToothDusky Lynx PawCracked Lynx ToothBlackened Half-Orc Sword SheathLeather LeggingsBlackened Wight Breastplate FragmentDry Crawler BarbGlistening Crawler Egg SacBlackened Spider LegRipped Wolf SkinDusky Barghest PawTainted Barghest Grave Dust PileClean Warg TailWet Warg SkinBlunt Warg ToothLeather GauntletsSmall Sicklefly WingElf-satchel

Updated Mobs: WolfBurrowing ShrewForaging ShrewWild Hill-toadBarliman ButterburStriderDirk MudbrickGrowling Dusk-wolfBristlehide PigletBarrow SpiderBlackwold SpyBlackwoldBlackwold StrikerBlackwold HoodlumBlackwold CutthroatDusk-wolf RuntMaddened Dusk-wolfChetwood SpinnerHowling Dusk-wolfBog-toadCandac BrightwoodAshtBlackwold LackeyBiting Neeker-breekerBiting ShrewBlackwold GuardBlackwold LeaderBlackwold LookoutBlackwold OutlawBlackwold PoacherBlackwold ScoutBlackwold SupervisorBlackwold Wolf-keeperBold Dusk-wolfBroken-tusk ScrubrunnerCave Neeker-breekerCave-claw BurrowerChetwood AmbusherChetwood HunterChetwood StalkerThieving ShrewSnarling WolfWatcher TanglerushHimloc GrouseFalco GreenhandBarton TyneYoung Cave-clawJuvenile Cave-clawTorthannDun Neeker-breekerBarrow-wight SlaveBarrow-wight (lvl 11)Barrow-wight ArcherBarrow-wightBlackwold Ruffian (lvl 1)Creeping Barrow-crawlerCreeping Oak-rootDusk-wolf ScavengerDusk-wolf LeaderEdricElder Moor-stalker (23)Barrow-wight MarksmanCovell WoodwrightFen-crawler BinderFeral Dusk-wolfForest BiterFoul BarghestFoul-arrow White HandWarg StalkerMaddened RazortoothEnraged RazortoothSkittering Downs-spiderWrithing Stone-crawlerMountain-bear ProtectorDire WargDeadly Ash-crawlerWild Grey-wolfCliff HendrovalHalf-orc GuardHalf-orc OutlawHalf-orc RobberHalf-orc FighterHalf-orc SentryHalf-orc WatchmanHighland CubLarge River-toadLone Grey-wolfLong-tusk ScrubrunnerMaddened Mountain-drakeMaddened ShattertuskMarsh Neeker-breekerMarsh SpiderMaster Mound WightSnowy LynxMountain Pack-wargMountain WargWarg Scrub-stalkerHendroval Canopy-DarterQuicksilver Cave-CrawlerMaster Mound-WightMound-Wight ArcherWarped OakLynx-MotherScrub Hunter WargVale HendrovalSkittering Snow-spiderAngry Hill-toadLobelia The ToadMound-WightHowling Grey-wolfScarred Wolf LeaderBlackwold KnaveMonstrous Dusk-wolfChetwood SpiderBlackwold BowmanBlackwold SergeantBlackwold RaiderNeeker-breeker BurrowerCurious BearSlimy River-toadBurrowing River-toadGoblinVicious ShattertuskGreen Neeker-breekerBold WolfGreater Sickle-flyWhite Hand GuardSickle-flyLong-tooth ShrewThorn-talon ScoutHalf-orc BruteShambling WightBloated Muck-crawlerSlimy Muck-crawlerWolfhoundNoxious Barrow-wightSlimy Barrow-crawlerVile BarghestCreepy Barrow-crawlerBarrow-wight WarriorSummoned WightStrong-Grip BarghestWarg ScoutHalf-orc TrapperStout-grip BarghestHalf-orc RuffianHalf-orc BruiserBlackwold ThiefRevolting Silt-toadStinging Sickle-flyRoving WargGrim Tomb-wightSkunkwood's WolfhoundBarrow-wight CallerBarrow-wight BowlordBarrow-wight BowmanSickle-fly QueenYoung Dusk-wolfWolfhoundLarge Barrow-crawlerHalf-orc-bossSilt-toadGreat Leaf-crawlerSlimy Leaf-crawlerForest Web-crawlerWarg Bone-chewerWhite Hand Pillager

Updated Guides: Crafting VocationsLaunch DetailsThe Five Paths to End GameUnderstanding the Guardian


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