April 20, 2007

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a really great week for EQ2 Allakhazam. We've been revamping our tradeskill & spell information in addition to your normal weekly updates and additions. This is all because of you, our AWESOME community. In the past 3 weeks we've seen an increase in overall community participation and we couldn't be more pleased.

Everyone have a safe, enjoyable weekend. Don't forget to camp Master Yoda for your Lightsaber! *laughs*

New Items:
Scallywag's Plumed HatAdvanced Sage Volume 69Advanced Sage Volume 68Advanced Sage Volume 67Advanced Sage Volume 66Advanced Sage Volume 65Advanced Sage Volume 64Advanced Sage Volume 63Advanced Sage Volume 62Advanced Sage Volume 61Advanced Sage Volume 60Advanced Sage Volume 59Advanced Sage Volume 58Advanced Sage Volume 57Advanced Sage Volume 56Advanced Sage Volume 55Advanced Sage Volume 54Advanced Sage Volume 53Advanced Sage Volume 52Advanced Sage Volume 51Advanced Sage Volume 50Advanced Sage Volume 49Advanced Sage Volume 48Advanced Sage Volume 47Advanced Sage Volume 46Advanced Sage Volume 45Advanced Sage Volume 44Advanced Sage Volume 43Advanced Sage Volume 42Advanced Sage Volume 41Advanced Sage Volume 40Advanced Sage Volume 39Swarm Caller's WristguardsPlague Swarm CoifMitts of the Dark CasterSwarm Caller's Leggingbox of striped butterfliesbox of spotted butterfliesbox of plain butterfliesBraided Fur RingBraided Fur Circleta draconic tapestryRing of Glorious Rituals

Updated Items: The Annealed DefenderAdvanced Sage Volume 38Advanced Sage Volume 37Advanced Sage Volume 26Advanced Sage Volume 36Advanced Sage Volume 35Advanced Sage Volume 29Advanced Sage Volume 28Advanced Sage Volume 34Advanced Sage Volume 32Advanced Sage Volume 33Advanced Sage Volume 31Advanced Sage Volume 30Advanced Sage's Study of Ancient K'Lorn MagicAdvanced Sage Volume 27Advanced Sage Volume 25Advanced Sage Volume 24Advanced Sage Volume 23Advanced Sage Volume 22Advanced Sage Volume 21Advanced Sage Volume 20Issis' Fang EarringThe Maestro's FlameGuinders Sepulcher NotesEnvenomed GlovesPoison Guard SpauldersA Mystical Droag OrbBox of Spotted MothsLarge Collector's PouchGathered Orb of AlterationGathered Orb of EvocationGathered Orb of DivinationGathered Orb of ConjurationGathered Orb of ChannelingGathered Orb of AbjurationCollected Shell TrinketBracelet of Shiny ShardsBracelet of Pristine ShardsAcrylia ClusterRough MoonstoneXegonite ClusterGorg-bone RingCollected Feather NecklaceWelcome to Qeynos, Citizen! - 2nd Edition

New Quests: Butcherblock Mountains: Kobold Paws

Updated Quests: Spines: Basilisk SpinesBird Watching - The Beast of the Enchanted Lands, Part IIStopping the FlowIn Honor and ServiceEyes: Abomination EyesInsect: Spotted Scorpion CollectionButterfly: Butterfly CollectionOrb: Arcane Orbs CollectionShell: Shell CollectionFeather: Feather CollectionBeetle: Striped Beetle CollectionBeetle: Plain Beetle CollectionBeetle: Iridescent Beetle CollectionBeetle: Spotted Beetle CollectionSpider: Spotted Spider CollectionSpider: Plain Spider CollectionInsect: Striped Scorpion CollectionInsect: Shining Scorpion CollectionInsect: Crushed Scorpion CollectionLeaves: Feather LeavesLeaf: Feerrott Fern Leaves CollectionLeaf: Commonlands Shrub Leaves CollectionLeaf: Antonican Ficus Leaves CollectionMoth: Striped Moth CollectionMoth: Spotted Moth CollectionMoth: Plain Moth CollectionMoth: Complete Moth CollectionClaws: Small Droag ClawsClaws: Medium Droag ClawsScales: Droag Scale CollectionSand: Desert Sand CollectionEmblems: Awakened EmblemsButterfly: Plain Butterfly CollectionButterfly: Spotted Butterfly CollectionButterfly: Striped Butterfly CollectionInsect: Striped Locust CollectionInsect: Spotted Locust CollectionInsect: Shining Locust CollectionInsect: Crushed Locust CollectionAnt: Striped Ant CollectionAnt: Spotted Ant CollectionAnt: Plain Ant CollectionOre: Cinder OreShards: Dragon Bone ShardsTeeth: Ravasect Mandible CollectionTeeth: Broken Droag TeethTeeth: Polished Droag Teeth CollectionTeeth: Abomination TeethInsignias: Dragon InsigniasButcherblock Mountain: Bugbear EarsEye: Beholder EyesLeaf: Enchanted Maple Leaves CollectionCoin: Rivervale Coins CollectionCoin: Oggok Coins CollectionsCoin: Neriak Coin CollectionCoin: Halas Coins CollectionCoin: Grobb Coins CollectionCoin: Erudin Coins CollectionCoin: Ak'Anon Coins CollectionShard: Glowing Shards CollectionShard: Alteration Shards CollectionShard: Conjuration Shards CollectionShard: Pristine Shards CollectionShard: Scuffed Shards CollectionShard: Evocation Shards CollectionShard: Divination Shards CollectionShard: Chipped Shards CollectionShard: Channeling Shards CollectionShard: Abjuration Shards CollectionShard: Shiny Shards Collection

New Mobs: a D'Vinnian dragoon (D'Vinnian Throne)a cleric of hate (D'Vinnian Throne)a Dreadguard knighta Dreadguard observer (D'Vinnian Throne)a crushbone gladiatora crushbone trainer (D'Vinnian Throne)Oracle N'MareOgraf the Defta crushbone centurion (D'Vinnian Throne)a crushbone legionnaire (D'Vinnian Throne)a D'Vinnian elite dragoon (D'Vinnian Throne)a conscripted Koada'Dal (D'Vinnian Throne)a conscripted Feir'Dal (D'Vinnian Throne)a D'Vinnian sorcerera crushbone thaumaturgist (D'Vinnian Throne)a summoned shadow (D'Vinnian Throne)a D'vinnian ambusher

Updated Mobs: An Ikro kromise championGethe Huggsa D'vinnian deathmage (D'Vinnian Throne)

Updated Guides: Cappi's EverQuest II Crafting GuideThe Tinkering FAQ


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