Friday August 5, 2005

Weekend time! Hope everyone has a great one! But, before I sign off for the week I want to thank Crisica (1 new Mid Quest!) and nof for their send-in's last night for todays update! Thanks you two! Alrighty now it's weekend time, see ya Monday! New Albion Items: Shimmering Morgana's Cured Flesh Gloves ; Gauntlets of the Abandoned Mines ; Sleeves of Flayed Skin ; Flayed Skin Mask ; Choker of the Deadlands ; Sand-edged Footmans Pick ; Gnollish Otherworld Mace ; Necromantic Circlet ; Circlet of Necromantic Illusions ; Sword of Necromantic Illusions
New Hibernia Items: Haunting Grey Coif (stealth) ; Skeaghsee Mana Belt ; Boglach's Blade ; Oozing Black Staff of the Primordial Mind

New Hibernia Mobs: Skeaghsee ; Boglach

New Midgard Quests: Saol's Bounty

Updated Albion Items: Scaled Leather Footpads ; Molded Leather Armplates ; Ogre Tooth Studded Leggings ; Silken Hob Hunter Robe ; Gem of Fantastical Alacrity (Alb) ; Keltoi Forester's Ring ; Star Sapphire Encrusted Ring ; Black Onyx Focus Charm ; Grayfur's Bauble ; Spore Cloud Gem (Alb) ; Blood Spire Jewel ; Luminous Light Asterite Lucerne Hammer ; Singed Fellwood Shield ; Sand-edged Hammer (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Zenith's Trinket of Finesse ; Gem of Fantastical Alacrity (Mid)
Updated Hibernia Items: Gem of Fantastical Alacrity (Hib) ; Damp Shell Flecked Boots ; Haunting Grey Coif (str/dex) ; Skyros Laced Eel Skin Pants ; Carved Sphene Ring ; Crystal-Threaded Necklace ; Frenzied Jewel of Gelvin ; Protector of Weary Souls ; Laoch Meadhon Targaid ; Spear of Elder Pearl ; Mentalist Stone Staff ; Glimmerspirit Sword ; Shield of the Decadent ; Shining Enchanter Stone Staff

Updated Albion Mobs: Undead Druid ; Grayfur ; Gremlin ; Cynthia the Necromancer
Updated Midgard Mobs: Sentry Vudi ; Saol ; Jolock the Hermit
Updated Hibernia Mobs: Far Liath ; Azure Thror
Updated All Realms Mobs: Ziyad

Updated Albion Quests: Marauding Bandit (Alb) ; Heart of Albion
Updated Hibernia Quests: The War Council
Updated Midgard Quests: Truce or Treachery? ; Trial of Bravery ; Hidden Maps


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