Nerfs to The Grey and other fixes

Patch Changes Several changes to hair functionality: Expanded beard color choices for Erudite males, pushed back the camera a bit for human males when making hair selections (so they can see themselves) and fixed it so that the camera will no longer rotate around Erudites while in hair selection mode of character creation. Also fixed a bug with the left selection arrow sometimes not changing hair color. Fixed the "Entering Luclin" message bug. This was only an errant text message, it was not causing any crashes or keeping anyone out of the game. Fixed a bug where Vah Shir with an intelligence over a certain amount could not be created. Fixed a bug with faction-affecting items: They were giving a bonus to all factions instead of just the intended faction Fixed a problem with arrows and quivers that would result in the person being logged out. Adjusted the cost of Combine Platemail to be inline with its stats and other armor available within game. Made several gameplay changes to The Grey. A single group having the ability to simultaneously engage and prevail against 35+ experience-giving creatures is not in line with the desire for risk vs. reward and the promotion of balanced groups. Removed some bad NPCs in Chardok. Tuned encounters in The Fungus Grove, Maiden's Eye, and Dawnshroud Peaks. Clarified some quest dialog in Sanctus Seru. Tuned The Deep, also improved the variety of drops. Improved pathing in The Temple of Ssraeshza Improved pathing in Sanctus Seru Improved pathing in Echo Caverns Added some newbie beastlord quests in the old world. Removed the "Lore" tag from the "Darkened Knight's Bracer" - The EverQuest Team


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nurfed imp form
# Dec 12 2001 at 7:55 PM Rating: Default
i am a lvl 59 chanter and loved imp form until last two patchs, now imp form is as usless as our other spells that sol has to offer, now when in imp form chanters are kos to everything in the land of eq, where as before they were not and could help in cr and scouting instead of constant crowd control and buffing, i had new interest in the game with this spell, now almost usless say for fire resist and levi, wtg verant, now i will just sit on my **** and buff agian
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