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Plenty updates for the month of March.

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Updated Items: Likeness of WhispersIce Spire Cure-AllFlayed Barbarian Hide MaskBreastplate of SuperiorityCommemorative CoinRuned Coldain Prayer Shawl

New Quests: Beyond Espoir - 23rd Anniversary - Group Mission23rd Anniversary Tasks (30 Points)23rd Anniversary Mission (20 Points)23rd Anniversary Mission Challenges (30 Points)23rd Anniversary Raid Challenges (45 Points)23rd Anniversary Raid: Karnor's Castle: Mad Emperor

Updated Quests: EverQuest Anniversary Events: An Overview

Bestiary Updates: a shadowed chest - Shei Vinitras - RaidKrastoraab Puremane [23rd Anniversary Quest]Jonus Siedel [23rd Anniversary Quest]Lorelei Carversbane [23rd Anniversary Quest]Jonus SiedelLorelei Carversbanea stalwart heralda devout trumpeterSalk HopfitSineba brawny augera primal soothsayera lockboxa frightened guardian [Raid]a frightened guardiana sebilite goleman Imperial constructa Kar`Zok maniacVenril Sathir

New Zones: 23rd Anniversary Raid: Karnor's Castle: Mad Emperor23rd Anniversary: The Deep: Trial of the Cycle

Zone Updates: 23rd Anniversary Raid: Karnor's Castle: Mad Emperor23rd Anniversary: The Deep: Trial of the Cycle



Updated Items: Simple Defiant BreastplateHickory Battleworn SackLock of Veldyn's HairTattered Note

Bestiary Updates: Grimling ColonelGrimling Generala giant bog rat



Updated Items: BackpackSickly Ogre SuitZelniak Hide Satchel

Updated Quests: Achievement: Comfort in the Deep (Degmar, the Lost Castle)Anniversary Shared Task: Pub Crawl

Updated Recipes: Concordant Darkfell Silk Sleeves

Bestiary Updates: a pixie jongleura Nightmoon hunterTaskmaster VelrekLeklos the Bonekeepera gnoll pupKaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek - ToLTaskmaster Velrek



Updated Items: Dustbinder's SashCloak of the Way

New Quests: A Flurry of SpringStomples Day: Spring Cleaning (10 Points)Here Comes Spring

Updated Quests: Lunanyn #1: Raid and Recover

Updated Recipes: Tailored Transcendent Backpack

Bestiary Updates: a Stillmoon water servantMei Glacierbane [Novitiate of Stomples]a wandering dust bunnySeymour Saxifragus [Novitiate of Stomples]a swarming snow dervishIrontail



Updated Items: Nature Walkers ScimitarRipped TapestryScroll: Furial Renewal Rk. IIScroll: Furial Renewal Rk. III

New Quests: Spring CleaningBristlebane Day - Fun on the Run - 96+

Updated Quests: TaxesChaos Runes (Ancient GoD Spells)Hidden RichesRoS Rank II Level 110 Spells: Glowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScalePaintings Playing Poker

Updated Recipes: Tormentor Stir FryMended Tapestry

Bestiary Updates: a nesting gorala tide drifteran alsa constructMei Glacierbane [Novitiate of Stomples]Bonnie Saxifragus [Novitiate of Stomples]TrejeZyzrkerBrasoneGilletNewtonHaversonAddpera ;  ;  Tobo Gleemaker [Emissary of Bristlebane]



Updated Items: Shadowed Stone of ShowersKelsiferous' Armband of ArtistryViik's Pauldrons of PainSirran's Boots of InsanityFocus CrystalFaded Waning Gibbous Chest ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Head ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Arms Armor

New Quests: Bristlebane Day - Even More Fun

Updated Quests: Journey of Yar`LirAchievement: 19th Anniversary Tasks (Bonus)Fire Free (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: Caden Zharik [Parcels and General Supplies]Emissary Tinnvin [Quest 1+]Warden NgoziTenishHerald NexeuApothecary ShelgaVunder the Dark [Quests 10+]Chef Denrun [Baking Merchant]Alchemist Redsa [Alchemy Merchant]a steel chest - Netherbian Swarm CommanderTobo Gleemaker [Emissary of Bristlebane]

Zone Updates: Plane of Hate



Updated Items: Song: Wave of Dreams Rk. IISong: Sotor's Chant of Flame Rk. IIGreen Thread RobeRujarkian PotatoShadowed FortuneScuffed Traveler's RucksackFaded Snowsquall Head ArmorFaded Rune of the AncestorsEnchanted Dragon ScaleVampire Mace Ornament

Updated Quests: EverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewChampions of the PeopleDispelling the ShadowsDigging Yourself DeeperBeyond Espoir - 23rd Anniversary - Group Mission23rd Anniversary Raid: Karnor's Castle: Mad Emperor

New Recipes: Song: Sotor's Chant of Flame Rk. IISong: Wave of Dreams Rk. II

Updated Recipes: Platinum Embossed Friable Potion Vial

Bestiary Updates: a silverfur wolfa diligent silkweavera master soldiera master scouta master huntera jubilant merchant [Special Celebratory Goods]SerisariaOverlord TevikKluzen the Protectora smokefall beetlePli CentienVisus Zethon



Updated Items: Tattered Animal PeltCrude Defiant TurquoiseOwlbear MeatMeat PieVisage of the Faydark Forest GuardianWrapped Visage of the Faydark Forest GuardianBroken Sword PieceVampire Mace Ornament

New Quests: It's a Mixed Bag (10 Points)Practically Impractical Gifts (Crescent Reach) (10 Points)23rd Anniversary Raid (30 Points)

Updated Quests: Switching GearsSeeds of Destruction Rank III SpellsSeal of ApprovalHunter of the Buried Sea (10 points)The Known Laws of AviationBeyond Espoir - 23rd Anniversary - Group Mission

Bestiary Updates: an owlbear cubBloody MarcJelly Bones BudBlacksail BobDreadclawa jubilant merchant [Special Celebratory Goods]Fennin Ro, The Tyrant of Fire


Updated Items: Mom's LoveParagon's Band of the CombatantParagon's Silk WristwrapParagon's Silk WristguardParagon's Silk WristbandParagon's Silk SleevesParagon's Silk SandalsParagon's Silk RobeParagon's Silk PantaloonsParagon's Silk GlovesParagon's Silk CapParagon's Plate WristguardParagon's Plate WristbandParagon's Plate VambracesParagon's Plate HelmParagon's Plate GreavesParagon's Plate GauntletsParagon's Plate BracerParagon's Plate BootsParagon's Pauldrons of the CombatantParagon's Necklace of the AdeptParagon's Mantle of the AdeptParagon's Leather WristguardParagon's Leather TunicParagon's Leather TrousersParagon's Leather SleevesParagon's Leather GlovesParagon's Leather CapParagon's Leather BracerParagon's Leather BootsParagon's Gorget of the CombatantParagon's Facemask of the CombatantParagon's Facemask of the AdeptParagon's Earring of the CombatantParagon's Earring of the AdeptParagon's Ear Stud of the SummonerParagon's Ear Stud of the CombatantParagon's Ear Stud of the AdeptParagon's Crystal of the CombatantParagon's Crystal of the AdeptParagon's Cloak of the CombatantParagon's Cloak of the AdeptParagon's Chain WristguardParagon's Chain TunicParagon's Chain SleevesParagon's Chain LeggingsParagon's Chain GauntletsParagon's Chain CoifParagon's Chain BracerParagon's Chain BootsParagon's BreastplateParagon's Belt of the CombatantParagon's Belt of the AdeptParagon's Ring of the CombatantParagon's Ring of the AdeptParagon's Band of the AdeptFaded Bloodied Luclinite Ring of AdroitnessLuclinite Coagulated Ring of AdroitnessTitle Wand: Arena SuffixesTitle Wand: Arena PrefixesSpell: Fintar's Retort Rk. IISpell: Spellbreaker's Rampart Rk. IISpell: Shout at the Moon Rk. IIArmy of Light LongswordOverking's ToothRemnant of Tranquility

Updated Quests: 16th Anniversary Shared Task: Korucust's Royal PainInto the Temple (A) (Quellious' Request)ToL Rank III Level 117 Spells: Lesser Shadowscribed Parchment

New Recipes: Spell: Shout at the Moon Rk. IISpell: Spellbreaker's Rampart Rk. IISpell: Fintar's Retort Rk. IILuclinite Coagulated Ring of Adroitness

Bestiary Updates: Commander BarvianLord Tephysa lost treasureSineba sebilite goleman Imperial constructa Kar`Zok maniaca haunta skeletona drolvarg sentrya drolvarg pawbustera drolvarg captaina sarnak spirita darkwood chest



Updated Items: Vampire Mace OrnamentVampire Mace OrnamentVitallium Encrusted Carpal ClayCommemorative CoinTome: Mangling Discipline Rk. IIIShadowed FortuneCopper Flecked Geode of AdroitnessShamrock Top Hat OrnamentShamrock Bowler Hat OrnamentBloodmoon Endless Draught

Updated Quests: Fang Breakers Group #2: Walking Into Spider WebsTranscendent ImpressionsAnniversary Group Mission: Sprucing Up ShakeyRoS Rank III Level 108 Spells: Median Marked Symbol of the Ring of ScaleAchievement: 20th Anniversary Challenge (10 Points)Fancy FeastBeyond Espoir - 23rd Anniversary - Group Mission23rd Anniversary Raid: Karnor's Castle: Mad Emperor

Bestiary Updates: Artisan Kjell Sunrunner [Tradeskill Quests]Creeping DeathsporeGorea jubilant merchant [Special Celebratory Goods]Repair for PiecesCommander XatakaCommander Gartika very burly gnollJonus SiedelLorelei CarversbaneSalk HopfitSineba brawny augera primal soothsayerTobo Gleemaker [Emissary of Bristlebane]a starving worm



Updated Items: Medal of ConflictCalcified Bloodied OreMedian Shadowscribed ParchmentGreater Shadowscribed ParchmentGlowing Shadowscribed ParchmentMinor Shadowscribed ParchmentLesser Shadowscribed ParchmentFaded Waning Gibbous Chest ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Feet ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Wrist ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Hands ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Head ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Arms ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Legs ArmorKeltakun's Last LaughRampart of Moonlit LuminosityBloodied Luclinite Corrupted SilkBlood-Tainted WaterCaliginous MeatLost Canto of the MaestroThreaded Cintura of TreacheryFractured Seminal LuminessenceVenom-Infused Pauldrons

New Quests: Primal VampireOubliette of Light (Raid)

Updated Quests: Half Elf Cultural Armor (DoN)Fang Breakers Group #4: The DepartedThe Sword of ShadowsFaith in RelifeCrypt CrimesLost or FoundThe Known Laws of AviationDeath Finds a Way23rd Anniversary Raid: Karnor's Castle: Mad EmperorStomple's Day - Spring FeverIt's a Mixed Bag (10 Points)Practically Impractical Gifts (Crescent Reach) (10 Points)

Bestiary Updates: Thisla, Twinskull MatronAxtig the Unitera worried shade [Raid and Mission]Venril SathirDrusella SathirRile SathirRile Sathir peta clotted chesta starving feral vampirean amorphous vampirea floating feasta tenacious tickThe Primal Vampirea moonlit chesta grasping shadeUmbera shadowstone jailerKeltakun, Last Worda stolen shadowa shadow chainera merchant - Raid Merchanta frightened guardian

New Zones: Basilica of Adumbration - Raid instanceBloodfalls - Raid instance

Zone Updates: Basilica of Adumbration - Raid instanceBloodfalls - Raid instance


Updated Items: Wrath, Lancia of the Blood BeastThreaded Cintura of TreacheryThe Diabo's PersuasionSanguine Spaulders of the HereticRampart of Moonlit LuminosityMoonbeam, the Piercing CometLost Canto of the MaestroLocket of LuclinKeltakun's Last LaughIlulawen, Longbow of JusticeGorget of the ForgottenFaded Waning Gibbous Legs ArmorFaded Waning Gibbous Arms ArmorDonaskz, Martello of TemperanceNight's Templar

Bestiary Updates: BloodstormBloodtorrentDiabo Xi Xundraux [Raid Merchant]a shadowed chest - Shei Vinitras - RaidQua Centien - ToLZun Centien XakraThall Va KelunLoremaster Piza`tak



Updated Quests: Regal Band of BathezidFang Breakers Group #2: Walking Into Spider WebsSchool Supplies

Bestiary Updates: Bloodmoon Howler TrologShadowy ReaverBloodstormBloodtorrentHeartblood SkeletonHarvester of SoulsCadaverous Confidante



Updated Items: Donaskz, Martello of TemperanceSanguine Spaulders of the HereticAkhevan TrunkGorget of the ForgottenMoonbeam, the Piercing CometBlack Web Mantle

Updated Quests: Back to the Middle and Around AgainThreading on Dangerous

Bestiary Updates: a clotted chesta moonlit chest



Updated Items: Owlbear FeathersSpell: Cure PoisonSpell: Frost Bolt

New Quests: Bristlebane Day - Fun on the Run - 65Bristlebane Day - Fun on the Run - 85Dreadspire Keep Visitor (10 Points)

Updated Quests: Illegible ScrollsThe Bread ShipmentSave the Queen #5: Tunare Save the QueenAchievement: Wood You Could You?Achievement: A Clockwork GnomeAchievement: I'm Boared!An Epic Retelling (Cleric)Spoils of War (Kael Drakkel) (10 Points)The More Things ChangeIt's a Mixed Bag (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Heavy Tailored Transcendent BackpackVelium Endowed Belt of Brilliance

Bestiary Updates: a mechanicYelloweyesClockwork MMMimtia ZethkogGlerbella GibblixWindlebeck TobokogRebbie RomblerumDrigaz GrumblegrowlTobo Gleemaker [Emissary of Bristlebane]


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