EQ Update #10

Site Update

Plenty of updates for the month of July. Here are just some of the updates.


  • Created a few missing ornamentation suit recipes.
  • Fixed the Ayr`Dal Heritage Crate quest and created missing achievements for it.
  • The top search bar on the site is wider and splits results in 2 columns. Also other search bars are wider.
  • Zone pages now list which expansion the zone is currently released with on progression servers. A continent section for zones will be added at some point in the future.
  • The character profile tool was fixed to include all the latest servers and removed some older servers that were merged.
  • A bunch of Original, Velious, and Luclin baking recipes were updated with an expansion tag and their components were tagged as well.
  • SwiftyMUSE updated the Hardcore Heritage Trakanon raid quest entry with mechanics such.
  • A bunch of Plane of Sky items were given an Original expansion tag and the quests in that zone got the same treatment.
  • Marketplace ornamentations that have recently been on sale had their screenshots uploaded and prices set.
  • Researched spells recipes for Original to Velious should all have an expansion tag on them now. Most components should be tagged as well for which expansion they came from.
  • SwiftyMUSE created recipes for the ToV Raid TS Tier 2 cleric armor. Also other ToV armor recipes were updated for which class they are for so they can be searched by class.
  • The Darkforge armor series for SK's in Original has been updated.
  • Narron Jenork's newbie armor quests have all been set to Planes of Power along with the quest items needed. Also recipes for the combines were tagged Planes of Power.
  • Created Infected Paw (LDoN) zone since it seems the revamped version of Splitpaw is released with LDoN on progression servers. Moved all the revamped npc's over to that zone and moved all the original splitpaw mobs over to the original Infected Paw zone.
  • Created Cazic-Thule 1.0 and moved all of the mobs for that zone in Mob Graveyard over to it and added some missing mobs. Also I renamed the current revamped version of Cazic-Thule to Cazic-Thule 2.0.
  • All Fabled NPC's should now have the correct expansion tag for which expansion they are released on progression servers. The Fabled items they drop should also be tagged with a Fabled tag as well.

Many more updates were done and aren't listed above. You can see them by clicking on Read More...


Updated Items: Wrathful Teir`Dal Plate Wrist OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Feet OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Legs OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Hands OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Arms OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Chest OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Ringmail Helm OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Feet OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Chest OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Arms OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Legs OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Hands OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Plate Arms OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Plate Chest OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Plate Helm OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Plate Legs OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Plate Feet OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Helm OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Helm OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Chest OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Arms OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Chain Wrist OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Wrist OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Hands OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Chest OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Feet OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Arms OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Wrist OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Hands OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Legs OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Plate Hands OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Helm OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Helm OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Legs OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Cloth Feet OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Leather Feet OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Legs OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Hands OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Arms OrnamentWrathful Teir`Dal Scalemail Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Hands OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Helm OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Feet OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Feet OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Legs OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Hands OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Helm OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Arms OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Helm OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Arms OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Helm OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Arms OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Wrist OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Hands OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Scalemail Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Wrist OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Feet OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Legs OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Chain Hands OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Helm OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Arms OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Wrist OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Hands OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Legs OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Helm OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Arms OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Feet OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Feet OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Leather Legs OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Legs OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Legs OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Chest OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Arms OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Wrist OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Plate Hands OrnamentMalevolent Teir`Dal Cloth Feet OrnamentTeir`Dal Heritage CrateAdoptable Fourth Gate GuardianWrapped Painting: Toadstool TavernWrapped Painting: The Blind FishWrapped Painting: Slugs TavernWrapped Painting: Maiden's FancyWrapped Music Box: NeriakPainting: Toadstool TavernPainting: The Blind FishPainting: Slugs TavernPainting: Maiden's FancyNektulos Araneidae FamiliarMusic Box: NeriakWrapped Helm of the Fourth Gate GuardianHelm of the Fourth Gate GuardianFourth Gate Vesper FamiliarFourth Gate Guardian FamiliarBridle of the Wrulon ShriekpawBlack Mamba FamiliarBlood Runed Gargoyle FamiliarAdoptable Wrulon ShriekpawAdoptable Nektulos AraneidaeAdoptable Fourth Gate VesperAdoptable Blood Runed GargoyleAdoptable Black MambaOrnate Flying CarpetPrize: Ornate Flying CarpetOnyx Hydra SaddlePrize: Onyx Hydra SaddleNightmare SaddlePrize: Nightmare SaddleNature-Touched Wurm SaddlePrize: Nature-Touched Wurm SaddleGhostly EctoplasmDiamondWorn Paving StoneTurquoise Imbedded StoneShard of Fool's GoldPavement FragmentLava RockIron-Flecked BoulderDraconic RunestoneChunk of GranitePulsating Blue Metal SphereShard of Blue MetalFigurine Collector's Chest: DenizensDarkened Trakanon's ScaleBlued Two-Handed HammerSteaming WaterBundle of the Ancient Gods

Updated Quests: Frostbite's FishShard's #3: Unusual Goral CoralWe Make Our Own RewardsTeir`Dal Heritage CrateRocks and or Boulders (Veeshan's Peak)Totality of War (ToV Earring #7)

Updated Recipes: Pulsating Blue Metal Sphere

Bestiary Updates: a Whitecap assassina Broodlands worshipperSecalna Galnor [Tutorials]a citizenGurndal the Gracefulmyconid priesta skeleton sleeperSentinel Othkela spirita shivering screamerSentinel Pylreka tizmak augur



New Items: Sebilisian War Hammer Ornamentation

Updated Items: Wanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Helm OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Chest OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Arms OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Hands OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Feet OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Wrist OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Hands OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Wrist OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Arms OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Chest OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Helm OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Feet OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Wrist OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Helm OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Hands OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Feet OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Chest OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Arms OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Chest OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Feet OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Helm OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Hands OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Wrist OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Legs OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Legs OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Ringmail Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Legs OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Leather Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Legs OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Cloth Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Helm OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Chest OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Arms OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Wrist OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Hands OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Hands OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Feet OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Helm OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Chest OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Arms OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Wrist OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Legs OrnamentWanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Legs OrnamentWiltedblossom WreathViridian Ghost FamiliarSummer Sapling FamiliarRizlona`s Ember FamiliarPainting: The FounderMusic Box: Surefall GladeLambent Golem FamiliarGrizzly Cub FamiliarBridle of Ursus AntonicusBrazier: The Everburning RubyBanner: Traveler's TapestryBanner: The Knotted SerpentWrapped Wiltedblossom WreathAdoptable Viridian GhostAdoptable Summer SaplingAdoptable Rizlona`s EmberWrapped Painting: The FounderWrapped Music Box: Surefall GladeAdoptable Lambent GolemAdoptable Grizzly CubAdoptable Ursus AntonicusWrapped Brazier: The Everburning RubyWrapped Banner: Traveler's TapestryWrapped Banner: The Knotted Serpent

New Quests: Achievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's RingmailAchievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's PlateAchievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's ClothAchievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's LeatherAchievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's RingmailAchievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's Scalemail

Updated Quests: Achievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's LeatherAchievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's ClothAchievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's PlateAchievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's ScalemailAchievement: Hero's Forge - Wanderer's ChainAchievement: Hero's Forge - Meanderer's ChainAyr`Dal Heritage Crate



Updated Items: Faded Velium ClubUnfired Pure Energeian Metal OrbSealed Pure Energeian Metal OrbCloak of Living StoneMace of Glacial Superiority

Updated Recipes: Unfired Pure Energeian Metal OrbSealed Pure Energeian Metal OrbChronal Resonance Dust

Bestiary Updates: a shiliskin spear fisherRedis Linrok the SufferingAscendant Svartmane



Updated Items: Vegetable RoughyTundrabear SandwichThick Lotus PasteStorm Giant MeatStorm Giant SteakGrayish LiquidSpine Poison ExtractSmoked SharkSmoker Support MoldSmoker Base MoldSmokerSiren PicklesSnapper OilSmall ClamShark FilletSea Green CookiesSea Dragon MeatRaptor SteakPickled WyvernPickled Frost GiantPickled WurmWurm MeatPickled UnicornUnicorn MeatPickled Storm GiantPickled DrakeOwlbear SandwichPickled DragonOrange Flavored CodOhabah TrufflesMushroomMammoth SteaksPotDragon SteaksDark Chocolate CremeBlackened PantherFaded Velium Club

Updated Recipes: SmokerRolled CutlassfishDark Chocolate CremeOwlbear SandwichShark FilletShark FilletSmoked SharkSonicwolf SandwichWeary Wrass in CreamOrange Flavored CodSea Green CookiesPickled DragonDragon SteaksPickled DrakePickled FaunPickled Frost GiantFrost Giant SteakOhabah TrufflesOwlbear SteaksRaptor SteakShellcracker's Seaside SaladMammoth SteaksSiren PicklesSonic Wolf SteaksPickled Storm GiantStorm Giant SteakStorm Giant Steak (Oyster Sauces)Pickled UnicornVegetable RoughyPickled WurmPickled WyvernYakman SteakPrepared Weary WrassSnapper OilBoiled Rockhopper EggSaucy BearmeatTundrabear SandwichSpicy Ulthork MeatUlthork Meat PieSaucy BunnymeatFrost Bunny StewSnow Griffin SouffleSea Dragon SteaksSalty Whitefish FilletsGrayish LiquidSpine Poison ExtractThick Lotus PasteThick Lotus PasteThick Lotus PasteThick Lotus PasteSmokerMammoth SteaksSmoked SharkYakman Steak (Algae Spices)

Bestiary Updates: Redis Linrok the Suffering



Updated Items: Tome of Eternal PreservationWithered StaffYelesom's ToolsYelesom's ReportsMagnifying GlassIncomplete Tool KitGeologist's HammerGans's Note to YelesomMidnight Sea Mail SleevesKobold MolarKobold Shaman's PouchDiviner's BowlMidnight Sea Mail LeggingsBox of Lifting WindsNecklace of Whispering WindsGanoric PoisonCarmine Spiroc FeatherRod of the Protecting WindsSweet NectarLarge Sky SapphireEfreeti Wind StaffBlack Sky DiamondSphinx Hair CordFinely Woven Cloth CordDarkstone EmeraldCrimson TesseraEarring of DisplacementHarpy StatuetteBlack Nebulous SapphireAdamantium EarringIvory MaskSky PearlSilken MaskWind Walker's MantleSilver DiscLight Cloth MantleBluish StoneFiery AvengerGirdle of FaithWalk with EvilSilvery GirdleIvory Sky DiamondAldryn, Blade of the OceanSpiroc Peace TotemGriffon StatuetteBixie Sword BladeThelvorn, Blade of LightVirtuous KnightSphinx ClawEthereal TopazDark Spiroc FeatherTruvinanLarge Sky DiamondGolden HiltEfreeti ZweihanderDulcet NectarFairy Princess DustFairy DustShimmering Fairy DustDiamondSorcerer's Extravagant EarringAmorphous Cohort's GauntletsAmorphous Cohort's SleevesAmorphous Cohort's LeggingsAmorphous Cohort's WristguardAmorphous Cohort's HelmAmorphous Cohort's BreastplateAmorphous Cohort's BootsBrinelord's EarringIcy Dagger of WarmthsappingLarge BagMakeshift Binding Powder

Updated Quests: Helm of RoGauntlets of RoGreaves of RoBreastplate of RoVambraces of RoBracer of RoBoots of RoEnchanter Test of DeceptionEnchanter Test of IllusionEnchanter Test of MetamorphismEnchanter Test of DisillusionKobold Molars (Good)Kobold Shaman ArtifactsThe Geologist's Purloined ToolsSoil of UnderfootToV Rank II Level 111 Spells: Minor Engraved Velium Rune

Bestiary Updates: a watchful guarda goblin alchemistBattle Master Ska`tuYelesom Pausta frantic kerranWindspirit GlornScorchSertiki the Master of TidesStormrider HilooaRockbeast KloorgOverlord FlargorAmethyst SummoningPeliasGuard ShormSearstingerBattle Master Ska`tu



New Items: Scrindite's Rocket Claymore OrnamentScrindite's Rocket Pike OrnamentScrindite's Firecracker Pole Hammer OrnamentScrindite's Sky Burst Shield OrnamentScrindite's Rocket Katana OrnamentScrindite's Rocket Dagger OrnamentScrindite's Rocket-Burst Hammer OrnamentScrindite's Rocket Fist OrnamentScrindite's Rocket Trail Bow Ornament

Updated Items: Erollisi's Trueheart HareErollisi's Proudheart HareErollisi's Openheart HareErollisi's Freeheart HareErollisi's Boundless Heart HareErollisi's Aceheart HareFaded Icebound Feet ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Chest ArmorGreater Engraved Velium RuneGlowing Engraved Velium RuneMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorDreamweave SatchelMinor Engraved Velium RuneVerdant Hedgerow Leaf

Bestiary Updates: Thach Jerden [Armor Quests]Dark HuntressD`dee the ChilledAmontehepna the Second



Updated Items: Steed of War SaddlePrize: Steed of War SaddleFrightful Wrulon SaddlePrize: Frightful Wrulon SaddleDallyn's Horse SaddlePrize: Dallyn's Horse SaddlePrize: Visage of the Primal KerranBalebri's Horse SaddleHalasian Battle Bear BridleAdoptable Halasian Battle BearWarmaker's Iksar Chain Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Hands OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Chain Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Arms OrnamentMana Forged Bow OrnamentationMana Forged Sword OrnamentationMana Forged Staff OrnamentationMana Forged Spear OrnamentationMana Forged Shield OrnamentationMana Forged Fist OrnamentationMana Forged Dagger OrnamentationMana Forged Axe OrnamentationMana Forged Cudgel Ornamentation

Updated Quests: Crystallos Event: Zeixshi`KarTyrant of FireOh, its you again!Restless MessThis Will Come Back to Haunt Us

Bestiary Updates: Thach Jerden [Armor Quests]a rotted chesta maid of honora skeleton sleeperan enraged composera furious choreographerBreaker



Updated Items: Spell: Plague of InsectsRalcom's WritMark of RainFrosted StoneEmbedded Steel FigurineEmbedded Platinum FigurineCoiled Steel WireStick of MasteryMark of FortuneMark of DetonationEnchanted Bundle of WoodDark Hued WoodAncient Silver CoinSambata WarhammerSmall SpongeMark of TenorMark of SoulsMark of DeceitLined TowelEngraved Star Sapphire StatuetteSpore Covered SleevesMark of ValorLunar Marked StoneMark of StealthGenalan's ChroniclePorous RockMemory CrystalWoven AnkletVitality GemSolstice RuneAged Runic CrutchEngraved Ivory StatuetteFrost-Covered LeafMark of RageFlawless Rockhopper HideSpell: Mark of RetributionExceptional Shade EssenceFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Chest ArmorFaded Icebound Feet ArmorFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorGreater Engraved Velium RuneMedian Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneScuffed Journeyman's RucksackGlowing Engraved Velium RuneDusty Mudstone of LifeIce-Glazed CollarSurcoat of TragedyWind TabletWhite Gold EarringSilken WrapLarge DiamondGlowing SapphireDull Dragon ScaleBixie StingerBaleful Blood Soaked CuirassAmplified Amber Gemstone

Updated Quests: Orc PicksTaelosian Geomancy Stones (GoD spells)Enter MearatasRestless MessThis Will Come Back to Haunt UsIce Stones (10 Points)

Updated Recipes: Spell: VelocitySimple Copper RingSimple Brass ArmbandSimple Silver ChainSimple Pale Nihilite EarringSimple Pale Nihilite RingSimple Pale Nihilite Pendant

Bestiary Updates: TarskukA Blazing RockhopperAn Envenomed RockhopperA shade golemA Berserk RockhopperA Furious RockhopperA Greater Rockhoppera mastruq warfiendHexxt Markmakeran air elemental breeze lordSambata Tribal WorkerCaptain OrzhokPrincess Cheristaa scree-borne magmiteDeacon Foels Tomorina restless shadeDrendar Blackbladea shivering screamerUdex Obsidian Sage MonolithUdex First and Forsaken Mind



Updated Items: Star Reach Clover

Updated Quests: Boots of the ReliantRestless Orc SyndromeInvisible ComplementGlacial ApophysisWolf Bites Giant

Updated Recipes: Druzzil's Composite Treant Laminated Compound BowDistillate of Antidote II

Bestiary Updates: Princess CheristaDecrepit GuardRadiwol Perpin [Quest]Princess Cherista



Updated Items: Wailing Sister BloodWailing RuneThe Silent GodsSkurza's HeadSir Elmonious's Holy SymbolSilithis's HeadSheathed Innoruuk's VoiceSheathed Innoruuk's VoiceSheath of DarktidingsPaladin Blood SampleLock of Blessed Unicorn HairInnoruuk's VoiceGubblegrot's HeadGiligatabbus's HeadFraga's ParchmentEye of the Dark GodGloom Nightmare HideGrubby Fine PapyrusDirty Runic PapyrusGrimy PapyrusSmudged Rough PapyrusVial of Pure WaterCelestial CleanserPapyrusRough PapyrusSage LeafLucerneBlue Vervain BulbPotion of StabilityPristine Rough HidePrepared Supple Runic HideFine Supple Runic HideRunic HidePrepared Runic HideSmooth Runic HideSmooth Fine HidePristine Runic HideCleaned HidePristine Supple HideCleaned Rough HideSmooth Fine Runic HideSmooth Supple HidePrepared Fine Supple Runic HideSmooth Fine Supple Runic HideSmooth HideSupple HidePrepared Fine HideCleaned Supple HideCleaned Supple Runic HideSmooth Supple Runic HideFine HideCleaned Runic HideRaw Fine HidePristine Fine HidePristine Supple Runic HidePristine Fine Supple Runic HidePristine HideRaw HideHideCleaned Fine Supple Runic HideZeannor's ThesisWarlock's Book of BindingToxic TreatmentTome of Endless EnchantmentsThe Wizard's CanonThe Scent of MarrTelryd's WritTelryd's Expansive WritSystematic Tome Research Vol. 5Systematic Tome Research Vol. 4Systematic Tome Research Vol. 3Systematic Tome Research Vol. 2Systematic Tome Research Vol. 1Striking ThickenerSorcerer's LexiconSimple Binding SolutionRune Binding SolutionRoll of VellumRoll of Superb VellumRoll of Plain ParchmentRoll of High Quality VellumRoll of Good Quality VellumRefined Binding SolutionRallos' Ink AdditiveQuill of the TranscendentQuill of the OverlordQuill of the MartialQuill of the FuryQuill of the DeceiverQuillPiece of ParchmentPhantasmal TomeOrnate Binding SolutionOn LanguagesModest Binding SolutionMartial TreatmentMakeshift Binding SolutionLexiconLarge Bottle of InkIpsor's Enlightenment IVIpsor's Enlightenment IIIIntricate Binding SolutionInk of TransformationInk of StrikingInk of SmashingInk of ScreeningInk of RetortInk of InflictionInk of FendingInk of DecayImpairing ThickenerFrenzied TreatmentEnchanted ScrollsElementary Binding SolutionElaborate Binding SolutionDoctrine of WizardryDefending TreatmentCrude Binding SolutionBook of Dark BindingsBook of Ancient RestorationBinding SolutionArch Magus GrimoireZebuxoruk's Ink AdditiveVial of Muriatic AcidVellum Parchment SolutionVeeshan's Ink AdditiveTome Cover SuppliesTome Binding KitThaumaturge TreatmentSystematic DiscoveriesSpell Research KitSong Writing KitSaryrn's Ink AdditiveRunic Parchment SolutionRunic Charta Arcanum SolutionRough Charta Arcanum SolutionRock SaltRo's Ink AdditiveQuill of the Storm WardenQuill of the ProphetQuill of the MaestroQuill of the Lord ProtectorQuill of the KnightQuill of the Forest StalkerQuill of the Feral LordQuill of the Dread LordQuill of the DivineQuill of the CoercerQuill of the ArchonQuill of the Arch LichQuill of the Arch ConvokerQuill of the ArcanistQuill of the ArcanePrayer Writing KitParchment SolutionOil of VitrolNecrotic TreatmentLuclin's Ink AdditiveKnight's TreatmentInk of the MartyrInk of ReachInk of ProficiencyInk of ObstructionInk of MyopsisInk of FinesseInk of ExpeditionInk of DeftnessInk of CloutInk of CatastropheInk of BruisingInk of BreachingInk of BarrageInk of AfflictionInk Additive of the NamelessHybrid Research KitHoly TreatmentGnomish Heat SourceFine Vellum Parchment SolutionFine Runic Charta Arcanum SolutionFine Parchment SolutionFine Charta Arcanum SolutionExtending ThickenerEnchanting TreatmentElemental TreatmentE'ci's Ink AdditiveDivine TreatmentCharta Arcanum SolutionCazic's Ink AdditiveBook BindingBertoxxulous' Ink AdditiveArcane TreatmentArcane ThickenerAqua RegiaAqua FortisAl`Kabor ThickenerTitanium PowderTin PowderTalisman ThickenerSoothing ThickenerPrismatic PigmentMitigating ThickenerMercury PowderManganese PowderMalachite PowderMagnetite PowderMadder PigmentLyeLogwood PigmentLitharge PowderLimonite PowderLapis Lazuli PowderIron PowderInk of the TribunalInk of the SerpentInk of the RhinoInk of the RatheInk of the NamelessInk of the MonkeyInk of the ListlessInk of the EruditeInk of the EagleInk of the DalInk of the CompanionInk of the CatInk of the BoarInk of the BearInk of ZekInk of XegonyInk of TunareInk of TranquilityInk of Terris-ThuleInk of SaryrnInk of RoInk of RainbowsInk of PrexusInk of PainInk of MarrInk of InnoruukInk of ForgetfulnessInk of E'ciInk of Druzzil RoInk of Cazic-ThuleInk of BertoxxulousInk of Ayonae RoInk of AlacrityHematite PowderGypsum PowderGraphite PowderGalena PowderFustic PigmentExpatiating ThickenerEnervating ThickenerDebilitating ThickenerCopper PowderConsuming ThickenerConjuring ThickenerCoal PowderCinnabar PowderChromium PowderCatechu PigmentAzurite PowderAssuaging ThickenerAmeliorating ThickenerAlum PowderVellum SolutionThrayniisSystematic Spell Research Vol. 7Systematic Spell Research Vol. 6Systematic Spell Research Vol. 5Systematic Spell Research Vol. 4Systematic Spell Research Vol. 3Systematic Spell Research Vol. 2Systematic Spell Research Vol. 1Systematic Spell Research Addendum: SummoningSystematic Spell Research Addendum: PaperSystematic Spell Research Addendum: HidesSupple Runic Hide SolutionSupple Hide SolutionStiff Hide SolutionSpell Scroll SolutionRunic Vellum SolutionRunic Spell Scroll SolutionRunic Papyrus SolutionRunic Paper SolutionRunic Hide SolutionRough Spell Scroll SolutionRough Papyrus SolutionRough Paper SolutionRough Hide SolutionRaw Rough HideRaw Crude HidePapyrus SolutionPaper SolutionInvigorating ThickenerHide SolutionFine Vellum SolutionFine Spell Scroll SolutionFine Runic Vellum SolutionFine Runic Spell Scroll SolutionFine Runic Parchment SolutionFine Runic Papyrus SolutionFine Runic Paper SolutionFine Runic Hide SolutionFine Papyrus SolutionFine Paper SolutionFine Hide SolutionCrude Spell Scroll SolutionCrude Hide SolutionCelestial SolventAcid of the KingsFine Supple Runic Hide SolutionMurkglider CharmTergon's Spellbook

Updated Quests: Tergon's SpellbookDulak BanditsThe Foundation (ToV Earring #3)

Updated Recipes: Spell: Paralyzing EarthCleaned Fine Supple Runic HidePrepared Fine Supple Runic HideSmooth Fine Supple Runic HideSpell: Banshee AuraSpell: Hungry EarthSpell: Voice GraftSpell: Animate DeadSpell: HarmshieldSpell: Visions of GrandeurSpell: Wind of TashanianSpell: DictateSpell: AsphyxiateSpell: BedlamSpell: Forlorn DeedsSpell: EnlightenmentSpell: Torment of ArgliSpell: AugmentSpell: Wind of TashaniSpell: Zumaik`s AnimationSpell: Largarn`s LamentationSpell: DementiaSpell: CrippleSpell: Color SlantSpell: Theft of ThoughtSpell: MalaSpell: Aegis of RoSpell: ManastormSpell: Greater Vocaration: AirSpell: VelocitySpell: Eye of TallonSpell: Dyzil`s Deafening DecoySpell: Summon: Muzzle of MarduSpell: Rage of ZommSpell: Call of the HeroSpell: Pouch of QuelliousSpell: Vocarate: WaterSpell: Scars of SigilSpell: Bandoleer of LuclinSpell: Quiver of MarrSpell: Bristlebane`s BundleSpell: Gift of XevSpell: DisintegrateSpell: Lure of IceSpell: SunstrikeSpell: Winds of GelidSpell: Vengeance of Al`KaborSpell: Invert GravitySpell: Flaming Sword of XuzlSpell: Tears of PrexusSpell: ManasinkSpell: Pillar of FlameSpell: EvacuateSpell: Retribution of Al`KaborSpell: Markar`s DiscordSpell: Draught of JivaSpell: PlainsightSpell: Pillar of LightningSpell: Inferno of Al`KaborSpell: Tears of DruzzilSpell: Tishan`s DiscordSpell: Pillar of FrostSpell: Atol`s Spectral ShacklesSpell: TrucidationSpell: Gangrenous Touch of Zum`uulSpell: Enslave DeathSpell: Banishment of ShadowsSpell: Emissary of ThuleSpell: Devouring DarknessSpell: Quivering Veil of XarnSpell: Conjure CorpseSpell: Servant of BonesSpell: Sedulous SubversionSpell: Demi LichSpell: LevantSpell: InfusionSpell: ShadowbondSpell: Thrall of BonesSpell: Minion of ShadowsSpell: ConvergenceSpell: Scent of TerrisSpell: DefoliationSpell: SacrificeSpell: Dead Men FloatingSpell: Word of RedemptionSpell: UmbraSpell: Divine InterventionSpell: The Unspoken WordSpell: Enforced ReverenceSpell: AntidoteSpell: Word of RestorationSpell: Mark of KarnSpell: FortitudeSpell: ReckoningSpell: Yaulp IVSpell: Word of VigorSpell: Heroic BondSpell: SunskinSpell: Death PactSpell: Renew BonesSpell: Strip EnchantmentSpell: Fire Spiral of Al'KaborSpell: Pillage EnchantmentSpell: AllureSpell: Blanket of ForgetfulnessSpell: MesmerizationCleaned HideSpell: Pillar of FireSpell: Talisman of JasinthSpell: Pox of BertoxxulousSpell: TorporSpell: Talisman of the SerpentSpell: Breath of KaranaSpell: Tunare`s RequestSpell: Legacy of ThornSpell: Bane of NifeSpell: Haunting CorpseSpell: ThunderclapRunic HideSpell: Summoning: FireSpell: Minor Conjuration: FireSpell: Mask of the HunterSpell: BlizzardSpell: Greater Vocaration: FireSpell: Bonds of TunareSpell: AegisSpell: Call of KaranaSpell: Circle of WinterSpell: Entrapping RootsSpell: Form of the HowlerSpell: Form of the HunterSpell: FrostSpell: Regrowth of the GroveSpell: Spirit of OakSpell: Spirit of ScaleSpell: SuccorSpell: Wake of KaranaSpell: AcumenSpell: AvatarSpell: Insidious DecaySpell: MaloSpell: MalosiniSpell: Shroud of the SpiritsSpell: Spirit of the HowlerPristine Rough HideSpell: Talisman of ShadooSpell: Talisman of the BruteSpell: Talisman of the CatSpell: Talisman of the RaptorSpell: Talisman of the RhinoSpell: Tigir`s InsectsSpell: Torrent of PoisonSpell: Voice of the BerserkerSpell: Shock Spiral of Al'KaborSpell: Column of LightningSpell: SupernovaSpell: Vampiric CurseSpell: Dead Man FloatingCleaned Supple Runic HideSpell: Intensify DeathFine HideSpell: Greater Conjuration: AirSpell: Conjuration: AirSpell: Minor Conjuration: AirSpell: Summoning: AirPristine Fine HideSpell: Mana SieveSpell: Tepid DeedsSmooth Fine HideSpell: Berserker StrengthSpell: Circle of ForceSpell: Lava StormSpell: Wrath of Al'KaborSpell: Chill BonesSpell: Conjuration: WaterSpell: Dagger of SymbolsSpell: Greater Conjuration: WaterSpell: Greater Summoning: EarthPrepared Fine HideSpell: Greater Summoning: WaterSpell: Invoke DeathSpell: BanishmentSpell: LichSpell: Summoning: WaterSpell: Surge of EnfeeblementMurkglider CharmSpell: Project LightningCelestial CleanserVial of Pure WaterSmooth Runic HideCleaned Runic HidePristine Runic HideFine Supple Runic HidePrepared Runic HideSmooth Supple Runic HidePrepared Supple Runic HidePristine Supple Runic HideCleaned Supple HidePristine Supple HideSmooth Supple HideSupple HideHideSmooth HideCleaned Rough HideSmooth Fine Runic HideSpell: Naltron's MarkSpell: Girdle of KaranaSpell: SplurtSpell: Greater Vocaration: WaterSpell: Gift of Pure ThoughtSpell: Glamour of TunareSpell: Shiftless DeedsCazic's BloodPotion of Stability

Bestiary Updates: Tergon Brenclog [Magician Guildmaster]Bone Caller NathidGrand Advisor Zum`uulFlame Master JapalTolapumjHarbinger FreglorVerina TombVorshar the DespisedLord Nethryn the ArbitratoJaeil the Insanea Sarnak Herb Collectora Sarnak Physiciana Di`zok ObserverTalorial D`EstalianAnnaelia Wylassia Di`zok Librariana Tae Ew converta Tae Ew bloodfienda disciple of ThuleFirebone ArchmagusGrand Librarian Maelina sarnak managera Di`zok Herbalista Di`zok SageMagic Adept XabokEarth Mystic GedakKyrennaan enraged disciplea Di`zok ResearcherThe Wailing SisterSir Elmonious FalmontTarnamilFragaGiligatabbus IgglebixSkurza SlicekuttGubblegrot SmashfistTehana ElsentFinrin Talistera chest (Sir Elmonious Falmont)a Di`zok AruspexSilithis SisntaShressa FarondiJarnig KilanidGilina YilziorPrashnakTilminos FarondiUglib GaibidoValinda ErgintonXotmidd FerlopElishia LeafrunnerVitratul K`ReilNureyaRthsireza spell research merchant #4 (female)



Updated Items: Skeletal TorsoHuman BloodGlowing Sebilisian GlovesGlowing Sebilisian HatGlowing Sebilisian WristbandGlowing Sebilisian TunicGlowing Sebilisian BootsGlowing Sebilisian LeggingsPearly Sarnak BangleDarkened Blade of the Green Dragon EyeBrick of Electrified CopperWind LanceWind LanceStormrider Wing MantleAmorphous Selrach's BootsAmorphous Selrach's GauntletsAmorphous Selrach's BreastplateAmorphous Selrach's HelmAmorphous Selrach's LeggingsAmorphous Selrach's SleevesAmorphous Selrach's WristguardCombine Empire LockerScale Touched CelerityScale Touched HarmonyScale Touched IngenuityScale Touched IntensityScale Touched ProficiencyScale Touched ResilienceScale Touched SavvinessPeridotStorm Rider SkinStrand of EtherBracelet of QuiescenceFairy Princess DustFairy DustBlessed Talisman of Patience

New Quests: The Forgotten Halls TravelerNatimbi, the Broken Shores TravelerQinimi, Court of Nihilia TravelerRiwwi, Coliseum of Games TravelerFerubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia TravelerBarindu, Hanging Gardens TravelerSewers of Nihilia, Pool of Sludge TravelerSewers of Nihilia, Lair of Trapped Ones TravelerSewers of Nihilia, Purifying Plant TravelerSewers of Nihilia, Emanating Crematory TravelerTipt, Treacherous Crags TravelerVxed, the Crumbling Caverns TravelerKod'Taz, Broken Trial Grounds TravelerIkkinz, Chambers of Destruction TravelerYxtta, Pulpit of Exiles TravelerUqua, the Ocean God Chantry TravelerQvic, Prayer Grounds of Calling TravelerInktu'Ta, the Unmasked Chapel TravelerTxevu, Lair of the Elite TravelerTacvi, the Broken Temple Traveler

Updated Quests: Incandescent MaskMore Help for InnoruukColdain Shawl 2.0 #8: Head of the ProblemSoil of UnderfootTDS Progression #23: The Cost of Balance

Bestiary Updates: a thunder spirit princessKobot Dellina Koka`Vor krovianNeffiken, Lord of Kelek`VorGurebk, Lord of KrendicSton`Ruak, Ancient of Treesa Koka`Vor Eldera Koka`Vor chieftainJeplak, Lord of Srerendia Koka`Vor senvarFalto, Lord of Thunderwandering warriorfroglok reet shamanEmperor Chottala merchant [Group and Parcel Merchant]



Updated Items: Resplendent Dagger OrnamentResplendent Axe OrnamentResplendent Bow OrnamentWhispering CompassElectrum BarInitiate Watchman's HelmWatchmans Helm MaterialScrap MetalEnchanted Greaves MoldInitiate Watchman's GreavesWatchmans Greaves MaterialRusted BlackboxCoyote PeltInitiate Watchman's GauntletsYoung Ebon DrakewingWatchmans Gauntlets MaterialRunaway Clockwork GearboxMinotaur ScalpInitiate Watchman's Long SwordYoung Ebon Drake RibcageRenegade Clockwork ScrapmetalMinotaur TibiaClockwork Oil ExtractInitiate Watchman's BreastplateWatchmans Breastplate MaterialRunaway Clockwork MotorGrikbar Kobold ScalpDiloperias BracerBrownie BrainInitiate Watchman's BracerWatchmans Bracer MaterialKobold ToothInitiate Watchman's BootsWatchmans Boot MaterialAviak BeakInitiate Watchman's ArmguardsWatchmans Mail Assembly KitWatchmans Armguards MaterialBrownie LegBrick of Crude BronzeCrystallized LuckDreadstone Assassin's Knife

Updated Quests: Initiate Watchman's HelmInitiate Watchman's BracerInitiate Watchman's ArmguardsInitiate Watchman's BootsInitiate Watchman's GreavesInitiate Watchman's GauntletsInitiate Watchman's BreastplateInitiate Watchman's Final TaskThe Last of the Storm Boars

Updated Recipes: Short BeerMuramite NeedleRuined Cat PeltWatchmans Bracer MaterialWatchmans Greaves MaterialInitiate Watchmans GreavesWatchmans Gauntlets MaterialWatchmans Breastplate MaterialWatchmans Helm MaterialWatchmans Armguards MaterialWatchmans Boot Material

Bestiary Updates: Narron Jenork [Warrior Guildmaster]a muddite elderAlerynril the Loyal [Loyalists of Everquest]Grungol the Eclipsea grave conjurera penumbral coldainTrooper Relhjorn


Updated Items: Ornate Defiant Chain CoifBox of Abu-KarRoyal Antonican Shortbow OrnamentRoyal Antonican Scimitar OrnamentRoyal Antonican Mage's Staff OrnamentRoyal Antonican Long Spear OrnamentRoyal Antonican Katar OrnamentRoyal Antonican Hammer OrnamentRoyal Antonican Great Axe OrnamentRoyal Antonican Fighting Staff OrnamentRoyal Antonican Dagger OrnamentRoyal Antonican Weapon Ornament PackAmorphous Cohort's LeggingsAmorphous Cohort's GauntletsAmorphous Cohort's BootsWinds of Karana Sheet 1Cracked FluteSong: Chords of DissonanceSong: Chant of BattleSong: Jaxan's Jig o' VigorWeak Blackened VoidsoulWarped Knight's HelmetSpell: Mental Appropriation Rk. IIScuffed Weapon Crate of the Mercenary

Updated Quests: Talym Shoontar's HeadWinds of KaranaRaid Expedition: Meldrath's Majestic MansionGuardian #3: Security? Yeah RightThe Bubonians Are Coming!Glowing ArmorSoothing the SpiritsZeixshi-Kar #3: The Sacrifice

Bestiary Updates: a hill gianta dar ghoul knighta hermita wildwood drakelingThach Jerden [Armor Quests]ShoonOverboss KaznakDark Huntressa restless ice construct



Updated Items: Faded Icebound Feet ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Chest ArmorMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorGlowing Engraved Velium RuneGreater Engraved Velium RuneOrb of Infinite Terror

New Quests: The Hatchery TravelerNektulos, Shadowed Grove TravelerCorathus Creep TravelerSporali Caverns TravelerThe Corathus Mines TravelerThe Undershore TravelerSnarlstone Dens TravelerShadow Spine TravelerRuins of Illsalin TravelerIllsalin Marketplace TravelerTemple of the Korlach TravelerThe Nargilor Pits TravelerStoneroot Falls TravelerPrince's Manor TravelerCaverns of the Lost TravelerLair of the Korlach TravelerThe Hive Traveler

Updated Quests: Orcs on Ice (ToV Earring #2)Seeking the SorcererThe Morale of Despair (ToV Earring #4)Depths of Darkhollow Explorer

Bestiary Updates: Cara Omicaa restless tarantulaQabruha restless devourera giant chest



Updated Items: Spell: Twincast Rk. IIIShan`Tok Blade MoldGiant Rat EarAmulet of NecropotenceFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Feet ArmorFaded Icebound Chest ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneGlowing Engraved Velium RuneWar Bear SaddlePrize: War Bear SaddleWiring Mount SaddlePrize: Wiring Mount SaddleTahka's Horse SaddlePrize: Tahka's Horse SaddleSnow Griffin SaddlePrize: Skittering Mount SaddleSkittering Mount SaddleMintRhyan's Horse SaddlePrize: Rhyan's Horse SaddleBlack Leather Worg BridleBlack Leather Worg BridleBlack Chain BridleBlack Chain Worg BridleMottled Worg BridleLocker of Lupine LinkingGolden Reinforced Brawl StickGreater Engraved Velium RuneSymbol of MarrLeather BeltBloodstone FragmentLimeHope StoneTerrorantula SilkTerrorantula SwatchSteelsilk CollarScuffed Journeyman's RucksackEarring of Magic ReflectionFlaming Axe of Drunder

Updated Quests: Ikkinz Group Trial #2: Twin StrugglesLocker of Lupine LinkingBreaching the BarrierHunter of The Temple of Droga [EoK] (10 Points)Hunter of The Tower of Frozen Shadow (ToV) (10 Points)Hunter of Velketor's Labyrinth (TOV) (10 Points)Icebreaker (50 Points)ToV Rank II Level 111 Spells: Minor Engraved Velium RuneThe Morale of Despair (ToV Earring #4)Strategic Results (ToV Earring #5)

New Recipes: Black Chain Worg BridleBlack Leather Worg BridleCoconut Shake

Updated Recipes: Folded Skyiron SheetForged Shan`TokSkyiron Shan`TokBlack Chain Bridle and BardingBlack Chain Bridle/Ornate BardingBlack Leather Bridle and BardingBlack Leather Bridle/Ornate BardingBlack Ornate Chain Bridle/Ornate BardingTarnished Shan`TokCoconut ShakeCoconut Shake

Bestiary Updates: Demicla TannerCazic ThuleMerchant Tissan [Armor]Sanhan Tanner [Armor]Winlar Tanner [Armor]Merchant AluwenaeLena LeatherspinnerFhara Semhart [Leather Armor]Basil the skinnerDilche OrlezchaWinnla Crestusa thunder spirit princessThelin Poxbournea djinn temple scholarZok TabruuAdsame Leing [Armor Merchant]Sameta Mosnal [Armor Merchant]a water mephitFilrian Lylius [Leather Armor]Queliel Phanus [Leather Armor]Merchant KalmuZebuxorukZebuxorukZebuxorukZebuxorukan erudite madmanSenora Kenver [Armory Store]an arms dealer [Weapons Merchant]a quartermaster [Merchant]PlaguebringerCook JexnaitSagacious Great Jade [Merchant]Cara OmicaBledrekMarlek IcepawQabruha restless tizmakKerdelba mysterious presence [Overseer Merchant]Terrorantula



Updated Items: Crystallized Velium OreFaded Icebound Feet ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Chest ArmorFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorMedian Engraved Velium RuneGlowing Engraved Velium RuneGreater Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneIce-Glazed CollarBracer of Gnoll HidesLegends of Norrath: Shadowy WarriorElaborate Defiant Fire BaubleEarring of SplendorCollector's Preserved Split Paw EyeStone of Twilight's GraceEarring of the RighteousCowl of the EclipseUncut GosheniteUncut Combine StarUncut AlexandriteUncut AmethystUncut RubelliteUncut Black SapphireUncut JacinthUncut MorganiteUncut DemantoidElaborate Defiant Chain BootsElaborate Defiant AegisElaborate Defiant HeaterElaborate Defiant ColdstoneElaborate Defiant Leather SleevesElaborate Defiant SpikemaulElaborate Defiant Plate HelmElaborate Defiant Leather TrousersElaborate Defiant BreastplateElaborate Defiant Chain SleevesElaborate Defiant Chain LeggingsElaborate Defiant CutlassElaborate Defiant Leather CapElaborate Defiant KamaElaborate Defiant Silk SleevesElaborate Defiant Minotaur StaffExtruded Underfoot DiamondVial of Pure WaterStone of Icy BolsteringMuddy Stone of Earthen RedemptionElemental StoneBoots of Flowing FireStormrider Carapace ShieldCoif of Earthen ProtectionScale OrePile of Burnt AshJacinthIgneous Fire Elemental RemainsEmeraldChunk of Hardened LavaSunshard OreRubyChunk of BasaltStone of LightFlute of the IshvaOrb of ChaosBelt of DespairRing of Soaring SpiritsFallen Splitpaw RingSwiftwind NecklaceEarring of Elemental PowerCloak of Blind RageRing of Elemental PowerGloves of the Whispering WindRageborn MantleElemental FacemaskEmblazoned Belt of WarmthElemental RingMask of Simmering StormsFallen Gnoll's RingDefeated Gnoll's EarringMask of the DefeatedWater Mephit Hide SleevesRing of Infinite GloryPotamide Seaweed StrandsBracer of the DestituteProtector's Relic of EnergyRuned Glyph: AexitRuned Glyph: GrexitRuned Glyph: NoxitRuned Glyph: TruxitBloodstone of ForceSpell: Twincast Rk. III

Updated Quests: Estle #2: Remember the Dead

Updated Recipes: Marquise Cut Underfoot DiamondOval Cut Underfoot Diamond

Bestiary Updates: a gnoll prisonera noc flashbladeVrek Hillsmashera tidal monstrositya water elemental invaderan air elemental infiltratoran earth elemental intrudera water elemental wavecrasheran air elemental breeze lordan earth elemental rockshapera fire elemental raiderWindspirit GlornGillamina GarstobidokisRethargScorchSertiki the Master of Tidesa water mephitStormrider HilooaRockbeast KloorgOverlord Flargora dead gnolla fire elemental blazemasteran imprisoned gnollBlazemaster ArnabTidemaster AquiniusEarthmaster GrundagWindlord BrizorisWater Elemental OfficerFire Elemental Brigandan unmasked changelingAir Elemental Breeze MasterWater Elemental OverseerZebuxorukZebuxorukZebuxorukZebuxorukan icy tormentVorgakdelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete medelete mea gaduladian widemoutha gnoll prisonera hiding gnolla Ishva Lteth gnolla Lteth Mal gnolla Lteth Mas Gnolla Lteth Val Gnolla Nisch Mal Gnolla Nisch Mas Gnolla Nisch Val Gnolla one-eyed gnolla Rosch Mal Gnolla Rosch Mall Gnoll peta Rosch Mal gnolla Rosch Mas Gnolla Rosch Mas gnolla Rosch Val Gnolla Tesch Mal Gnolla Tesch Mas Gnolla Tesch Val Gnolla Tesch Val GuardBrother GruffBrother HayleVerishe Mal ExecutionerVerishe Mal Judge

New Zones: Infected Paw (LDoN)

Zone Updates: Infected Paw (LDoN)Infected Paw



Updated Items: Lustrous Russet VambracesLustrous Russet GauntletsLustrous Russet BreastplateLustrous Russet BootsGriffon Head EpauletsRheumgulsZephyrwindYannikilWu's Tranquil FistWoven Skull CapWispy Choker of VigorWind Etched Helm of RoWind Etched Gauntlets of RoWind Etched Bracers of RoWhite Satin GlovesVermilion Sky RingTreant TearTransparent MaskTon Po's Shoulder WrapsThunderforged EarringThornstingerTheurgistStein of Flowing IchorSpiroc WingbladeSpiroc Healer's CloakSphinx-Hide MantleSphinx Heart AmuletSmall ShieldScintillating Bracer of ProtectionRusted PauldronsRotted Griffon-Hide Wrist GuardRing of VeeshanPegasus-Hide BeltPearlescent PauldronsObsidian AmuletNargon's StaffMystical Back StrapsMithril Air RingMana Battery - Class TwoJester's MaskIvory PendantInlaid ChokerHigh Quality RaimentGriffon Wing SpauldersGriffon Talon NecklaceGrey Damask CloakGossamer RobeGolden Sash of TranquilityGolden Efreeti VambracesGolden Efreeti TurbanGolden Efreeti GreavesGolden Efreeti GauntletsGolden Efreeti ChestplateGolden Efreeti BracersGlowing PauldronsGlowing NecklaceFinely Woven Gold MeshFinely Woven Cloth AmiceFine Wool CloakFairy-Hide MantleFae PauldronsElder Shaman's Ceremonial BraceletObtenebrate Mithril GuardObsidian ShardGardukSymbol of VeeshanFire Sky RubyEfreeti War MaulWarhammer of the WindDjinni StatuetteWindstrikerThickened NectarSphinx TallowShimmering PearlKhyldorn the Blood DrinkerBloodstained HiltBlood Sky RubyEfreeti War AxeShimmering TopazMithril BandsEfreeti StandardSphinx CrownHazy OpalStaff of the MagisterEfreeti Magi StaffTheurgist's StarSaffron Spiroc FeatherDjinni AuraEfreeti MaceThe MotherEmerald Spiroc FeatherCirclet of BramblesBitter HoneyEfreeti Long SwordEfreeti Great StaffGorgon Head StaffGorgon HeadGlowing Black PearlAged NectarEfreeti DirkSpiroc Wind TotemPegasus StatuetteEfreeti BeltFangolHoneyed NectarEthereal EmeraldEfreeti Battle AxeBottled DjinniEbonstingSpiroc Earth TotemGridelin GlobeDragon-Hide MantleEarthshaker's MantleDuennan Shielding RingGolden Efreeti RingBlood Sky AmethystDagasSandals of AlacrityShimmering OpalShiny PauldronsFaintly Glowing DiamondPauldrons of PietyAdumbrate GlobeDove SlippersDarkwood AegisMithril DiscHarpy TongueFine Velvet CloakDark Cloak of the SkyVirulent PoisonOgog StoryDjinni War BladeStaff of Elemental Mastery: AirLarge OpalCrown of Elemental MasteryCrimson Ring of the DjinniSilvery RingCrimson Ring of DesinenceTon Po's Eye PatchTiny RubyGold DiscCracked Leather EyepatchRenard's Belt of QuicknessMottled Spiroc FeatherCracked Leather BeltMask of EmpowermentIron DiscGem of EmpowermentCeramic MaskBracelet of the SpiritsShimmering AmberEthereal AmberCeremonial BeltBracelet of DistortionFeathered CapeEthereal SapphireBracelet of ClarificationBracelet of CessationBox of the VoidBloody Griffon-Hide Wrist GuardVerdant TesseraGriffon's BeakEbon ShardBloodsoaked RaimentBlood Sky Face PlateBelt of VirtueBelt of TransienceBelt of TranquilityBelt of the PineBelt of IniquityBelt of ContentionBelt of ConcordanceBand of Wailing WindsAugmentor's MaskAmulet of the Sphinx EyePauldrons of the Blue SkyAerated PauldronsAegis of the WindPlanar OverdoseChiseled Jade Figurine

Updated Quests: Magician Test of ClarificationMagician Test of InterpretationMagician Test of GesticulationMonk Test of SightMonk Test of SpeedNecromancer Test of FlightNecromancer Test of The MindShadowknight Test of DisempowermentShaman Test of Health

Updated Recipes: Vermilion Sky RingPlanar Overdose

Bestiary Updates: Key MasterAdinel JailbarNitram AnizokMaryalis N`RytNelin Signus [Tinkering Supplies]



Updated Items: Spell: ChromassaultRoaring GrassSpell: InstillSpell: ImmobilizeSpell: IdentifySpell: Ice CometSpell: Hungry EarthSpell: Haunting CorpseSpell: HarmshieldSpell: Greater Summoning: WaterSpell: Greater Summoning: FireSpell: Greater Summoning: EarthSpell: Greater Summoning: AirSpell: Greater Mass Enchant SilverSpell: Greater Mass Enchant PlatinumSpell: Greater Mass Enchant GoldSpell: Greater Mass Enchant ElectrumSpell: Greater Conjuration: WaterSpell: Greater Conjuration: AirSpell: Gravity FluxSpell: Force Spiral of Al`KaborSpell: Force Spiral of Al`KaborAmulet of Planar TransferenceRaiment of ThunderSolidate Mithril RingRuned Wind AmuletAzure Ruby RingMana Battery - Class FiveDrake-Hide AmiceBaton of the SkySpell: Breath of the DeadSpell: Animate DeadTorn, Frost-Covered BookTorn, Burnt BookMiragul's PhylacteryMiragul's RobeMiragul's HeadInte's Second BlessingInte's First BlessingBook of ScaleFiery AvengerAmstaf's ScrollPendantNote to RuatheyNote to KanthukHilt of the NoblemanGhoul's HeartBlade of NobilitySpiritualist`s RingBixie EssenceSphinx HideLight Damask Mantle

Updated Quests: The Fiery Avenger

Updated Recipes: Spell: Breath of the DeadSpell: Summon ColdstoneSpell: Shadow VortexSpell: Word of ShadowSpell: Cast ForceSpell: Lightning StormSpell: Color SkewSpell: Reoccurring AmnesiaSpell: Restless BonesSpell: EverfountSpell: Greater Summoning: FireSpell: Lesser Summoning: FireSpell: Minor Summoning: FireSpell: Gravity FluxSpell: Call of BonesSpell: Invoke FearSpell: Endure MagicSpell: Malignant DeadSpell: Word of SoulsSpell: Invoke ShadowSpell: Greater Conjuration: FireSpell: Greater Summoning: AirSpell: Lesser Summoning: AirSpell: Minor Summoning: AirSpell: Tox PortalSpell: Mind WipeSpell: FeedbackSpell: Color ShiftSpell: Cackling BonesSpell: Common PortalSpell: Conjuration: EarthSpell: CornucopiaSpell: DisempowerSpell: Lesser Conjuration: EarthSpell: Lesser Conjuration: WaterSpell: Lesser Summoning: EarthSpell: Lesser Summoning: WaterSpell: Minor Summoning: EarthSpell: Minor Summoning: WaterSpell: Resist MagicSpell: Shadow SightSpell: Summon DeadSpell: Summon Ring of FlightSpell: UltravisionSpell: Force Spiral of Al'KaborSpell: InvigorSpell: Nullify MagicSpell: IdentifySpell: InstillSpell: LevitateSpell: Energy StormSpell: Ice CometSpell: ImmobilizeSpell: Cancel MagicGhoulbaneSpell: Elemental: WaterSpell: Elementaling: EarthSpell: Elemental: FireSpell: Elemental: AirSpell: Elemental: EarthSpell: Cavorting BonesSpell: Leering CorpseSpell: Gather ShadowsSpell: Elementaling: WaterSpell: Dimensional PocketSpell: Elementalkin: WaterSpell: Sense SummonedSpell: True NorthSpell: Summon FoodSpell: Halo of LightSpell: Shadow StepSpell: RootSpell: IcestrikeSpell: GateSpell: Sphere of LightSpell: Summon DrinkSpell: Summon BandagesSpell: Firestorm

Bestiary Updates: Selint ChencyAlysa ElternArdtia AughsanTuballi StellariTelor Beteria [General Spells]Terri Woodshape [Cleric Spells]Osisa Goldenspear [Magician Spells]Srell Tumblebrook [General Spells]Egasia Reenix [Cleric Spells]Perep Chen [Cleric Spells]Cronte Deloru [Magician Spells]Xinari Anara [General Spells]CralkCriltTelvina [Shaman Spells]Fettar SteelwieldDorlita SplitshieldPisna H`Rugla [Magician Spells]Rysva To`BiathTkaz H`RuglaFriz PunoxMyris N`TanGende Reldari [Magician Spells]Pai Berenis [General Spells]Balhallia [Cleric Spells]Alice SweetovenSlim WatermanOracle of K`ArnonInte AkeraMiragulDrizel MaxtonShelae WolfkinKanthuk OgrebaneFinlay Kitoran [Task Master]Kuglaz GrotKeeper Suffering [General Spells]Lithriss Frizen [General Spells]Vessel Mortyr [Shaman Spells]Brettas NorvalNedorl IpabrunHytlocRuatheyMalalon Morotia [Merchant]LlaraMark BlotterHalois GueindsGeran StarshinerMelanie MavroudisRolanda UnjaScribe Shiara [Shaman Spells]Illusionist Sevat [Enchanter Spells 26-50]Channeler Olaemos [Wizard Spells 1-25]Channeler Lariland [Wizard Spells 26-50]Illusionist Jerup [Enchanter Spells 1-25]Heretic Drahur [Necromancer Spells 1-25]Heretic Edalith [Necromancer Spells 51-60]Reaver Uledrith [Shadow Knight Spells 26-50]Elementalist Somat [Magician Spells 1-25]Elementalist Kaeob [Magician Spells 26-50]Cavalier Preradus [Paladin Spells 51-60]Vicar Thiran [Cleric Spells 26-50]Vicar Glaunn [Cleric Spells 71-80]Mystic Goharkor [Shaman Spells 26-50]Mystic Ryrin [Shaman Spells 51-60]Naes EreekScribe YossScribe GokkYiem Rynawu [Necromancer Spells]Gruppip FooedliCralkCrilta clockwork merchant (2085, -370) [General Spells]Phoenth IngvenScribe BiddlegorbScribe VordanglScribe FigglebogScribe FlogglebigDaris Rodril [Shadow Knight Spells]a pixie merchantGodain MacKodor [Common Spells]Ealyson Roloius [Necromancer Spells]Eyon SwougiusPalusiel DrobiusQuanan Mahius [Common Spells]Clockwork Merchant (1075, -1000) [General Spells]Clockwork Merchant (1105, -1030, 29) [Magician Spells]Clockwork Merchant (2149, -373, -182) [Cleric Spells]Baron Yosig



Updated Items: Flute of the SirenVenomous Raptor SaddlePrize: Venomous Raptor SaddleDark Skeleton RemainsSquare Cut Black SapphirePlatinum Trio RingWhite Dragon HideWhite Dragonscale CloakRighteous Maul OrnamentationRighteous Lance OrnamentationRighteous Great Sword OrnamentationRighteous Claw OrnamentationRighteous Bow OrnamentationSpell: Circle of the GroundsSpell: Grounds GateSpell: Grounds PortalSpell: Ring of the GroundsSpell: Translocate: the GroundsSpell: Zephyr: the GroundsSimple PotSimple Pot MoldSmall Block of Scrap ClayCrystallized Velium OreFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Chest ArmorFaded Icebound Feet ArmorGlowing Engraved Velium RuneGreater Engraved Velium RuneMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneCrystallized Precious Velium OreMinor Engraved Velium RuneStein of MoggokSimple Repaired PlateBonding AgentBroken Simple PlateBonding AgentRaw Fine HideFabled Black Chitin LeggingsFabled Blue DiamondFabled Dagger of MarnekFabled Dragoon DirkFabled Golden Efreeti BootsFabled Journeyman's BootsFabled Syythrak Hide VestTobrin's Mystical EyepatchTentacle Covered Epaulets

New Quests: Simple Repaired Plate for Crescent ReachSimple Pot for Crescent Reach

Updated Quests: White Dragonscale CloakHelp Kayin EscapeBeastlord Epic 1.5: Savage Lord's TotemHoT Rank II Level 86 Spells: Minor Nebulous Dream FragmentHoT Rank II Level 87 Spells: Lesser Nebulous Dream FragmentHoT Rank II Level 88 Spells: Median Nebulous Dream FragmentHoT Rank II Level 89 Spells: Greater Nebulous Dream FragmentHoT Rank II Level 90 Spells: Glowing Nebulous Dream FragmentThe Doomscale Horde

Updated Recipes: Square Cut Black SapphireTrio Setting ToolMarquise Cut AlexandritePlatinum Trio Ring

Bestiary Updates: The Fabled GrimFeatherClurg [General Supplies]The Fabled Undead BarkeepThe Fabled Ghoul ExecutionerThe Fabled Froglok KingThe Fabled Ghoul LordThe Fabled Ghoul Lord petThe Fabled Ghoul AssassinThe Fabled Emperor CrushThe Fabled ProonThe Fabled RahotepThe Fabled Garanel RucksifThe Fabled Grenix MucktailThe Fabled Chief GoondaThe Fabled MootoThe Fabled Maid IssisThe Fabled Cloaked DhampyreThe Fabled King Thex`Ka IVThe Fabled Evil EyeThe Fabled Death BeetleThe Fabled King TranixThe Fabled Warlord SkarlonThe Fabled Crystal EyesThe Fabled Efreeti Lord DjarnThe Fabled AllizewsaurThe Fabled QuillmaneThe Fabled Ancient CyclopsThe Fabled Ancient CyclopsThe Fabled Solusek Kobold KingThe Fabled DrelznaThe Fabled LockjawThe Fabled NajenaThe Fabled Ghoul CavalierThe Fabled Kobold NobleThe Fabled GrizzleknotThe Fabled UndertowThe Fabled Froglok NobleThe Fabled Froglok Noble petThe Fabled Magus RokylThe Fabled Thaumaturgist petThe Fabled ThaumaturgistThe Fabled Ambassador DvinnThe Fabled Froglok Shin LordThe Fabled Mortificator SyythrakThe Fabled TerrorantulaThe Fabled Goblin PreacherThe Fabled PyzjnThe Fabled Gabbie MardoddleThe Fabled Coloth MeadowgreenThe Fabled Reclusive Ghoul MagusThe Fabled Undead Knight of UnrestThe Fabled CWG Model EXGThe Fabled Ishva MalThe Fabled Kobold PriestThe Fabled Evil Eye pet (Beholders Maze)The Fabled CorflunkThe Fabled ZarchoomiThe Fabled Lord DoljonijiarnimorinarThe Fabled Lord Gorelik petThe Fabled EntarizThe Fabled Bilge FarfathomThe Fabled Pyzjn petThe Fabled Chancellor of Di`Zok petThe Fabled Webclaw MurkwaveThe Fabled Karg IceBearThe Fabled Kobold ChampionVelketor's Fabled ExperimentThe Fabled Crystal FangThe Fabled Tolapumj petVelketor the Fabled SorcererPotter SafiyaThe Fabled Khemot AgarthizarThe Fabled Servitor of LuclinThe Fabled Grieg VeneficusThe Fabled Tuchako petThe Fabled Barnacle BonesThe Fabled Stampeding PigletThe Fabled Tagrin MaldricThe Fabled Vallon ZekA Fabled TrilounFabled Jopal LavahurlerThe Fabled Arch Mage YozanniThe Fabled Blazzax the OmnifiendThe Fabled Criare SunmaneThe Fabled General ReparmThe Fabled Jaxoliz DawneyesThe Fabled MagmatonThe Fabled Quavonis FiretailThe Fabled Rinturion WindbladeThe Fabled Queen SilandriaThe Fabled Aerin`DarFabled Temple GuardianThe Fabled PyronisThe Fabled Babnoxis the Spider QueenThe Fabled Xegony the Queen of AirThe Fabled Terris ThuleThe Fabled Tallon ZekThe Fabled Warlord, Rallos ZekThe Fabled GrummusA Fabled JopalThe Fabled SaryrnThe Fabled Peregrin RockskullThe Fabled Mystical Arbitor of EarthThe Fabled Fennin Ro, the Tyrant of FireThe Fabled Elemental MasterpieceThe Fabled Xanamech NezmirthafenThe Fabled Reaxnous the ChaoslordThe Fabled Keeper of SorrowsThe Fabled Glykus HelmirThe Fabled Chancellor KirtraThe Fabled Chancellor TraxomThe Fabled Javonn the OverlordThe Fabled Warlord ProllazFabled Falto, Lord of ThunderThe Fabled Omni Magus CratoThe Fabled Azobian the DarklordThe Fabled Hebabbilys the RagelordThe Fabled Manaetic BehemothFabled Jopal SeerFabled Jopal CrafterFabled Jopal TrackerFabled Jopal Flame ProtectorFabled Captain of FireFabled Vicar of FireFabled HammertoothThe Fabled Diaku ArmorerFabled SwordfangFabled Monstrous Sea TurtleFabled Regrua ProtectorFabled Flame OverlordFabled Flame WilderFabled RazorfinFabled Obsidian Tree Spider QueenFabled Wild Fiery Spirit SteedFabled Savage Deepwater KrakenFabled Hraquis Arch MageFabled Dark Obsidian Lava SpiderFabled Doomfire VicarFabled Doomfire WarlordFabled Doomfire WarmasterFabled Magma OverlordFabled Ferocious BarracudaFabled Charmer of FireFabled Triloun SeerFabled Doomfire FirecharmerFabled Regrua OverlordFabled Doomfire MagusFabled Obsidian War SpiderFabled Triloun WarderFabled GigadonFabled Frenzied AnglerfishFabled Fiery Spirit Equine OverlordThe Fabled SectoidThe Fabled Scarlet Cheetah PatriarchFippy Darkpaw the FabledFabled Furious Deepwater KrakenKaelynn Stearns [Rank II Spells]Zarhbub IcepawMalvus Darquea velium horrorNeemzaqan ornate chest (Ritual of Terror)an ornate chest (Tick Tock)an ornate chest (The Roots of Evil)Marlek IcepawQabruh

Zone Updates: Silyssar, New Chelsith



Updated Items: Timeworn Moss Agate BandFine PapyrusSpell: Hammer of DivinityCrude Spell ScrollGrubby Crude Spell ScrollFine Runic Spell ScrollCrystallized Velium OreCrystallized Precious Velium OreGlowing Engraved Velium RuneGreater Engraved Velium RuneMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneFaded Icebound Chest ArmorFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Feet Armor

Updated Recipes: Spell: Dementing VisionsSpell: Improved InvisibilitySpell: Transon's Phantasmal ProtectionSpell: Burnout IVSpell: Spell ShieldSpell: TranslocateSpell: Mind WrackSpell: Augmentation of DeathSpell: Hammer of DivinityOdylic VialSpell: Circle of SeasonsSpell: Spirit QuickeningSpell: Conglaciation of BoneCrude Spell ScrollFine PapyrusFine Runic Spell ScrollSpell: AusteritySpell: Aura of the ZealotSpell: Dark RuneSpell: Beguiler's AuraSpell: Aura of InsightSpell: Aura of the Grove

Bestiary Updates: Vicar Delin [Cleric Spells 51-60]Keldor Dek`Torek



Updated Items: Faded Icebound Feet ArmorFaded Icebound Legs ArmorFaded Icebound Arms ArmorFaded Icebound Head ArmorFaded Icebound Hands ArmorFaded Icebound Wrist ArmorCrystallized Velium OreCrystallized Precious Velium OreGlowing Engraved Velium RuneGreater Engraved Velium RuneMedian Engraved Velium RuneLesser Engraved Velium RuneMinor Engraved Velium RuneDragonbane Blue

Bestiary Updates: Drendar BlackbladeVelden Dragonbane

Zone Updates: Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay


Updated Items: Balm LeavesTears of PrexusShark BonesSharkjaw CutlassKedgemail GauntletsShark SkinKicsh Der PavzSage's Box of ResearchVacra Av SvimIndigo SabreBarbed Leather WhipGladiusShadowed Battle AxeOrcish Morning StarStone Circlet

Updated Quests: Gem Inlaid Gauntlets

Updated Recipes: Indigo SabreSpell: Strong Poison

Bestiary Updates: a fungus soldiera fungus breederUmvera DekashSage XelrinKraylor Nalsiva bokon handler


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