EQ Update #18 and Patch

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Many updates over the last week or so.

All Fabled items have been marked for the expansion that they have been released in. That should clear up item searches for earlier expansions where these items were showing up in.

Edit: Spells for the June patch have been updated.

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June 19, 2019




*** Items ***


- Fixed an issue that prevented focus effects on items that increase incoming healing from functioning as expected. Ex: Whispering Midnight Soothing, Blazing Euphoria Soothing.

- Stone of Tranquility will no longer drop from NPCs greater than level 114.

- Changed the attack animation for Blueogre's Blue Bastard Of Heroism Ornament to 1 hand to better fit the fact that it works in any weapon.

- Added Ondine Hero's Forge ornaments to Brilliant Jade.

- Increased the drop rate of Exultant Inhabited Muhbis and the following augments: Fate's Accumulator, Weeping Heaven, Secret Dawn, Whispering Midnight, and Blazing Euphoria.

- Increased the drop rate of several pieces of gear that drop from rare monsters in the Plane of Disease.

- The Burning Lands version of Nature's Fury now generates less hate.


*** Tradeskills ***


- Specified the class on emblems to match the class of the armor it makes, for easier classification.

- Adjusted old-style research drop tables.

- - Increased the chance to receive recipe components.

- - Decreased the chance to receive cash drops.

- - For example: Words of Possession is more likely to drop and Exquisite Platinum Embossed Rune is less likely to drop.


*** Quests And Events ***


- Unfettered Emerald Excellence - Made the following changes to this raid event:

- - Fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed slow, root, and snare effects to land on the mephits and armors.

- - Reduced the melee damage output from the mephits.

- - Waves of mephits will no longer spawn during the window of time when it's necessary to flee to the correctly colored wing to avoid being struck by Elemental Incompatibility.

- Mechagnomic Whirlrender (Group and Raid) - Made the following changes:

- - The ballistae can no longer be reduced to negative health by the aerial combatbots.

- - Fixed a bug that shortened how long the boss was in its attackable state by 5 seconds.

- - NPCs will no longer refer to the boss as the Mechagnomatic Whirlrender.

- - Ratchet Bronzehead is now on beta neutral faction.

- - Ratchet Bronzehead can no longer be attacked.

- - Added a speculative fix to prevent the boss from tethering when it flies back into the sky.

- Gnome Memorial Mountain: Danger Zone (Raid) - Entering the zone should now place you near the current raid.

- The Darkness Howls and Ironing Out the Legion no longer share a lockout, so doing one will not prevent you from doing the other.

- Spear of Fate - Added a new path to Erud's Crossing that Ooglyn will follow to get out into the ocean so that she doesn't meander around the island for several minutes, heading in the wrong direction, before her long swim.

- Gram Dunnar no longer prevents adventurers from getting the benefits of telling him stories if the storyteller already has 30 or more AA points.


*** Spells ***


- NPCs will now remember damage credit when blurred or charmed.

- When the owner of a charmed pet teleports, charm will break.

- Translocation spells can no longer be activated or accepted while in combat.

- Magician - Made the following changes to fire pets:

- - While Frenzied Burnout is active, the pet will cast their Elemental Bolt spell additional times instead of casting Frenzied Elemental Bolt spells. 

- - Pets summoned with higher foci will do more damage with their Elemental Bolt spells.


*** NPCs ***


- NPCs spawned by old-style quests are now loot locked.

- - An NPC that is loot locked is indicated by an asterisk preceding their name and an added '(loot locked)' to their consider message.

- - The NPC is loot locked to the player who did the turn in for thirty minutes.

- - During this window if the NPC is killed by anyone, the player who spawned it will be given kill credit and have access to the loot.

- - These NPCs will not reward experience. 

- - If the player who spawned the NPC is not in the zone but is in a group or raid, then the group or raid will receive kill credit and the original player will have access to the loot when zoning back in. 

- - If the player is not in the zone and is not part of a group or raid, then kill credit is handled normally (as if the NPC is not loot locked). Normal loot rules apply after the NPC is killed.


*** Progression Servers ***


- Corrected an issue where you could not open the Extended Target Window after reaching level 20.


*** Miscellaneous ***


- Added a potential fix for corpses not saving properly when moved.

- The Advanced Loot Window now displays the correct luck values when multiple copies of the same item with different luck values are listed.

- Removed the no longer in use command /survey.

- Relaxed some overly strict naming rules in regards to multiple consonants in a row.

- The preview model displayed when placing an NPC in a real estate should now more closely match the appearance of the NPC when placed.

- Moved a collectible spawn in the Temple of Droga so that it is accessible.

- Fixed grammar and spelling in Arms of Power and Arms of Power II tribute descriptions.

- Removed the word (Temporary) from the seasonal Appreciation Bonus achievements. 

- Made the following changes to Guild Banners and Fellowship Campfires in an effort to improve their usability and the desirability of the buffs they grant:

- - Consolidated all buffs and tiers into a single 'empowered' banner/campfire that grants the combined effects of all the previous options; with the ability to choose whether you want the empowered banner/campfire to also offer an illusion effect.

- - Increased the duration of the empowered banner/campfire from 1 hour to 6 hours to match the duration of the non-empowered version.

- - Increased the distance that the empowered banner/campfire will grant its buff from 100 to 1000 feet.

- - Simplified the various tiers and types of banner/campfire components down to 2 items: 'Guild Banner Materials' and 'Fellowship Campfire Materials'.

- - Items previously used as banner/campfire components have been flagged as deprecated and have been changed to allow you to sell them back to a merchant to recoup their initial value.


*** UI ***


- Fixed an issue that caused formatting data to be printed to log files when considering a rare creature.

- Fixed a bug with the advanced loot window that prevented 'Link All' from functioning.

- The Spell Damage filter should be working again.

- - Spell damage messages from NPCs casting on others now display resist type and the spell name, and the spell emote is displayed on a separate line, similar to player direct damage spells.

- - Scripted spell damage dealt to other players is now visible.

- The chat filter for Pet Spells now respects if you have Pet Spells set to hide in the options.

- Corrected an issue where kill shots were not being reported.

- The 'Highlight New Messages' chat tab option will now persist between logging in and out.

- Increased the displayed precision of self-only hit points, mana, endurance, and experience.


- Changed -






- The EverQuest Team


Updated Items: Sinister Steamwork Cloth Chest Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Arms Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Legs Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Hands Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Helm Ornament ;  Soother's Extravagant Belt ;  Yeti Toenails ; Lcea Katta Chain Chest Ornament ;  Spell: Splash of Pyroxene Rk. II ;  Copper Badge of Death ;  Bronze Badge of Death ;  Clenched Fist of Death ;  Golden Badge of Death ;  Twilight Cloth Shroud ;  Shimmering Partisan ;  Twilight Cloth Cloak ;  Intact White Dragon Scale ;  Lcea Katta Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Golem Mud

Updated Quests: Runed Earring of Veracity (#3)

Updated Recipes: Verdant Clockwork Plate Arms Ornament ;  Verdant Clockwork Plate Chest Ornament ;  Verdant Clockwork Plate Feet Ornament ;  Verdant Clockwork Plate Hands Ornament ;  Verdant Clockwork Plate Helm Ornament ;  Verdant Clockwork Plate Legs Ornament ; Verdant Clockwork Plate Wrist Ornament

Bestiary Updates: Lord Rak`Ashiir ;  a dark shadow ;  a frenzied shadow ;  Harlow the Blackguard ;  Erthwin Firgrove ;  Yeti Matriarch ;  a goblin mystic ;  a goblin bone ritualist ;  a mature tundra yeti ;  a huge tundra yeti ;  an iron sentinel ;  a rusty iron chest ;  a ticking treasure box



Updated Items: Kaglari Mana Doll ;  Binding Powder ;  Zombie Skin ;  Modest Binding Powder ;  Primordial Dynastic Radiance ;  Weeping Undefeated Heaven Binding Head Muhbis ;  Mortal Corporeal Gusting Zephyr ;  Indigenous Mephit Blood ;  Saltpeter ;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Cloth Feet Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Legs Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Cloth Robe Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Chest Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Wrist Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Helm Ornament;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Feet Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Hands Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Hands Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Cloth Wrist Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Cloth Hands Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Helm Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Chest Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Feet Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Legs Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Wrist Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Chest Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Cloth Chest Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Feet Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Arms Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Plate Hands Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Chain Arms Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Legs Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Leather Arms Ornament ;  Sinister Steamwork Cloth Arms Ornament ;  Fist of Rage and Embers

New Quests: Mechagnomic Whirlrender

Updated Quests: Bregna's Big Mistake (Neriak Era) ;  Achievement: Partisan of The Feerrott ;  Momentum Supplies ;  Urako's Big Mistake ;  Night at the Museum

Bestiary Updates: Basher Ganbaku ;  Basher Avisk ;  Bregna [Shaman Guildmaster] ;  Basher Nanrum ;  Basher Sklama ;  an undead weaponsmith ;  a Broken Skull mystic ;  Uumuvan the Soulless ;  Soothsayer Mrugg Doxok ;  the Luggald Interrogator ;  a shady merchant ;  Daring Cloud Spear ;  a ticking treasure box ;  a clockwork cache ;  a radiant chest ;  Mechagnomic Whirlrender ;  a security flyer ;  Whirlrender Scout ;  an armed flyer ;  an aerial destroyer ;  a flying combatbot ;  a battlebot, Model CXI ;  a drillbot, Model CXII [Repair Specialist] ;  a battlebot, Model CXXXII ;  a drillbot, Model CXXXIII ;  a sturdy prototype ;  BattleMaster, Model V ;  a battlebot, Model LIII ;  MineMaster, Model VM ;  BattleMaster, Model M ;  a beetlework, Model LXXX ;  a rattling roboboar ;  a pickbot, Model XC ;  a minerbot, Model CXXXI ;  a_skeleton


Updated Items: Folded Sheet of Infused MQ Ore ;  Chunk of Porous Ore

New Recipes: Folded Sheet of Infused MQ Ore

Updated Recipes: Forge-Folded Sheet of Velium ;  Porous Claw Set ;  Porous Dagger Blade ;  Forge-Folded Sheet of Velium ;  Elegant Knight's Sword

Bestiary Updates: Skrietat`Chu

Zone Updates: Old Sebilis (Level 105 - Hardcore Heritage)


Updated Quests: Mysteries of Kor-Sha ;  Hermit's Paradise

Bestiary Updates: Rogue Monstrosity ;  an imperial construct ;  a fleeing witness



Updated Items: Green Badge of Death ;  Fine Insidious Slippers ;  Fetish of the Nimble ;  Lesser Talisman of Wistfulness ;  Skeletal Iksar Talons

Bestiary Updates: skeletal captain ;  a forsaken revenant - male ;  an earth elemental ;  Marinda Flockwings ;  a swift fire elemental ;  a goblin mystic ;  a sarnak weapon smith ;  a goblin ritualist



Updated Items: Tiger Skin ;  Glowing Othni Sleeves ;  Resonating Portal Dust (Azia) ;  Resonating Portal Dust (Ena) ;  Resonating Portal Dust (Beza) ;  Resonating Portal Dust (Heda) ;  Legends of Norrath: Distrupting Jolt ;  Portable Greenhouse of Thule ;  Soul of the Wilderness ; Infrangible Bottle ;  Water of Plenty ;  Flawless Air of the Plane ;  Blood of Lunanyn ;  Blood Infused Soil ;  Ashes of Kunark ;  Ancient Compost Box ;  Sunlight Prism Box ;  Serene Light of the Heavens ;  Scorching Light of the Heavens ;  Antipodal Light of the Heavens ;  Alpine Light of the Heavens ;  Wilted Caladium ;  Darkened Truncheon of Doom ;  Crystal Mask ;  Dwarven Smiths Hammer ;  Grand Guild Hall ;  Goblin Spell Caster Blood Sample ;  Centi Longsword ;  Brell's Bounty ;  Bundle of Shiny New Picks ;  Silver Badge of Death ;  Red Badge of Death ;  Blue Badge of Death ;  Golden Badge of Death ;  Clenched Fist of Death ;  Bronze Badge of Death ;  Copper Badge of Death ;  Green Badge of Death

Updated Quests: Magician Epic: Orb of Mastery ;  Ranger Epic: Swiftwind and Earthcaller ;  Exterminate the Vermin (Ak'Anon) ;  Slipgear's Errands ;  Save the Queen #5: Tunare Save the Queen ;  Korshessence (Kor-Sha Laboratory) (10 Points) ;  Achievement: Conqueror of The Plane of Time ;  The Dragons' Graveyard ;  For My Information ;  What Makes a Scorpiki?

Updated Recipes: Udumbara Sun ;  Jagged Emblem Platinum Amulet

Bestiary Updates: a skeleton ;  Forager Grikk ;  a froglok forager ;  giant water moccasin ;  dread wolf ;  Spore Guardian ;  a kerran `amir ;  Jojongua ;  Lord Rak`Ashiir ;  Rythor of the Undead ;  Terlok of Earth ;  Klok Poklon [General Supplies] ;  a drolvarg pawbuster ;  Mairee Silentone;  Althele ;  The Diaku Overseer ;  Glykus Helmir ;  Neimon of Air ;  Ralthos Enrok ;  Supernatural Guardian ;  Avatar of the Elements ;  Saryrn ;  Terris Thule ;  Tallon Zek ;  Vallon Zek ;  Earthen Overseer ;  A Ferocious Warboar ;  Dersool Fal`Giersnaol ;  Champion of Torment ; Dreamwarp ;  Dark Knight of Terris ;  Undead Squad Leader ;  Bertoxxulous ;  Innoruuk ;  Cazic Thule ;  Rallos Zek ;  Quarm ;  Kazrok of Fire ;  Anar of Water ;  Xerskel Gerodnsal ;  Windshapen Warlord of Air ;  Xeroan Xi`Geruonask ;  Gutripping War Beast ;  Deathbringer Rianit ; Deathbringer Blackheart ;  Sinrunal Gorgedreal ;  Herlsoakian ;  A Deadly Warboar ;  A Needletusk Warboar ;  The Fabled Lord Rak`Ashiir ;  Deathbringer Skullsmash ;  War Shapen Emissary ;  Severan the Direwind Caller ;  a murkwater ooze ;  Mal ;  Vius Centi ;  Jracsza the Feral ;  a mosstrooper ;  a blazing efreeti ;  a mischievous fire imp ;  Hunter Haltha ;  a plaguebone skeleton ;  Merchant Triala ;  a goblin stonecaller ;  a goblin stonescriber ;  Tolapumj ;  froglok armsman ;  a rocky cliff golem ;  Praetor Scout Ellidia [Quests] ;  High Praetor Yerlin [Quest] ;  Praetor Noctis Trayer [Quests] ;  Vizra, magia mortis fortitio [Raid and Mission] ;  Trapezite Felix [Banker] ;  Trapezite Bursio [Banker] ;  Trapezite Mocilla [Banker] ;  Trapezite Asina [Banker] ;  Mercator Ovicula [Tailoring Supplies] ;  Mercator Torquatus [Jewelry Making Supplies] ;  Mercator Macatus [Smithing Supplies] ;  Indagatrix Winters [Quests] ;  Mercator Pera [General Merchant] ;  Mercator Porcii [Reagent Merchant] ;  Mercator Cossus [Fletching Supplies] ;  Mercator Casca [Potion Supplies] ;  Mercator Ocella [Poison Supplies] ;  Mercator Salinator [Brewing Supplies] ;  Mercator Salonian [Baking Supplies] ;  Mercator Gurges [Fishing Supplies] ;  Mercator Geminus [Pottery Supplies] ;  Mercator Auger [Research Supplies] ;  Rekatok One-Eye ;  a merchant [Raid Merchant] ;  Mercator Acidinus [Tinkering Supplies] ;  Zowikinski [Ranger and Druid Spells] ;  Frinshalor [Cleric and Paladin Spells] ;  Kris Tawalalin [Wizard and Magician Spells] ;  Pinskidan [Shaman and Beastlord Spells] ;  Irarae [Enchanter and Bard Spells] ;  Druwdav Nporto [Necromancer, Shadowknight Spell] ;  Cromslor [Melee Tomes] ;  Justyl Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  Trapat Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  Grifand Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  a merchant [Group and Parcel Merchant] ;  Mercator Kosco [Potion Merchant] ;  Mercator Acello [Poison Merchant] ;  a goblin mystic ;  a goblin ritualist ;  a sarnak weapon smith ;  a goblin bone ritualist ;  Merchant Triala ;  a goblin adept



Updated Items: Phosphene ;  Phosphite ;  Corrupted Sun Gem ;  Eternal Grove Cloth Helm Ornament ;  Gargoyle Eye ;  Gargoyle Heart ;  Wurine Blood ;  Eternal Grove Plate Wrist Ornament

Bestiary Updates: a slave ;  a Trueborn healer ;  a gargoyle evoker ;  a watcher ;  Astire, the Lunar Eclipse ;  Guardian of the Staff


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