Black Gold Online: Bloodied Tides

Next week players can enjoy a free DLC in Black Gold Online.

Bloodied Tides — Coming Soon!

Snail Games has announced the release date of the upcoming Bloodied Tides expansion for Black Gold Online. The update will go live as a free DLC on November 24th.

The war rages on as the sides take to new battlefields, pushing the land itself to the brink in the bid for power and control of resources. Exciting new features take the game to unseen frontiers, all just along the horizon. The next battle begins this winter!

New content includes:

  • Increased level cap and new maps
  • Two added races: Upyrian Vampires and Aurek Brutes
  • A new class: the Brawler
  • Aquatic Battle Carriers and Naval Warfare
  • Adjustments to monetization system to remove payments for Time Vials
  • New underwater dungeons and added Instances
  • New Equipment engraving system
  • Added 3v3 Battle Arena

Read more about Bloodied Tides over on the official site!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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