Team "Low Expectations" Takes the BlizzCon Brawl

Setting low expectations and aiming high leads the blue team to victory in the first ever BlizzCon Brawl.

The very first Heroes of the Storm BlizzCon Brawl, featuring YouTube personalities from across the net, ended with Team "Low Expectations" surpassing just about everyone's expectations, allowing them to take the victory over Team ROCKETJUMP.

The "Brawl" consisted of a best two out of three elimination match. Game one took place on the battleground Cursed Hollow, where we had Jesse Cox playing the hero Uther, Eric "Crendor" on Tyrael, "Husky" Lamond on Rhegar, Matt Sahinki on Falstad and Dave "Lasercorn" Mass on Valla. As soon as the match began Team LE showed complete objective control and coordination, winning early team fights against ROCKETJUMP's Stiches, Zeratul, Tychus, Brightwing and Tassadar, thus leaving them in a position to capture mercenary camps and maintain pressure on the field. With a four level lead, Team LE ended game one at 14 minutes, securing their first win at BlizzCon.

Game two took a little bit longer for Team LE to begin its stride to victory, most likely due to this round taking place on the brand new map of Sky Temple, in addition to ROCKETJUMP going on a stronger offensive push early on. LE member Matt Sahinki also decided to switch out the previously used Falstad for the newly revealed hero, Thrall. However, once LE began to build momentum, there was little Team ROCKETJUMP could do to push back the blue team's "high expectations", thus allowing LE to secure their first ever BlizzCon Brawl victory.

Congratulations to team Low Expectations for becoming the first ever BlizzCon Brawl Champions. Remember to keep an eye on BlizzCon, as more Heroes of the Storm match-ups from the professional eSports teams are on the way. As always, for more Heroes of the Storm news, information and coverage, keep it locked to ZAM and Heroking.

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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