The Iron Tide Update Brings Fresh Content

Character model upgrades and toon undelete are just a few of the features.

ZOMG! The next World of Warcraft patch has launched, and 6.0.2: The Iron Tide has hit Azeroth, keeping those subs high and content fresh. The folks at Blizzard have been kind to wrap all the new changes up into a video; if you're the reading kind, read on!

Most character models have been given shiny upgrades, so the clunky yester-look of Dwarves and Draenei are more polished. Plus, if you're kicking yourself for deleting your character ages ago, Blizzard has birthed a character undelete! Pull your level 85 Orc Hunter from the trash and place them back into Azeroth! Character names that haven't logged in since 2008 will be released, so someone can finally reclaim "Goober" or "GiantNMECrab."

Jumbled in the massive patch are several interface upgrades, including additions to the Group Finder, storage improvements, Map and Quest Log updates, bag sorting, and truckloads of more stuff not even listed here.


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