SOE Live: EverQuest II - Q&A Recaps

The audience had questions and the devs had answers. Here's our Q&A recaps!

At SOE Live 2014, the EverQuest II audience had questions and the devs had answers! ZAM was there to keep track of what the community wanted to know. Senior Producer Holly Longdale was joined by Akil "Lyndro" Hooper, Kyle "Kander" Vallee, Carlos "Gninja" Mora, Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall, Michael "Xelgad" Ganz, Robert "Caith" Fouts, Dave "Maevianiu" Kish, and many other EQ2 devs to answer questions. If you missed it, here's a recap of what happened during the question and answer session after the EverQuest II keynote, as well as the AMAA Sessions Part 1 & Part 2.

EverQuest II Keynote Panel Q&A

Q: Can we have a recipe stand/box to hold recipe books?
A: (Caith) We are looking to change the way recipe and spell scroll work to be placed in a depot, we're just figuring the right way to do it first.


Q: We have lvl 85 Heroic adventurers for sale, can we have lvl 86 tradeskill boosts for sale?
A: (Caith) No. We don't have plans for that. Crafting impacts the economy and people spend hours doing it.


Q: Are the new expansion's items going to have proc effects that temp us to want to give up our current sets with awesome effects?
A: (Kander) Yes.


Q: Will we see some outdoor zones for dungeon maker, like the TT Isle?
A: (Kander) I'm not answering dungeon maker questions...


Q: Can we have some status rewards for solo or group dailies?
A: We will be increasing the amount of status bonuses given. We added the ability to sell shinies for status. We put in the status merchant to continue adding items, so you will see ways to earn status.


EverQuest II AMAA (Part 1)

Q: Can you do something to improve gameplay for colorblind players who cannot see things such as the red rings and red text in encounters?
A: (Maevianiu) We will look into fixing this, possibly making the color choice a player selected option #PlayItForward


Q: Can we get a duck mount?
A: Keep e-mailing TTobey on the forums! [editor's note: duck mount forum post!]

Q: Are there plans to finally implement status reduction items for guilds?
A: (Kander) Good question! I needed an idea for lvl 100 guild hall perks.


Q: Can we have something to help hold and organize outfits?
A: (Kander) Coming with the expansion, we will have additional outfit tabs. We are also talking about a wardrobe system in which you place an item in (it eats it), but then it will save that appearance with an option to load it.


Q: Can we have shared banks for exiles?
A: No!
(long rebuttal as to why this should be done)
A: (Kander) So, we were just discussing this recently and we are going to give shared banks to exiles
Q: You are?!?

A: (Kander) Yeah, I just wanted to say no to you (laughter and applause) I just trolled you!! (laughter)


Q: Can we please have player studio decorated houses?
A: (Holly) We have a system in place and are still in discussion on it. But, we found that we have detail work on it because the house value would be a lot of money for an individual house versus just selling a template. It's on the map, but we need to open up discussions with the decorating community to figure out the right way to go with that.


Q: Deity Revamp - a lot of raiders have max negative faction with other dieties. How will that effect the deity system?
A: We don't have information we can share about the deity revamp at this time, but we will keep that in mind.


Q: Can we have the x4 step removed in order to complete the Coldain Ring quest?
A: (Kander) Yeah, we can probably make it so that it doesn't require that mob.


Q: Can Druids have a rez without a sickness penalty like the other healers?
A: (Xelgad) Yes, I'll turn one of their rezzes into no sickness.


Q: Can we ave a new, higher quality healer merc?
A: (Gninja) We are always looking at adding new mercs; it's a possibility.


Q: Can we have an easier way to imput and pull out AAs? Like the old system?
A: We are aware of the issues and it's something we're like to do because it's a requested feature. It's a matter of time right now.


Q: Can achievements be account wide? For example, right now a character would need to betray 40 times and do 20 race changes to complete some achievements.
A: (Kaitheel) That achievement is hidden as a reward if someone wants to do it, but it's not something we've encouraged.
A: (Kander) We're discussing putting race change potions on the loyalty merchant (cheers). So, if you're totally insane, you will be able to do that.


Q: Will we be able to worship Veeshan?
A: (Kander) We do not have current plans for Veeshan. When we do the deity revamp, we do planning on adding Erollisi, though.


Q: Will there be something larger than a Colossal Reactant?
A: Our tradeskill guy isn't here right now. It's likely, but we can't promise it.


Q: Can Beastlords get dinosaur warders?
A: (Xelgad) There is no current plan for that.
A: (Kander) We did talk about the possibility of dinosaur pets, though.


Q: Recent content has seemed riddled with bugs. Can you please just hold off on content if it's not ready?
A: (Kander) We have unique problems sometimes where we test locally and internally okay, but then it goes live and doesn't work right. We are going to get an exact copy of Live for a testing environment, so we're working on it.


Q: If a guild is max level, can the overflow status earned for killing mobs be credited to the Guild Hall status upkeep?
A: (Xelgad) It's a wish list item. We can do it, but right now there's no plan to redirect status once caps are reached.


Q: Can we have a multi-crafting option for the commission system? For example, crafting green or blue gems has to be commissioned and you can only do one at a time when players request multiples at a time.
A: (Maevianiu) The commission system is not something that's easy to modify, but we'd like to do it.


Q: Can you make a 10 or 20 yield recipe combine then for those items?
A: We can look into doing that.


Q: Are there plans for more prestige guild halls? Also, can it be a slightly lower token cost... like 7,500 instead of 10,000?
A: (Kander) It was intentional to be slow and hard to achieve to preserve the prestige of obtaining the hall.

Q: Why does the Channeler use scout abilities?
A: (Xelgad) It's a hybrid between a priest and a scout. It's just their class thing. Otherwise it would be more like a Fury.


Q: Can the Channeler rez distance be increased from 5 meters?
A: (Xelgad) We will look into it as far as class balance. Maybe an added AA.


Q: Fae and Arasai cannot use their wings as an appearance mount. Will the new race have the same problem?
A: (Xelgad) Probably, because they work the same way. The wings are not an item that do into an appearance. We'll look into it though.


Q: Will there be some new x2 raid content?
A: (Kander) We like x2 and want to do it, but we need to work on itemization. Maybe the x2 will just be a different way to earn x4 loot. We don't have it planned for this expansion, but it's on the priority list for a later release.


Q: Will Queen Cristanos ever come out of her Neriak castle and kick some butt?
A: (Kander) Possibly.


Q: Will the new race start knowing the Draconic language?
A: (Kaitheel) I don't think so. That would remove a lot of possible content.


Q: If I buy a SC item and you change how it works, can I get a refund? For example, the Freeblood mount used to be an ability, but is now a mount.
A: We'll look into what happened with the Freebloods.


Q: Can we have a Guild Hall barter amenity to trade in some of the surplus harvests we don't use (like fish) for something useful?
A: We have plans to create a need for all tiers of resources.


Q: Can we have a Looking for Guild feature so players can describe what they are looking for in a guild?
A: That's a big feature and we can discuss it.


Q: Can Channelers get an emergency heal?
A: (Xelgad) We can take a look at it.


Q: Can Channelers get recall pet?
A: (Xelgad) I didn't give that? ... Yes!

Q: Can I use an appearance item for a weapon that I cannot normally hold?
A: Possbily, we can look into items like that. For exampls, a cosmetic shield item that has an appearance of a dagger.


Q: Can we have EQ2 added to Steam trading cards?
A: It's something we can look into.


Q: Can we have an export option of the text log for a list of items in the bank, vault, and inventory? Like a "Search All" and export?
A: Yes.


Q: Can we have a Frostfell quest for a gelatinous cube mount?
A: (Lyndro) No!


Q: Can we have more options to put NPCs in their place?
A: You can /rude them repeatedly!


Q: Can exiles obtain a few of the titles, such as "Knight of the Exiled", on the loyalty merchant?
A: (Kander) Yes, we can change that.


Q: Can we have a place to store all of our illusion items?
A: We don't have place for it at this time, but it's something on a wish list.


Q: Can a Necromancer's Life Burn be effected by potency and crit bonus with a corresponding increase to health drain?
A: (Xelgad) It is set a specific way, I'll take a look and see if it's scaling properly.


Q: How is the new expansion going to effect armor?
A: Come to the mechanics panel. [editor's note: recap here]


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