June Version Update is Freed from its Shackles!

 The June version update of Final Fantasy XI has arrived! For those battle-hardened adventurers wanting to further your combat prowess, a major overhaul to the weapon skill system, new changes to Fellowship and Trust Initiative NPCs, new spells and job adjustments, and much more has been added!

For those preferring more laid back playing, the synthesis system has also received significant changes, including new crafting kits, the ability to stack a vast quantity of items that were previously unstackable, all new synthesis recipes, and various adjustments to the crafting guilds.

Last of all, several new UI changes have also been implemented, including a revision to TP displays, displaying the MP and TP of party members, coordinate displays, and a new synthesis option in the main menu!

For a full list of the additions and adjustments in this June version update, be sure to check below the break. Then, hop on over to the ZAM forums and let us know what you think of the changes!

From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:


  • New quests have been added to Seekers of Adoulin areas.
  • Ergon weapon-specific weapon skill quests have been added.
    • Geomancer-only club skill, Exudation
      • To undertake this quest, players must speak with Nhili Uvolep in Eastern Adoulin while being a level 99 geomancer.
    • Rune fencer-only great sword skill, Dimidiation
      • To undertake this quest, players must speak to Gaddiux in Western Adoulin while being a level 99 rune fencer.
      * These weapon skills may only be used while being a level 99 geomancer or rune fencer, respectively.

  • Non-accessory weapons and armor of item level 115 dropped by Naakuals in wildskeeper reives will now be eligible for augmentation.
    • About the Engraving Process
      • Particular key items corresponding to the weapon or armor are required to commence the process.
        Colkhab / Tchakka / Achuka / Yumcax / Hurkan / Kumhau
    • Key Items
      The particular key items may be obtained by completing the following Records of Eminence objectives.
      Objective Obtainable Key Item
      Subjugation: Colkhab Matriarch Naakual paragon
      Subjugation: Tchakka Riptide Naakual paragon
      Subjugation: Achuka Firebrand Naakual paragon
      Subjugation: Yumcax Ligneous Naakual paragon
      Subjugation: Hurkan Booming Naakual paragon
      Subjugration: Kumhau Flashfrost Naakual paragon
    • Prah Janimhar in Western Adoulin (J-9) is the only one capable of engraving this type of glyptic.
    • Regarding Paragon Arcane Glyptics
      Six glyptics are available per paragon: three shared and three unique. Of these, players are able to engrave up to two: one from the shared list and one from the unique list.
      • The paragon item will be consumed in the process.
      • Glyptic values are fixed.
      • Players are able to overwrite existing glyptics by consuming another paragon.

  • Mog Gardens have undergone the following adjustment.
    • The maximum rank for Mog Garden gathering nodes has been raised to the final rank of seven.
  • The following changes have been made to Records of Eminence.
    • A new type of objective—daily objectives—has been introduced.
      Daily objectives may be attempted once per day, and completing them will reward players with A.M.A.N. vouchers and other types of bounties.
      • Three types of daily objective are available as of the June 2014 version update.
        • Vanquish Multiple Enemies
          Defeat the requisite number of experience-yielding enemies.
        • Buff Allies
          Buff a party or alliance member other than yourself the requisite number of times.
        • Heal for X+ HP
          Heal a party or alliance member other than yourself for X or more HP the requisite number of times.
      • Notes
        • Daily objectives will reset at Japanese midnight.
        • Daily objectives do not count toward the total number of objectives a player has completed.
    • New objectives have been added.

  • The following additions and adjustments have been made to Super Kupowers.
    • Thrifty Transit
      • Pre-adjustment
        Outpost teleportation services incur no charge.
      • Post-adjustment
        Outpost teleportation services and teleportation between outposts with survival guides incur no charge, and players are able to receive teleportation services between San d’Oria, Bastok, Windurst, Mhaura, and Selbina from Explorer Moogles.
        * Due to this change, the Super Kupower "Ease of Exploration" has been abolished.
    • Martial Master
      • Pre-adjustment
        Combat skills and magic skills increase more rapidly.
      • Post-adjustment
        Combat, magic, and automaton skills increase more rapidly.
    • A new super Kupower, “Crystal Caboodle,” has been added.
      • Crystals are more likely to be obtained from areas affected by the Super Kupower, and may also be obtained from beastmen-controlled regions.
  • Quests and missions have undergone the following adjustments.
    • The applicable events in the quest “Sin Hunting” have been changed to occur regardless of Vana’diel time and phase of the moon.
    • The amount of Earth time that must pass to proceed with the following quests and missions has been decreased.
      • Quests
        Your Crystal Ball / Enveloped in Darkness/ Ranperre's Final Rest / Trial Size Trial by Earth / Trial Size Trial by Fire / Trial Size Trial by Lightning / Trial Size Trial by Water / Trial Size Trial by Wind / Trial Size Trial by Ice / It's Raining Mannequins
      • Missions
        Immortal Sentries / Westerly Winds / All missions in the "Promotion:" line from "Promotion: Private First Class" to "Promotion: Captain."


  • Weapon skills have been greatly overhauled.
    Read up on the details.

  • Merit Points have undergone the following additions and adjustments.
    • A new entry, “Maximum Merit Points,” has been added to the “HP/MP” merit point category.
      • Adjust your maximum number of merit points by 1 point.
        This category may be increased a maximum of fifteen times.
    • The maximum number of points that can be spent in the following general categories has been increased.
      Category Pre-adjustment   Post-Adjustment
      HP/MP 15 45
      Attributes 24 45
      Combat Skills 32 56
      Magic Skills 32 48
    • The maximum number of points that can be spent in the following specific categories has been increased.
      Ategory Pre-adjustment   Post-adjustment
      Specific attributes 12 15
      Guarding, Parrying, Shield, and Evasion skills 4 8
  • The following job-related adjustments have been made.
    • Paladin
      • A new spell has been added.
        • Crusade (Lv. 88, Recast time: 10 seconds)
          Facilitates enmity gain.
    • Ninja
      • New ninjutsu have been added.
        • Gekka: Ichi (Lv. 88, Recast time: 30 seconds)
          Facilitates enmity gain.
          * The tool “Ranka” is required to use this ability.
        • Yain: Ichi (Lv. 91, Recast time: 30 seconds)
          Suppresses enmity gain.
          * The tool “Furusumi” is required to use this ability.
    • Geomancer
      • The effects of indicolure geomancer spells are now determined by the state of the player at the end of casting. In other words, the effects of an indicolure spell will not change once cast, even if the player changes equipment.
        * The effects of the geomancer ability “Bolster” will activate even while under the effects of an indicolure spell.
    • Rune Fencer
      • A new spell has been added
        • Crusade (Lv. 88, Recast time: 10 seconds)
          Facilitates enmity gain.
      • When enchanted with three runes and using a "Ward:" ability, the effects of the ability will no longer disappear when suffering from the effects of a dispel-type ability.
      • Casting Rune Enchantment will no longer generate enmity.
  • The amount of TP players generate from attacking has been increased.
  • Skillchains have been adjusted to that they may no longer be resisted, but their potency will now vary depending on the resistance values of the target
  • Alter egos have undergone the following adjustments.
    • Players are now able to call forth alter egos while in a party containing other players.
      • Notes
        • Alliances may not be formed when in a party comprised of bother players and alter egos, parties may not contain multiple alter egos of the same NPC, and only the party leader is able to summon forth alter egos.
        • The last restriction is in place for the June 2014 version update in order to prevent a particular bug from occurring.
        • In addition, alter egos may not be summoned in the first 120 seconds after being invited to a party as a temporary measure in order to prevent a separate bug from occurring.
        • Players are now able to call forth alter egos in the following areas and content.

          • Battlefields requiring microcosmic and macrocosmic orbs.
          • Battlefields occurring in Seekers of Adoulin missions.
          • Skirmishes in Rala Waterways [U], Cirdas Caverns [U], Yorcia Weald [U], and Outer Ra'Kaznar [U].
      • Alter egos may now receive the effects of Avatar's Favor and of Ensphere and Afterglow effects from equipment.
      • The following specific alter egos have been adjusted.
        • Tenzen
          Attributes have been adjusted.
        • Ayame
          Attributes and action logic have been adjusted.
          Under particular conditions, Ayame will now use weapon skills before players.
        • Mhili Aliapoh
          Attributes and action logic have been adjusted.
          Mhili will now use Afflatus Solace.
  • Fellows may now be used in the following areas.
    Rala Waterways / Yahse Hunting Grounds / Ceizak Battlegrounds / Foret de Hennetiel / Yorcia Weald / Morimar Basalt Fields / Marjami Ravine / Kamihr Drifts / Sih Gates / Moh Gates / Cirdas Caverns / Dho Gates / Woh Gates / Outer Ra'Kaznar
  • Skirmishes have undergone the following adjustments.
    • The number of participants required for skirmishes has been reduced from three to one.
    • The following adjustment has been made to Yorcia Weald [U].
      • A new Noetic Ascension boon, “Decreased Defending Time,” has been added.
        * This option may not be selected once three minutes have elapsed since the start of a skirmish.
        * Enemy respawn times and progression toward cantonments will quicken when this option is selected.
        * Selecting this option will not affect rewards in any way.
    • The following adjustment has been made to Outer Ra'Kaznar [U].
      • The hierarchy of drop rates for spoils has been adjusted.
        • Pre-adjustment
          Ghastly Stones > Verdigris Stones > Wailing Stones > Pulchridopt Wings
        • Post-adjustment
          Pulchridopt Wings > Ghastly Stones > Verdigris Stones > Wailing Stones
    • The likelihood that players will receive the key item "vial of transmelange" has been raised.
    • The following adjustment has been made to a specific Noetic Ascension boon.
      • Pre-adjustment
        Fenestral Fragments +-
      • Post-adjustment
        Fenestral Fragments +
        * The number of fenestral fragments received will now always increase under the effects of this boon.
    • Lola in Eastern Adoulin (G-8) now offers a more generous exchange rate for pulchridopt wings. She now charges five lebondopt winds instead of the previous thirty.
    • The statue segment combination players have assembled now displays in the log window upon entering the world of skirmishes.
  • Delve has undergone the following adjustment.
    • Notorious monsters fought on the surface will now always drop the yggzi beads corresponding to their particular area.
  • High-tier mission battlefields have undergone the following adjustments.
    The merit point requirements for receiving phantom gems have been eased.
    • 15 → 10
      Stellar Fulcrum phantom gem / Celestial Nexus phantom gem
    • 20 → 10
      Savage's phantom gem / Warrior's Path phantom gem / Puppet In Peril phantom gem / Legacy phantom gem
    • The chapters of Rem's Tale that drop in high-tier mission battlefields will now be fixed per battlefield rather than randomized.
      Battlefield Corresponding Chapter
      ★Return to Delkfutt’s Tower Chapter 6
      ★Legacy of the Lost Chapter 6
      ★Celestial Nexus Chapter 7
      ★The Savage Chapter 8
      ★The Warrior’s Path Chapter 9
      ★Puppet in Peril Chapter 10
    • Seraphicaller and Divinator now also drop in the following battlefields.
      ★Return to Delkfutt's Tower / ★Celestial Nexus / ★The Savage / ★The Warrior's Path /★Puppet in Peril / ★Legacy of the Lost
      * The drop rates for existing spoils will remain unaffected by the introduction of these items.
  • Reives have undergone the following adjustments.
    • Lair reives in Yorcia Weald, Marjami Revaine, Kamihr Drifts, and Outer Ra'Kaznar have undergone the following adjustments.
      • Respawn delay will be decreased from fifteen minutes to five minutes.
        Lair HP, intermediary rewards, and experience/bayld gains for successful completion will be increased.
    • Colonization reives in Yorcia Weald, Marjami Ravine, Kamihr Drifts, Dho Gates, and Outer Ra'Kaznar have undergone the following adjustments.
      • Reive terrain obstacle HP has been decreased.
      • Reive terrain obstacles now take more damage. This adjustment also applies to Woh Gates.
      • Intermediary rewards and experience/bayld gains for successful completion have been increased. This adjustment also applies to Woh Gates.
    • The following have been added to wildskeeper reives.
      • Aged boxes of bayld containing quantities of high-purity bayld have been added to the list of rewards obtainable when vanquishing Naakuals.
        * This reward is only available to players who have achieved at least a certain evaluation level in the corresponding wildskeeper reive.
      • Players may receive new equipment rewards when vanquishing Yumcax and Kumhau.
        "Yumcax" / "Kumhau"
        * These rewards are only available to players who have achieved at least a certain evaluation level in the corresponding wildskeeper reive.
  • Mushroom-type monsters inhabiting Cirdas Caverns and Sih Gates may now drop verboshrooms.
  • Sahagin inhabiting Sea Serpent Grotto may now drop scrolls of Army’s Paeon.
  • Certain Trolls inhabiting Halvung may now drop vials of Moblin oil.
  • The number of participants required for entering the following Seekers of Adoulin mission battlefields has been decreased from three to one.
    Behind the Sluices / Stonewalled / The Gates


  • New synthesis recipes have been added.
  • New items have been added.
  • Synthesis kits have been added to streamline the synthesis process.
    • Overview
      All players need in order to undergo synthesis are these kits and their corresponding crystals.
      Kits are available from each guild and have easily associable names. For example, Blacksmiths' Guild kits are called "Smithing Kit [skill level]."

      Each kit is used to synthesize a different item. Players may synthesize bronze knives with Smithing Kits 5, while Smithing Kits 25 produce spathi.
    • Purchasing Kits
      Kits may be purchased at their respective guilds. They will never go out of stock and their prices will not fluctuate.
    • Using the Kits
      Select "Crystal Synthesis" under the Synthesis menu in the main menu, choose a crystal with which to perform synthesis, and finally, select the desired kit. It is as simple as that.
    • Notes
      • All pertinent information, such as the required skill level, crystal type, and the item that will be obtained upon successful synthesis, is described in the kits' help text.
      • High-quality items cannot be produced by using synthesis kits.
      • Use of these kits will not change the way in which players' synthesis skills increase.
      • While it is possible to use special crystals such as inferno crystals and torrent crystals with these kits, players will not be able to inscribe their signature upon the items they craft with them.
  • The following additions and adjustments have been made to crafting guilds.
    • Synthesis materials have been added to guild merchants' list of wares.
      The materials will never go out of stock, nor will their prices fluctuate.
      Furthermore, more of them will become available as players' craft ranks rise.
    • Guilds no longer close on certain days.
  • High-quality versions of the following items have been introduced.
    Swirling Broth / Shimmering Broth / Spicy Broth / Salubrious Broth / Fizzy Broth
    * The familiars called forth with these items will be capped at level 119.
  • Employing wind crystals to synthesize shall shells and istiridye will now yield the following items.
      Pre-adjustment Post-adjustment
    Normal Quality Pebble Pearl
    High Quality Pearl Black Pearl
    High Quality 2 Black Pearl Black Pearl
    High Quality 3 Black Pearl Black Pearl
  • Red mages, rangers, ninjas, and corsairs may now equip Atoyacs and Macoquetzas.
  • The skill level required to synthesize the following items has been adjusted.
    Targe / Velvet Cloth / Smooth Velvet / Cuir Trousers / Leather Shield / Bone Axe / Beetle Mask / Bone Rod
  • The following types of ammunition have been introduced.
    Eminent Arrow / Eminent Bolt / Eminent Bullet
  • The following ninja tools have been added.
    Ranka / Furusumi
  • The following vendors now sell additional wares.
    Nogga in the Metalworks (G-7) / Areebah in Upper Jeuno (H-6) / Brave Ox in Rabao (F-7) / Solby-Maholby in Norg (H-9)
  • A new synergy recipe has been added.
                              [Rank: Adept]
    Item Required Craft Materials
    Swirling Broth Cooking San d'Orian Carrot (x3), Verboshroom
  • Moogle storage slips have undergone the following adjustments.
    • A new moogle storage slip has been added.
      Storage Slip 19: This slip allows the customer to store one piece of scenario reward II equipment with a porter moogle.
    • Additional items may now be stored via the Porter Moogle.
      • Storage Slip 19:
        Goblin Masque / Goblin Suit / Green Moogle Masque / Green Moogle Suit / Cardian Statue / Atomos Statue / Goobbue Statue / Judgment Day / Alza'daal Table
  • The vendoring prices of the following items have been lowered.
    Soryu / Sekiryu / Hakuryu / Kokuryu / Black Bolt / Red Viola Pot / Blue Viola Pot / Yellow Viola Pot / White Viola Pot / Tathlum / Steel Scales / Iyo Scale / Manji Shuriken / Brass Zaghnal / Brass Zaghnal +1 / Silver Belt / Silver Belt +1 / Brass Finger Gauntlets / Brass Finger Gauntlets +1 / Brass Cuisses / Brass Cuisses +1 / Gold Chain / Headgear / Headgear +1 / Doublet / Doublet +1 / Kite Shield / Kite Shield +1 / Cotton Headband / Erudite's Headband / Bracers / Bracers +1 / Wool Cap / Wool Cap +1 / Black Mitts / Mage's Mitts / Leather Bandana / Leather Bandana +1 / Leather Vest / Leather Vest +1 / Studded Trousers / Strong Trousers / Cuir Trousers / Cuir Trousers +1 / Raptor Trousers / Dino Trousers / Battle Boots / Battle Boots +1 / Behemoth Mantle / Behemoth Mantle +1 / Fang Necklace / Spike Necklace / Bone Axe / Bone Axe +1 / Beetle Ring / Beetle Ring +1 / Beetle Gorget / Green Gorget / Turtle Shield / Turtle Shield +1 / Black Ink / Deodorizer / Hushed Baghnakhs / Poison Baselard / Python Baselard / Sieglinde Putty / Poison Baghnakhs / Poison Baghnakhs +1 / Targe / Targe +1 / Shell Powder
  • The following items are now stackable in groups of twelve.
    Quadav Chestplate / Gigas Socks / Yagudo Necklace / Gigas Necklace / Quadav Helm / Sheepskin / Goblin Mail / Goblin Helm / Goblin Armor / Goblin Mask / Gold Orcmask / Ahriman Lens / Fingernail Sack / Teeth Sack / Goblin Cup / Goblin Dice / Meteorite / Quadav Backplate / San d'Orian Flour / Rye Flour / Goblin Bread / Copper Ore / Tin Ore / Zinc Ore / Iron Ore / Mythril Ore / Darksteel Ore / Adaman Ore / Molybdenum Ore / White Steel / Aluminum Ore / Khroma Ore / Arrowwood Log / Lauan Log / Elm Log / Maple Log / Beech Log / Walnut Log / Chestnut Log / Willow Log / Yew Log / Holly Log / Ash Log / Oak Log / Mahogany Log / Rosewood Log / Ebony Log / Petrified Log / Divine Log / Dogwood Log / Bloodwood Log / Aquilaria Log / Kapor Log / Thokcha Ore / Silver Ore / Gold Ore / Platinum Ore / Orichalcum Ore / Phrygian Ore / Palladian Brass Ore / Durium Ore / Red Rock / Blue Rock / Yellow Rock / Green Rock / Translucent Rock / Purple Rock / Black Rock / White Rock / Damascene Cloth / Malboro Fiber / Spider Web / Crawler Cocoon / Undead Skin / Cockatrice Skin / Dhalmel Hide / Wolf Hide / Ram Skin / Behemoth Hide / Tiger Hide / Coeurl Hide / Amaltheia Hide / Manta Skin / Karakul Skin / Crab Shell / Behemoth Horn / Turtle Shell / Demon Skull / Beetle Shell / Wyrm Skull / Giant Femur / Ram Horn / Scorpion Shell / Scorpion Claw / Ifrit Horn / Venomous Claw / Dragon Talon / Starmite Shell / Adamantoise Shell / Guivre's Skull / Malboro Vine / Ahriman Wing / Poison Flour / Dahlia / Blazing Peppers / Artificial Lens / Manticore Hide / Antican Pauldron / Tonberry Coat / Antican Robe / Wyvern Skin / Manticore Fang / Wyvern Wing / Raxa / Iron Sand / Crawler Calculus / Wandering Bulb / Tonberry Lantern / Manticore Hair / High-quality Crab Shell / Qiqirn Cape / Goblin Doll / Koma / Fire Ore / Ice Ore / Wind Ore / Earth Ore / Lightning Ore / Water Ore / Light Ore / Dark Ore / Leshonki Bulb / Great Boyahda Moss / Four-leaf Korrin Bud / Doll Gizmo / Mana Barrel / Arachne Web / Pigeon's Blood / Arioch Fang / Namtar Bone / Southern Pearl / Amemet Skin / Tarasque Skin / Lindwurm Skin / Taffeta Cloth / Sarcenet Cloth / Cheviot Cloth / Flauros Whisker / Ose Whisker / Wooden Hakutaku Eye / Burning Hakutaku Eye / Earthen Hakutaku Eye / Golden Hakutaku Eye / Damp Hakutaku Eye / Narasimha Hide / Twincoon / Yowie Skin / Fire Bead / Ice Bead / Wind Bead / Earth Bead / Lightning Bead / Water Bead / Light Bead / Dark Bead / Oxblood / Angel Skin / Siren's Hair / Siren's Macrame / Freya's Tear / Lacquer Tree Log / Mammoth Tusk / Chronos Tooth / Lancewood Log / Granite / Relic Iron / Wootz Ore / Sparkling Stone / Sticky Rice / Gardenia Seed / High-quality Scorpion Shell / Infinity Core / Curry Powder / Griffon Hide / Giant Frozen Head / Colossal Skull / Fresh Orc Liver / Tufa / High-quality Coeurl Hide / Cactuar Root / Corse Bracelet / Buffalo Horn / Antlion Jaw / Flytrap Leaf / Uragnite Shell / Taurus Horn / Taurus Wing / Bugard Tusk / Bugbear Mask / Moblin Helm / Buffalo Hide / Moblin Armor / Moblin Mail / Moblin Mask / Corse Robe / Bugard Skin / Scarlet Stone / Kopparnickel Ore / Igneous Rock / Leather Pouch / Brass Tank / Arnica Root / High-quality Bugard Skin / Recollection of Fear / Recollection of Pain / Recollection of Guilt / Giant Scale / Kunwu Ore / Cashmere Wool / Megalobugard Tusk / Harajnite Shell / Soulflayer Robe / Snow Lily / Shakudo Ingot / Balloon Cloth / Iolite / High-quality Eft Skin / Habu Skin / Tiger Eye / Oversized Fang / Dragon Bone / Red Gravel / Wyrm Horn / Cactus Arm / Marble / Semolina / Unicorn Horn / Spectral Crimson / Spectral Goldenrod / oblin Putty / Moblin Sheepskin / Moblin Sheep Wool / High-quality Antlion Jaw / Sieglinde Putty / Silica / White Sand / River Foliage / Sea Foliage / Desalinator / Salinator / Goldfish Set / Freshwater Fish Set / Saltwater Fish Set / Vivio Femur / Vivio Crab Shell / Vivio Scorpion Claw / Leech Saliva / Antican Acid / Snapping Mole / Helmet Mole / Beast Horn / Coral Horn / Loam / Ovinnik Hide / Catoblepas Hide / Orpiment / Fragrant Dhalmel Hide / Fragrant Ram Skin / Wailing Ram Horn / Marid Tusk / Marid Hide / Qiqirn Sandbag / Imp Horn / Hydra Fang / Troll Pauldron / Troll Vambrace / Mamool Ja Helmet / Qutrub Gorget / Marid Hair / Lamian Armlet / Cerberus Claw / Cerberus Hide / Colibri Beak / Wamoura Cocoon / Wyvern Tailskin / Fiendish Skin / Water Spider's Web / Chocolixir / Celerity Salad / Mamool Ja Collar / Luminium Ore / Imperial Flour / Poroggo Hat / Soulflayer Tentacle / Soulflayer Staff / La Theine Millet / Hi-Chocolixir / Tornado Salad / Ja Ja's Chestplate / Gurfurlur's Helmet / Medusa's Armlet / Star Sapphire / Ameretat Vine / Firebrick / Gysahl Slop / Deluxe Carrot / Deluxe Worm / Khimaira Horn / Khimaira Mane / Khimaira Tail / Yellow Chocobo Dye / Red Chocobo Dye / Blue Chocobo Dye / Green Chocobo Dye / Black Chocobo Dye / Flocon-de-mer / Aht Urhgan Brass / Luminous Shell / Spirit Shell / Wivre Horn / Wivre Maul / Wivre Hide / Rubber Cap / Rubber Harness / Rubber Gloves / Rubber Chausses / Rubber Soles / Nethereye Chain / Netherfield Chain / Netherspirit Chain / Nethercant Chain / Netherpact Chain / Ancient Beast Horn / Kukulkan's Skin / Briareus's Sash / Regurgitated Wing / Heavy Quadav Chestplate / Heavy Quadav Backplate / Lycopodium Flower / Orc Helmet / Orc Pauldron / Lynx Hide / Rafflesia Vine / Sandworm Fang / Sandworm Shell / Smilodon Hide / Yagudo Osode / Yagudo Kote / Gnole Claw / Peiste Skin / Peiste Stinger / Obsidian / Teak Log / Jacaranda Log / Goblin Mess Tin / Goblin Weel / Smilodon Collar / Lynx Collar / Pelt of Dawon / Gigas Helm / Gigas Gauntlets / Dark Ixion Horn / Dark Ixion Tail / Amphiptere Hide / Amphiptere Whisker / Amphiptere Claw / Ruszor Fang / Ruszor Hide / Feyweald Log / Swamp Ore / Fool's Gold Ore / Buggane Horn / Ebon Pigment / Furia Pigment / Ebur Pigment / Aptant: Primus / Aptant: Aecus / Aptant: Durus / Aptant: Bellum / Aptant: Arkhe / Aptant: Tachus / Aptant: Pera / Aptant: Ishis / Aptant: Fyrst / Aptant: Geoc / Aptant: Haelan / Aptant: Secan / Mandra Scale / Rugged Gold Thread / Herensugue Skin / Radiant Velvet / Bastet fang / Yellow Brass Chain / Samwell's Shank / Thunder Coral / Immortal Molt / Dahu Hair / Woolly Pelage / Ratatoskr Pelt / Ephemeral Cloth / Coquecigrue Skin / Imperial Topaz / Quadav Silver Ingot / Flawed Garnet / Lineadach / Penumbral Brass / Aramid Fiber / Hefty Oak Lumber / Blue Jasper / Grimy Bronze Sheet / Likho Talon / Sahagin Gold / Bukktooth / Tenebrium / Malebolge Mandrel / Stately Crab Shell / Mahogany Heartwood / Ensanguined Cloth / Tokkyu Tama-hagane / Wolfram Steel / Cobalt Ore / Plumbago / Muculent Ingot / Befouled Silver / Scarlet Kadife / Igneous Barnacle / Kidney Stone / Mildewy Ingot / Decayed Ingot / Moira's Molar / Hahava's Mail / Kholomodumo's Hide / Voidwrought Plate / Akupara Shell / Celaeno's Cloth / Voiddust / Whetted Molar / Putrid Cuspid / Osseus Plate / Pil's Tuille / Akvan's Pennon / Kaggen's Cuticle / Staghorn Coral / Sealord Skin / Belladonna Sap / Valkyrie's Tear / Valkyrie's Wing / Valkyrie's Soul / Simian Horn / Simian Mane / Meeble Claw / Daimonic Mandible / Daimonic Casing / Rala Visage I / Rala Visage II / Rala Visage III / Rala Visage IV / Rala Visage V / Faithful's Torso I / Faithful's Torso II / Faithful's Torso III / Faithful's Torso IV / Faithful's Torso V / Faithful's Legs I / Faithful's Legs II / Faithful's Legs III / Faithful's Legs IV / Faithful's Legs V / Cirdas Visage I / Cirdas Visage II / Cirdas Visage III / Cirdas Visage IV / Cirdas Visage V / Midrium Ore / Vanadium Ore / Marble Nugget / Rhodium Ore / Scholar Stone / Urunday Log / Velkk Necklace / Velkk Mask / Craklaw Pincer / Matamata Shell / Mantid Foreleg / Mantid Carapace / Carrier Crab Carapace / Gabbrath Horn / Riverfin Soup / Rockfin Tooth / Bztavian Stinger / Waktza Rostrum / Yggdreant Bole / Guatambu Log / Titanium Ore / Snowsteel Ore / Snapweed Secretion / Snapweed Tendri / Yorcia Visage I / Yorcia Visage II / Yorcia Visage III / Yorcia Visage IV / Yorcia Visage V / Gelid Aggregate / Bismuth Ore / Dragon Heart / Royal Jelly / Moon Carrot / Elshimo Coconut / Burning Cluster / Bitter Cluster / Fleeting Cluster / Profane Cluster / Startling Cluster / Somber Cluster / Radiant Cluster / Malevolent Cluster / Agaricus / Ulbuconut / Raaz Hide / Raaz Tusk / Maliyakaleya Coral / Hepatizon Ore / Beryllium Ore / Exalted Log / Sif's Lock / Sif's Macrame / Ra'Kaznar Visage I / Ra'Kaznar Visage II / Ra'Kaznar Visage III / Ra'Kaznar Visage IV / Ra'Kaznar Visage V / Dullahan Armor / Ra'Kaznar Ore / Cehuetzi Claw / Cehuetzi Ice Shard / Cehuetzi Pelt


  • Displayed TP values have been increased by a factor of ten.
    As a result of this change, the help text for some items and abilities has been altered.
  • Party member TP and alliance member MP and TP now display in the party list.
    In accordance, a text command has been added to hide/display party and alliance member TP values.
    * Alter ego TP will not be displayed.
  • The coordinates of a player's current location will now display adjacent to the current time.
  • Specific icons will now display to indicate whether an item is stored in one’s inventory or Mog Wardrobe.
    Equipped from the inventory → Name:  system_004.jpg
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    Equipped from the Mog Wardrobe → Name:  system_005.jpg
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  • Gathering points where players may mine, log, or harvest items will now display a visual effect.
    * In the June version update, this change will not apply to Seekers of Adoulin areas, Mog Gardens, or instances.
  • Key items have been added to open the special doors in Eldieme Necropolis and Halvung.
    • Acquiring these items
      • Eldieme Necropolis
        Complete the quest offered by Churano-Shurano in Windurst Waters (F-8).
      • Halvung
        Trade a particular item to the ??? target in Halvung [1] (J-8).
  • In Monstrosity, players may now sort the instincts list by cost.
  • The following categories have been added to the currency menu.
    Daily Tally Points / A.M.A.N. vouchers stored / Bloodshed Plans / Umbrage Plans / Ritualistic Plans / Tutelary Plans / Primacy Plans
  • Portafurnaces may now be used in the following areas.
    Wajaom Woodlands / Bhaflau Thickets / Mt. Zhayolm / Caedarve Mire / East Ronfaure [S] / Jugner Forest [S] / Vunkerl Inlet [S] / Batallia Downs [S] / North Gustaberg [S] / Grauberg [S] / Pashhow Marhslands [H] / Rolanberry Fields [S] / West Sarutabaruta [S] / Fort Karugo-Narugo [S] / Meriphataud Mountains [S] / Sauromugue Champaign [S] / Yahse Hunting Grounds / Ceizak Battlegrounds / Foret de Hennetiel / Yorcia Weald / Morimar Basalt Fields / Marjami Ravine / Kamihr Drifts
  • A "Synthesis" option has been added to the main menu.
    This option contains the submenus "Crystal Synthesis" and "History," although the latter option is unavailable as of the June 2014 version update.
    * Owing to this change, certain main menu categories have been reordered. The “Play Time” option is now located under "Status."
    • First Page
    • Second Page
  • Mog Lockers have undergone the following adjustment.
    • When expanding the Mog Locker, the system in which a certain period of Earth time must pass before expanding the locker again has been abolished.
  • Lighting in cavernous sections of the following areas has been adjusted.
    Yorcia Weald / Marjami Ravine
  • The following text commands have been added.
    • /lastsynth
      Allows you to perform the last synthesis attempted again.

      check: View the latest recipe you used.
      Performs synthesis if no subcommand is specified.
      • Notes
        In order to perform synthesis using this command, the required items must be located in the player's inventory. Signed materials may not be used in a synthesis performed in this way, but as of the June 2014 version update, a bug exists in which the following items may erroneously be used.
        Noble's Bed / Desk / Tarutaru Desk / Water Barrel / Tarutaru Folding Screen / 9-Drawer Almirah / 6-Drawer Almirah / 3-Drawer Almirah / Blue 9-Drawer Almirah / Blue 6-Drawer Almirah / Blue 3-Drawer Almirah / Green 9-Drawer Almirah / Green 6-Drawer Almirah / Green 3-Drawer Almirah / Yellow 9-Drawer Almirah / Yellow 6-Drawer Almirah / Yellow 3-Drawer Almirah / White 9-Drawer Almirah / White 6-Drawer Almirah / White 3-Drawer Almirah / Fine Parchment / Enchanted Ink / Padded Box / Tavnazian Salad / Green Curry / Black Curry / Red Curry / Yellow Curry / Coeurl Sautee / Batagreen Sautee / Windurst Salad / Beaugreen Sautee
    • /aim [subcommand]
      readies the player's ranged weapon.

      text: Displays only emote-related text.
      motion: Displays only the emote animation.
      Displays both the text and animation if no subcommand is specified.
      • Note
        This command may not be used when a ranged weapon and ammunition are not equipped.
    • /partyinfo [subcommand]
      Controls what party or alliance member information is displayed in the party window.

      showtp on/off: Enables or disables the display of TP.
  • The following phrases have been added to the auto-translate dictionary.
    Category Term
    Text Commands /aim
    Text Commands /partyinfo
    Text Commands /lastsynth
  • The location where the number of stacked items is displayed has been adjusted

Resolved Issues

  • The issue with the Seekers of Adoulin mission "The Gates" wherein the message "Your party leader is currently inspecting the entrance" would not appear even when party leaders examined the instance entrance.
  • The issue wherein certain NPC animations that display during a cutscene for the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Summoned by Spirits" were incorrect.
  • The issue wherein certain sound effects that occur during a cutscene for the Seekers of Adoulin mission "Lighting the Way" were incorrect.
  • The issue with reives wherein players occasionally could not receive the effects of either the rune fencer trait Inspiration or the red mage trait Spontaneity.
  • The issue with Records of Eminence wherein damaging an enemy that was absorbing player attacks would count toward the completion of "Total Healing" objectives.
  • The issue with Monstrosity wherein performing certain operations would allow players to equip instincts that were not intended to be equipped.
  • The issue with Monstrosity wherein players would occasionally be unable to change instincts properly.
  • The issue wherein enemies not native to Dho Gates would spawn there.
  • The issue with the Rise of the Zilart battlefields Ark Angels 3 and ★Ark Angels 3 wherein enemies would occasionally fail to call pets or move.
  • The issue wherein the Delve NM Muyinguwa in Cirdas Caverns [U] would not behave as intended under certain conditions.
  • The issue wherein talking to adventuring fellows would not reveal how much EXP they need to level up.
  • The issue wherein alter egos were able to employ healing magic on their masters even when the players were under the effects of status ailments and such that rendered them unable to be healed.
  • The issue wherein names of items in the auction house that players had also directly equipped from their Mog Wardrobes would not display as green.
  • The issue wherein both the materials and equipment players traded to Divainy-Gamainy, Benjamien, or Heemo-Weemo would be lost if the server were to go down while those NPCs were in the process of engraving arcane glyptics.
  • The issue wherein trying to exchange ghastly stones or verdigris stones for more powerful stones with Ornery Dhole in Western Adoulin while one's inventory was full would result in the loss of those stones.
  • The issue wherein the "Sword enhancement spell damage +10" attribute on Egekings would not function properly.
  • The issue wherein the DMG value for Bestas Bane was lower than intended.
  • The issue wherein the value of the TP bonus displayed for the samurai merit point category "Yaegasumi Effect" was incorrect.
  • The issue wherein the number of Campaign vouchers players possessed would occasionally not display correctly in the Currencies menu.
  • The issue with the Equipment screen wherein help text for completely different items would occasionally display when selecting pieces of equipment.
  • The issue wherein certain NPC dialogue lines, system messages, and item help text contained erroneous information.

[Xbox 360 Version Only]
  • The issue wherein certain visual effects that occur during a cutscene in the Seekers of Adoulin mission "A Vow of Truth" would not display properly.

Known Issues

  • The following signed items are erroneously able to be used in syntheses carried out with the /lastsynth command.
    Noble's Bed / Desk / Tarutaru Desk / Water Barrel / Tarutaru Folding Screen / 9-Drawer Almirah / 6-Drawer Almirah / 3-Drawer Almirah / Blue 9-Drawer Almirah / Blue 6-Drawer Almirah / Blue 3-Drawer Almirah / Green 9-Drawer Almirah / Green 6-Drawer Almirah / Green 3-Drawer Almirah / Yellow 9-Drawer Almirah / Yellow 6-Drawer Almirah / Yellow 3-Drawer Almirah / White 9-Drawer Almirah / White 6-Drawer Almirah / White 3-Drawer Almirah / Fine Parchment / Enchanted Ink / Padded Box / Tavnazian Salad / Green Curry / Black Curry / Red Curry / Yellow Curry / Coeurl Sautee / Batagreen Sautee / Windurst Salad / Beaugreen Sautee
  • In Records of Eminence, when undertaking the objective "Vanquish Multiple Enemies [D]," vanquishing monsters in Abyssea will not count toward its completion.
  • In Records of Eminence, "Circle"-type abilities and corsair phantom rolls do not count toward the daily objective "Buff Allies (D)."
    * This is scheduled to be rectified in the July 2014 version update.
  • The effects of Footwork will not properly apply when using Dragon Kick or Tornado Kick.
  • Alter egos will occasionally choose incorrect targets under certain conditions.
  • Archaic Ramparts appearing in Arrapago Remnants II will occasionally sink into the walls under certain conditions, rendering them unable to be attacked.
  • During Campaign battles occurring in Crawler's Nest [S], some Quadav Shieldwarriors will occasionally cease to act.
  • Party member indicolure and geocolure geomancy spells, afterglow effects, "Sphere" effects, and "Favor" effects bestowed by avatars will not function on alter egos called forth by the party leader.
  • Performing certain actions while calling forth alter egos will set players' "Seek Party" flag to "On" even if they are in a party after the alter egos are summoned.
  • When performing particular actions while selecting "Release" to dismiss an alter ego, the "Party" category of the main menu will be grayed out and cannot be selected unless the main menu is opened and closed or the page is changed.
  • Afterglow and aftermath effects are lost when a reive concludes.
  • The amount of TP accumulated by wyverns, avatars, and familiars summoned by the "Call Beast" command when they execute an attack is incorrect.
  • The bottom of the list that appears when selecting the "Sell" option when talking to Visala in Bastok Markets (H-8) contains a nameless item with a price of zero gil.
  • Ra'Kaznar arrows, bolts, and bullets cannot be stacked.
    * This is scheduled to be fixed in the July 2014 version update.
  • Due to the adjustments to weapon skills in this patch, certain monsters have erroneously had their corresponding weapon skills increased in damage.
    * This is scheduled to be rectified in the July 2014 version update.

    This change does not affect the following monsters and battlefields:
    Fomors appearing in Outer Ra’Kaznar / The battlefield accompanying the mission "Behind the Sluices" / The battlefield accompanying the quest "Quiescence"
  • Lola in Eastern Adoulin is a bit behind the times, and has not yet been apprised that adventurers may now enter skirmishes solo.
    * This is scheduled to be rectified in the July 2014 version update.
  • The number of stacked items will not display on top of the item icon when using the "Set Prices" option in the Bazaar menu.


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