Tuesday April 27, 2004

Gotcha yer Tuesday update right here for ya! Thank you's to: Kuldahar Disfunctional, Towns, Oberonus Darkbolt, Xaenos Gatecrasher, Verol Faithbringer, and Khiera Silverthorne for their submissions! New Albion Items: Whirling Long Sword (Alb) (u)Glib Cloak (Alb) (u)Arcanium Falchion of the ZenithDuskwood Zephyr Lute (Alb)Melos Coral-Encrusted Boots (Alb)Melos Seaweed-Trimmed Sleeves (Alb)Arcanium Smoldering Cinder Sleeves (Alb)The Winged Helm (Alb) (plate)Maddening Scalars (Alb) (plate)Arcanium Lightning Etched Plate GauntletsArcanium Magma Infused Heater Shield (Alb)
New Midgard Items: Regnbrottsjo ShieldBrilliant Swath cutter's Moon Fang (u)Brilliant Thrustbender Moon Fang (u)Arcanium Malison's Hammer (Mid)Arcanium Striking Cobra Great Hammer (Mid)Arcanium Boots of the Cryth (Mid)Arcanium Shadow-bound Gauntlets (Mid)Arcanium Helm of Malcontent (Mid)
New Hibernia Items: Banba's Cloak for ValewalkersArcanite Crackling Wind HarpoonArcanite Scythe of DesolationArcanite Battle Spear of the DepthsArcanite Hissing Dire TridentDuskwood Duamutef's Staff of Dread (Hib)Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Hib)Shimmering Flawless Vambraces of Soulshade (Hib)Tree Bark Covered Gloves (Hib)Arcanite Great Sword of the Depths
New All Items: Braided Lion Tail BeltGem of the TwilightCinereous Pearl GemNecklace of the Twilight

Updated Albion Items: Tempered Robe of CasuistrySilksteel Woven Feather Robe (Alb)Arcanium Sleeves of the Cryth (Alb)
Updated Midgard Items: Runewood Staff (Mid)Heartwood Staff (Mid)Ironwood Staff (Mid)Oaken Staff (Mid)Elm Staff (Mid)Bronze Shod StaffIron Shod Staff (Mid)Steel Shod Staff (Mid)Alloy Shod StaffFine Alloy Shod Staff (Mid)Mithril Shod Staff (Mid)Rowan Staff (Mid)Mithril Weighted Throwing KnivesMithril Weighted Throwing AxesMithril Weighted Throwing HammersAdamantium Weighted Throwing KnivesAdamantium Weighted Throwing AxesAdamantium Weighted Throwing HammersAsterite Weighted Throwing KnivesAsterite Weighted Throwing AxesAsterite Weighted Throwing HammersMithril Balanced Throwing KnivesMithril Balanced Throwing AxesMithril Balanced Throwing HammersAdamantium Balanced Throwing KnivesAdamantium Balanced Throwing AxesAdamantium Balanced Throwing HammersAsterite Balanced Throwing KnivesAsterite Balanced Throwing AxesAsterite Balanced Throwing HammersDesert's Heat Gloves (Mid)Tree Bark Covered Jerkin (Mid)Cloak of the Adept
Updated Hibernia Items: Osnadurtha HauberkOsnadurtha LeggingsOsnadurtha SleevesOsnadurtha GlovesOsnadurtha BootsOsnadurtha CoifFerrite Osnadurtha HauberkFerrite Osnadurtha LeggingsFerrite Osnadurtha SleevesFerrite Osnadurtha GlovesFerrite Osnadurtha BootsFerrite Osnadurtha CoifQuartz Osnadurtha HauberkQuartz Osnadurtha LeggingsQuartz Osnadurtha SleevesQuartz Osnadurtha GlovesQuartz Osnadurtha BootsQuartz Osnadurtha CoifDolomite Osnadurtha HauberkDolomite Osnadurtha LeggingsDolomite Osnadurtha SleevesDolomite Osnadurtha GlovesDolomite Osnadurtha BootsDolomite Osnadurtha CoifCobalt Osnadurtha HauberkCobalt Osnadurtha LeggingsCobalt Osnadurtha SleevesCobalt Osnadurtha GlovesCobalt Osnadurtha BootsCobalt Osnadurtha CoifRowan Flute (Hib)Rowan Lute (Hib)Elm Flute (Hib)Elm Lute (Hib)Ebonwood Flute (Hib)Ebonwood Lute (Hib)Heartwood Flute (Hib)Heartwood Lute (Hib)Ironwood Flute (Hib)Ironwood Lute (Hib)Oaken Flute (Hib)Oaken Lute (Hib)Runewood Flute (Hib)Runewood Lute (Hib)Stonewood Flute (Hib)Stonewood Lute (Hib)Rowan Drum (Hib)Elm Drum (Hib)Ebonwood Drum (Hib)Heartwood Drum (Hib)Ironwood Drum (Hib)Oaken Drum (Hib)Runewood Drum (Hib)Stonewood Drum (Hib)Duskwood Zephyr Lute (Hib)Arcanite Howling Leaf Point ShieldCrystalized Cynere's Rough Skin
Updated All Items: Duskwood Staff of the SquallStorm Cloud GlovesMelos Fresh-Water Pearl NecklaceNaxos Starfish Cloak

Updated Hibernia Quests: Poison for IvyMorass Leech Blood -- Kill Task
Updated Midgard Quests: Stoneheart
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Proof of IntegrityThe Wandering OnesJashan's BrotherFor the Love of a NereidThe Winged HelmMaddening Scalars/ Mad Tales

Updated Zones: Isle of GlassAldlandAvalon Isle


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