Tera Prepares For Its New Class: The Reaper

Wielding dual chained blades and a deadly disposition, this new Elin-exclusive class is out for blood.

As En Masse Entertainment celebrates two years of TERA, it also prepares to release the game's latest class. What do you get when you combine a Ninja with a scythe-wielding nightmare? Well, you get the Reaper. This close to mid-range fighter will be making its way to the game on May 13th and she isn't looking for friends. No, this little fighter is out for revenge!

Fear the Reaper!

As stated above, the Reaper is a close to mid-range fighter that uses dual chained blades to combat her foes. Utilizing abilities such as "Cable Step", "Death Spiral" and Grim Strike, Reapers are able to chain together quick and powerful strikes in order to vanquish their foes. If this class looks appealing to you, it's important to note that Reapers are an Elin-only class that will require players to have at least one level 40 character to create. The Reaper, in turn, will begin at level 50.

If you're hoping to get that level 40 character ready before the Reaper's début on May 13th, be sure to participate in the extended double XP event, running from May 2nd up until the day of the Reaper's release.

For more information on this upcoming TERA class, be sure to check out the official Reaper page and keep it dialed into ZAM for more game news, information and updates.

Good Hunting!

Corey "Cyglaive" Jenkins

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