Making Our Mark: Smooth and Paint Tools

In EverQuest Next Landmark you'll have to dig deep for advanced building tools!

This information is from the alpha build of Landmark and is subject to change.

The advanced building tools in EverQuest Next Landmark are designed to put power at your fingertips, allowing you to reshape and manipulate voxels in amazing ways. This week we'll take a look at the Smooth and Paint tools!

To make both the Smooth and Paint tools, you'll need a Marble Forge and a Tungsten Pick. If you followed along with creating a Selection Tool last week, you should already be up to an Iron Pick. So let's start off from there!

First you'll be able to create your Silversteel Pick on the Stone Forge. To craft this pick you'll need Plain Wood Plank x20, Burled Wood Plank x7, Silver Ingot x10, Elemental Silver x20, Topaz x60 and an Iron Pick.

Once you have this pick you'll be able to mine Amethyst, Marble and Tungsten. These are early Tier 3 materials, and you'll need them all for this. To create your Marble Forge (using your Stone Forge again) you'll need to collect Elemental Tungsten x40, Tungsten Ingot x40, Iron Ingot x60 and Worked Marble x40.

But wait—Worked Marble? This is a refined version of Marble, created on a basic Work Bench. Work Benches can only be made on Saw Tables, so you'll also need to incorporate two additional crafting stations! You should already have a Copper Reinforced Saw Table for making planks on. With that saw table you can create a Tin Trimmed Work Bench by combining Elemental Tin x20, Tin Ingot x35, Copper Ingot x15 and Plain Wood Plank x50.

Now we're in business! Once you have that Marble Forge, you'll be able to create the Smooth Tool, but we suggest chugging toward the Tungsten Pick first so you can craft both the Smooth and Paint tools at the same time. To make a Tungsten Pick you need to gather Plain Wood Plank x40, Burled Wood Plank x4, Tungsten Ingot x20, Elemental Tungsten x20 and Amethyst x60.

With the Tungsten Pick, which can mine Gold and Emerald, you'll be able to create both tools!

Paint Tool

The paint tool allows you to change the material of your voxel (or voxel selection) to a completely different one. This allows you to focus on making a design with a simple material such as dirt and then change the visible parts of it later on to a rarer material. Use this tool combined with the Selection Tool (as pictured above) to change larger areas in a short amount of time!

To create the Paint Tool you need:

  • Tungsten Ingot x30
  • Elemental Tungsten x30
  • Emerald x10

Smooth Tool

The smooth tool is already on slate to be revamped in an upcoming alpha build, but basically this tool allows you to wear down the edges of a voxel, making a softer surface or completely transforming its look. As shown above, the tool will deform the area, wearing it away. As shown below, you can use it to make interesting shapes, such as a crossbar in a window area, or to even simply make corner joints softer.

To create the Smooth Tool you need:

  • Tungsten Ingot x30
  • Elemental Tungsten x30
  • Amethyst x10

Coming soon: we'll conquer the Viridium Pick, Line Tool and Amaranthine Forge!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor

~ Dale Island, Courage Server ~


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