Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street Joins Riot Games

World of Warcraft's ex-Lead Systems Designer takes on the role of Lead Game Designer for Riot

It looks like Greg "Ghostcrawler" Street may have joined Riot Games, publisher of the incredibly popular League of Legends, as Lead Game Designer. The news comes following an explosive thread on the League of Legends Reddit page in which a LinkedIn profile was posted. Riot Games has yet to comment, but Greg Street just tweeted: "Thank you for all the recent tweets, but I think the appropriate thing for me to do is lie low for awhile. I won't vanish forever. Cheers."

Greg was World of Warcraft's Lead Systems Designer for almost 6 years before announcing his decision to leave shortly after BlizzCon back in November 2013. At the time he claimed to have received a great job opportunity and left Blizzard on good terms. Since then we've all been waiting to hear what that job opportunity was, and now we know.

Good luck, Greg!

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