PlayStation Now to Offer Streaming Game Service

Company merger with Gaikai to roll out streaming service across Sony platforms.

Remember the merger with Sony and Gaikai back in July of 2012? We sure do, and we're finally seeing the fruit of the merger. Introducing PlayStation Now, Sony's streaming service that streams libraries of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 titles to the home television. Exciting and somewhat controversial, the service allows users to play PlayStation content directly streamed through servers. Massive download times and annoying patches are the thing of the past, as games will constantly be updated as the service improves. Sony plans to spread the PS Now service across a mutlitude of platforms, eventually expanding to include the PlayStation Vita and the BRAVIA TV line.

In wake of the negative press for the XBox One's DRM-based platform, it's an odd turn for Sony to incorporate such a service. It seems exciting at first glance, but a stream technology may lead console fans towards a software restraint that clearly isn't in favor. Factors to consider are network bandwith, lag, service integrity (if it goes offline, then what?), software licensing and, of course, price. With plans for a beta late January, Sony has a full plate of responsibility, and if the megacorporation doesn't deliver the goods, PlayStation Now may be never.


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