Inferno Legend Closed Beta Begins

The turn-based MMORPG's closed beta will run through December 17th.

The first downloadable MMORPG from Gamebox, Inferno Legend, adopts the Diablo-like game background but has reversed the storyline. Through an anti-traditional storyline, players will be the "devil" and fight alongside Diablo and Mephisto against the hypocritical Angels and Human’s invasion into the Hell.

This turn-based MMOPRG supports micro-client, web browser and mobile devices with data sync simultaneously, enabling you to enjoy it anytime anywhere. Closed Beta Testing will end on December 17, 2013 and no accounts will be wiped at the start of Open Beta.

There are numerous servant-monsters to choose, strong skills to learn, multiple pets to own and you can even form your demon legion and restore order in the chaotic world.

Floating Avatar-like Map
Earth is made up of hexagonal bricks floating in midair that only appear when players step on the brick right next to them. Those unpredictable bricks feature battle and bosses bricks, terminal, equip, item, recovery and random event bricks.

Five Classes are available:

  • Vampire: Has noble blood and is a killer at night. They can learn swordsmanship and black magic. Vampires are good at attacking in advance. The abilities are well balanced.
  • Mummy: Pharaoh of the ancient fallen civilization, they can control the servant-monsters and spread curses.
  • Cyclops: A giant and robust race with the extra ability of launching light beams from their eyes.
  • Faerie: The race that protects the source of magic in Hell. They are both nifty and naive.
  • Samurai: The soul of the loyal and brave warriors. The master of swordsmanship when alive and combine it with magic when dead.

Game Mode
Both PvE and PvP are available.

For more information on Inferno Legend visit the official website or the official Facebook page.

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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