WildStar Spellslinger AMA Breakdown

This week we break down the class AMA post on Reddit for the gunslingin Spellslinger!

Calling all trigger-happy citizens of Planet Nexus! I bring you another WildStar class AMA recap this week talking about the re-reveal of the gun-blazing, ranged, damage dealer. With the help of sigils, a pair of Mag-pistols and void bullets, this dual-wielding marksman has a full arsenal that can set enemies ablaze, freeze them in place or even keep allies in tip-top fighting shape. Get ready to enter the void with--the Spellslinger!

Answering questions about the Spellslinger this week was Carbine’s Lead Combat Designer, Chris Lynch, its Class Lead, Hugh Shelton, Class Designer, Mark Matzenbacher and Global Community Manager, Loic Claveau. So without further delay, let’s dive in.

The Damage Dealing Spellslinger

Before we get into too many specifics, let’s talk about the Spellslinger’s class resource and how they actually fire off all of these flashy skills we’re about to talk about. The Spellslinger uses “Spellpower” as its resource. This Spellpower charges up over time and, when combined with the Spellslinger’s innate ability “Spellsurge”, makes existing skills stronger than they were previously. Damaging abilities do more damage, CC’s may last longer and heals may provide greater burst healing. However, while Spellsurge is active, Spellpower drains over time so you’ll need to build this back up again before re-activating your innate.

In terms of damage, the Spellslinger can be classified as a “ranged-assassin” that is able to do solid amounts of sustained and burst damage to targets from a distance. To counter-act this high-damage dealing style, the Spellslinger comes equipped with light armor, meaning players will need to be able to kite effectively and stay on the move in order to stay alive in most cases.

In order to help compliment the Spellslinger’s natural “high-movement” gameplay, the class has access to a wide-array of movement based abilities such as “Gate” which teleports the Spellslinger forward and stuns all enemies in its path. Additionally, Spellslingers have the ability to swap places with the enemy with “Spatial Distortion” or even escape from combat altogether using “Void Slip”; a skill that sends the Spellslinger into the void itself for a limited time.

“The Void is an entirely different “plane”. While inside the Void you can’t see outside of it, but you can see other players that are in the Void.

While this does mean Spellslingers become untouchable by most other classes, other Spellslingers can chase you into the void as well--and this void ain’t big enough for the two of you!

In terms of raw damaging abilities, the Spellslinger has the ability to do elemental damage by infusing their Mag-pistols with sigils. These sigils allow the class to use skills such as “Arcane Missiles” and “Flame Burst” for putting some elemental hurt on enemies. However, it’s important to keep in mind that roughly 90% of the Spellslinger’s abilities are skill-shots. Meaning you’ll have to aim well if you want to deal the most damage to your target.

While the initial Spellslinger kit will focus more on movement based abilities--opposite of the Esper--it’s possible to create a stationary nuking build that focuses on using high-burst abilities that must be used while standing still. Why is this important? Well typically abilities that can be used on the move end up dealing less damage compared to abilities that can only be used while standing still. But, with the limited action set, you can make a build that allows you to focus on either one or go with a mixture of both if you so choose.

The Healing Spellslinger

While there weren’t a ton of healing questions asked this time around--sorry healers--we did get some key points answered on how these space vigilantes would be able to support their allies. Compared to the Esper who generally has a bit higher burst potential and a single-target heal focus, the Spellslinger has sustained healing with controlled burst output and focuses on skill-shot area of effect healing. Again though, through the use of the limited action set, it’s possible to adjust these healing play styles to your liking.

As mentioned above, the Spellslingers innate ability also affects healing skills. This means it can be activated for moments when high burst healing is needed to save allies from taking a sudden dirt-nap. So charge those shots up and shoot your friends in the face--with heals.

Relating to the topic, Lead Combat Designer, Chris Lynch was asked about the number of allies that Spellslingers will be able to heal at once with their AoE healing abilities.

“We have the tech to do this either way! This will actually be determined on an ability by ability basis and the tooltip should inform you on how it will work.
Without tech we can do a variety of things such as:
Spread the total amount of heal between ALL targets
Heal the X number of CLOSEST targets to you in the freeform area
Heal the X number of LOWEST HEALTH targets in the freeform area
Heal the X number of FURTHEST targets to you in the freeform area
and a large number of other target requirements
We are still feeling out which of these is best for each class and our raid/PvP content.”

Currently most AoE abilities heal 5 targets at a time, but this is still being looked at and tweaked as needed.

While the AMA may be over, you can check out the full Spellslinger AMA thread here. And be sure to tune in later this week for the recap of the Spellslinger livestream in case you missed it over the weekend. As always, for more WildStar news and information keep it dialed into ZAM.

See you on Nexus!

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