Elder Scrolls Online: "Ask Us Anything" Variety #8

The developers answer ten of the community's latest questions.

Precisely on time we've got another Elder Scrolls Online "Ask Us Anything" to read! If the last one didn't satisfy you, you might prefer this one. This time, Zenimax Online brings us Variety Pack #8 and answers 10 new questions from the community. Here's our summary of what they offer up:

- You can have multiple characters in ESO.

- There will be a large amount of wildlife; you can take hides / leather from some.

- You will be able to mix-and-match light/heavy armor types, but certain sets have bonuses for 3+ items. Also, armor skills will grant larger bonuses when wearing multiple armor pieces of one type.

- Item appearance will be very diverse, especially with armor tinting and material variation. Also, the additional nine racial styles will look unique, and have different appearances at higher levels.

- Soul Gems are used to resurrect players.

- Summons will have powerful abilities so they're useful in both PvE and PvP.

- Disguising will be accomplished with both items and spells. Spells have a more significant—but temporary—impact on your appearance.

- Characters are assigned PvP campaigns on a character-by-character basis. You can't have characters from separate factions in the same PvP campaign.

- Veteran Points are essentially 'level-cap XP' which progress your Veteran Rank. You'll get Veteran Points for specific tasks and possibly for participating in PvP or Adventure Zones. Veteran Ranks improve your character with small stat increases and the ability to equip better gear. On the plus side, you'll continue to gain skill points.

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor


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