TERA: Rising - Dungeons & Festivals for EU Players

Four dungeons, three festivals, and an array of Steampunk-themed items.

Ah, October...the time of year for tumbling leaves and a TERA: Rising EU update.
The latest update is the Steampunk Workshop for European players, which has four dungeons, three new festivals and—as you would expect—Steampunk gear.

Four Level 60 Dungeons
Wonderholme: 10 players battle bizarre creatures inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
Channelworks: 3 players explore a grimy underground labyrinth. No class restrictions!
The Shattered Fleet: 5 players clear out monsters from abandoned ships full of Noctenium.
Kezzel’s Gorge: 7 players defend against Kezzel, a rampaging giant reclaiming his fortune.

Three End-of-Summer Festivals
Sun Festival: Become a priest and worship the divine Balder!
Carnival of Blood: Join the vampires in sabotaging the Blood Festival!
Beach Party: Smash melons and build sandcastles in the Castanics’ shedding festival!

Props to Bluehole Studio for putting together this update!

Colt "ShdwFlm" Casey
Deputy Editor

Tags: News, TERA


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