World of Tanks: Update 8.8

World of Tanks rolls toward Update 8.8 which features Soviet tanks and more.

Wargaming announced earlier today that the release of its World of Tanks Update 8.8 will be released on the 11th for EU, 12th for NA, and the 16th and 18th for Korea and APAC respectively. The free-to-play action MMO will receive a new battle arena, as well as:

  • Soviet medium tanks that range from Tier 6 through Tier 8
  • Object 140, which will join the ranking as the nation’s other top medium tier choice
  • Updates to the German tech tree including the debut of the Tier 4 DW heavy chariot and Tier 6 VK3002 (M) medium tank
  • Transformation of VK3001H and VK3601H into heavy tanks
  • Two Chinese premiums: the Tier 8 T-34-3 medium tank and the 112 Tier 8 heavy tank

Join in the World of Tanks today and work with your team to victory! (Europe) (North America) (Korea) (APAC)

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor

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