Neverwinter Monster Manual: Kobolds

If you can see one off in the distance, then you're already surrounded.

Rule number one for any adventurer: Always come prepared. Which also means that you should know your enemy.

In order to help make this task easier for you, Neverwinter has released their latest Monster Manual volume, which highlights an enemy that most Dungeons & Dragons fans know all too well: Kobolds.

Kobolds are pretty short and weak and you'll often times see them gathering in "nests" or with other groups of their Kobold brethren. If you can see one off in the distance, then you're most likely already surrounded.

When dealing with Kobolds it's best if you can take them out one at a time or in small groups. In other words, if you "Leeroy Jenkins" in you might find yourself knee deep in trouble without a clear escape route.

The Monster Manual describes individual Kobolds as your typical cowards and weaklings. Turn the tide of battle in your favor and Kobolds are quick to run in the other direction unless one of their more powerful leaders are present on the battlefield.

They are often found serving their more powerful dragon overlords, and because they revere dragons so highly, they will go to great lengths to please their masters which makes them dangerous foes.

Wyrmpreists, or the heavy-armored Dragonshields, are to be approached with caution and dealt with first if possible. These are two of the stronger members of the Kobold race and will often times lead groups of smaller Kobolds into battle, enabling them to pull off advanced tactics.

As many of you adventurers have already faced groups of Kobolds I'm sure you know that, while they may look small and harmless, you shouldn't always judge a book by it's cover (especially when that book has a sharp pointy object) or you might find your journey coming to an abrupt end.

Be sure to view the full Monster Manual write up here. See you in game!

Corey "Crimzen" Jenkins




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