WildStar Role-Players Assemble!

Carbine's Jeremy Gaffney wants to pick your brain about RP

If you're like most of us here at ZAM, there's no such thing as TMI when it comes to WildStar. Carbine was happy to oblige once again, this time shining a light on the role-players headed for Nexus.

Last night, WildStar's Executive Producer Jeremy Gaffney chimed in over on Reddit in /r/WildStar, explaining some of the hurdles facing role-players in a new intellectual property (IP) and asked for their input. There's more to read, but here's a snippet: 

But in a brand new IP it's an especial challenge for roleplayers! And maybe more rewarding in some ways as there is a whole new world to explore. So what are your thoughts on the subject? And feedback is welcome on the kinds of things we can do to make life better for RP.

Then this morning, no less that Carbine's Senior Community Manager David Bass (whom you may know as Scooter!) chimed in over on WildStar Central's forums to talk about something called "RP Chat": 

We have a cool chat function that was created a while back. By default, player chat is set to "regular chat only," however you can switch it to "Regular and Roleplaying" or "Only Roleplaying". Then, you can type something like this:

{*}Man, it's cold outside. I need my sweater.{*} BRB getting food.

A default player would only see in chat:

BRB getting food.

Someone with "Only Roleplaying" on would see:

Man, it's cold outside. I need my sweater.

And someone with both enabled would see:

Man, it's cold outside. I need my sweater. BRB getting food.

It should be pretty apparent by this point that Carbine is taking the role-playing community pretty seriously. Moreso than many games in recent memory. Be sure to head over to Reddit or WildStar Central to contribute to the conversation!

Bill "Lethality" Leonard


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WildStar Roleplay PR
# Feb 28 2013 at 3:53 PM Rating: Decent
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When I first started that reddit thread to link to my brand new WildStar role-playing blog, I had no idea that not only would it be noticed by the devs, but that Gaffney himself would make a stunning show of PR to the community.

This is a phenomenal display of the lengths that the creators of WildStar are willing to go to include their community and our opinions in their work. I highly encourage fans of WildStar to go out there and post! Make yourself heard! They ARE listening to us!

And of course be certain to stop by the gathering places of the rest of the community and chime in with us as our enthusiasm grows.

Author of the Scowling Cassian: A WildStar role-playing blog.
WildStar Roleplay
# Feb 27 2013 at 1:47 PM Rating: Good
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Lethality you are my favorite writer here at Zam! I love you drawing attention to this!

Don't forget to also check out WildStar Roleplay to talk about this topic and others near and dear to us Roleplayer's hearts!

We're all super duper excited for this news and already coming up with ways to use this system!

We also have a thread all about Gaffney's excellent question and are encouraging people to pop on over to reddit for the debate!


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