Wowhead 5.2 Spell Preview Video

Much love coming for Monks, Rogues and Warlocks

It's a sleepless time over at Wowhead. The release of a major new content patch on the PTR means there are patch notes to compile, screenshots to be taken and zones to preview. It's a daunting task, but someone has to do it.

This time, Perculia's got a preview of the all-new class talents coming in patch 5.2. The video contains previews of abilities for the Monk, the Rogue and the Warlock. As a Rogue myself, I'm particularly excited to see the love coming our way.

  •  Ring of Peace, Level 60  Monk New Talent: Forms a sanctuary around the target for 8 sec, causing all enemies to be silenced and disarmed within 8 yards.
  •  Nimble Brew, Level 30 Brewmaster and Windwalker  Monk ability: Clears you of all root, stun and fear effects and reduces the duration of future such effects by 60% for 6 sec. Nimble Brew can be cast while stunned or feared.
  •  Marked for Death, Level 90  Rogue New Talent (replaces Versatility): Mark the target, instantly generating 5 combo points on them. When the target dies, Marked for Death's cooldown is reset.
  •  Hit and Run, Level 60  Rogue New Talent: Immediately teleport to a targeted location, leaving a shadow of yourself behind. Upon activating the effect a second time, or after 10 sec, you will return to your shadow's location.
  •  Shuriken Toss, level 90  Rogue Redesigned Talent: A ranged attack that deals 1246 Physical damage to an enemy target. If the enemy is farther than 10 yards away, this damage is doubled and your autoattacks will be replaced with shuriken for the next 10 sec, granting them a 30 yd range. Awards 1 combo point. Replaces Throw.
  •  Blood Fear, Level 60  Warlock Redesigned Talent: Instantly strike fear in the enemy, causing it to flee for up to 20 sec.

As the patch just hit the PTR yesterday, this is just the tip of the icecrown for 5.2 info. Be sure to head on over to Wowhead for all of the breaking 5.2 PTR coverage you can handle in the coming days.



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