HoN: Passwords Compromised

S2 announces intrusion, suggests protective action to players

Nothing like a holiday-hacking to get the season off on the right foot, eh? If you play Heroes of Newerth, listen up.

It appears that the game's authentication servers were hacked on Sunday, December 16th, and passwords were exposed. S2 Games is prompting players to change any passwords on other accounts that may have shared the same password as their HoN account:

 At 2:30 PM EST we became aware that a Heroes of Newerth password security breach had occurred. We encourage everyone to change any passwords that were shared with your Heroes of Newerth account. Do not change your Heroes of Newerth account password at this time. Disregard any out-of-game sources of information at this time.

S2 Games is performing server maintenance to "fix things on the backend."

We'll keep you posted of any further developments. In the mean time, change those passwords!


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