Monday, October the 29th, 2012

New Items: Fine Dwarf-make Explorer's ArmourFine Explorer's ArmourFine Elven Explorer's Armour

New Traits: Valour +13Valour +14Valour +15Valour +16Wisdom +13Wisdom +14Wisdom +15Wisdom +16Zeal +13Zeal +14Zeal +15Zeal +16

Updated Traits: Wisdom +7Wisdom +1Zeal +1Tolerance +1Tolerance +2Wisdom +3Wisdom +5Zeal +2Zeal +3Tolerance +3Tolerance +4Zeal +4Tolerance +5Zeal +5Zeal +6Zeal +7Zeal +8Zeal +9Zeal +10Wisdom +12Valour +12Wisdom +11Zeal +11Zeal +12

Updated Items: Explorer's ArmourBolt of Silk ClothGreater Athelas EssenceArnorian Armour FragmentsPristine Leather BraceFall Festival TokenSquire Herald ArmamentsThick Quilted CloakPutrid Slime of HelchgamDwarf-make Explorer's ArmourElven Explorer's ArmourElf Mask Token Rabbit Festival MaskExplorer's Armour RecipeDistilled Athelas EssenceBlueberry TartMarkMedallion of MoriaFused Profound Relics Fused Early RelicsHelegrod MarkEregion MarkAnnuminas MarkTome of Accelerated ExperienceBronze Arnorian CoinCloak of the Dragonfly+25% Legendary Item xp Tome (30 min)Map to Angmar - Gath ForthnirMap to Moria - Twenty-first HallRohirric Athelas EssenceRohirric Celebrant SalveMedallionMap to Evendim - TinnudirMap to the Shire - HobbitonSturdy Steel KeyMap to Dunland - Lhan RhosDwarf-steelbound Lootbox+25% Mark Acquisition Tome (30 min)Morale Potion (Tier 7)Morale Potion (Tier 4)Delicate Heritage Rune of LearningTarnished Earring of the HartSilver Token of the Anduin Gift of Charity+25% Monster XP (90 min)Gift of CompassionMap to Lothlorien - Echad Andestel

Updated Recipes: Explorer's Armour


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