Monday February 16, 2004

Welcome to the Unique Monday update! Today's update has quite a few items of the unique persuasion (items that have been created by the games random object generator (ROG)). More than likely you will not get the exact same item from the mobs that are shown here today, however you do have a chance of getting something similar from the mob. This is why we enter Unique items here and why it is so important to know what mob dropped what item. It gives folks an idea of which mobs have a chance of dropping items that may be of use to their class, as unique's tend to have a trend to them based on the mob they come from. Anyway... Thank you's to: Nydostack Z, Murasaki, Zarra, Latino Lotion, Reziel, Lakih SiNafay, Fanatikern, Kithy, Witchi, fluffy panda, and Deveus for their submissions from this past weekend. Really appreciate it gang! Thanks! Now on with the update: New Albion Items: Arcanium Kirkleis's FlailSilksteel Sobekite Cap (Alb)Bodybender Wind-wrought Falchion (Alb) (u)Sepulchral Longbow
New Midgard Items: Fortifying Wind-wrought Short Sword (Mid) (u)Alacritous Adroit Runed Wind-wrought Sleeves (Mid) (u)
New Hibernia Items: Venom-doused SickleGlistening Great SwordJewel of AbsorptionSupernal CloakJeweled Rigid JerkinCollared Cloak of IntellectShimmering Flawless Fuliginous Tiara (Hib)Heatbender Daingean Leggings (u)Bladeblocker Hammer (Hib) (u)Arcane Daingean Leggings (u)Resonant Nadurtha Sleeves (u)Mighty Wind-wrought Grave Shield (u)Adroit Curved Dagger (Hib) (u)Ignition Adroit Wind-wrought Dire Mace (Hib) (u)Speedy Runed Wind-wrought Leggings (Hib) (u)Adroit Wind-wrought Leaf Sword (Hib) (u)Arbor Defender Wind-wrought Harvest Scythe (u)
New All Items: Duskwood Staff of the HeavensErubescent Mithril ChainProtector's Wind-wrought Gem (u)Energybender Runed Wind-wrought Pants (u)

Updated Albion Items: Arcanium Legs of the Spitting CobraTartaros Gift (friar)Sorcerer Staff of Tab'FrenWolf Pelt CloakShimmering Darkened SledgeShimmering Raven Clan Meat CleaverCrackling Ebony SundererArcanium Whip of the Gale
Updated Midgard Items: Mithril Weighted Throwing KnivesMithril Weighted Throwing AxesMithril Weighted Throwing HammersAdamantium Weighted Throwing KnivesAdamantium Weighted Throwing AxesAdamantium Weighted Throwing HammersAsterite Weighted Throwing KnivesAsterite Weighted Throwing AxesAsterite Weighted Throwing HammersBronze Weighted Throwing KnivesBronze Weighted Throwing AxesBronze Weighted Throwing HammersIron Weighted Throwing KnivesIron Weighted Throwing AxesIron Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing AxesAlloy Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing AxesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing KnivesSteel Weighted Throwing AxesSteel Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing KnivesNetherium Weighted Throwing AxesArcanium Weighted Throwing AxesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing HammerNetherium Weighted Throwing HammersArcanium Weighted Throwing HammersNetherium Weighted Throwing KnivesArcanium Weighted Throwing KnivesMithril Balanced Throwing KnivesMithril Balanced Throwing AxesMithril Balanced Throwing HammersAdamantium Balanced Throwing KnivesAdamantium Balanced Throwing AxesAdamantium Balanced Throwing HammersAsterite Balanced Throwing KnivesAsterite Balanced Throwing AxesAsterite Balanced Throwing HammersBronze Balanced Throwing KnivesBronze Balanced Throwing AxesBronze Balanced Throwing HammersIron Balanced Throwing KnivesIron Balanced Throwing AxesIron Balanced Throwing HammersSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesAlloy Balanced Throwing AxesAlloy Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing AxesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing HammersFine Alloy Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing AxesSteel Balanced Throwing HammersDragonscale BraceletLuminous Royal Lupine Staff
Updated Hibernia Items: Shadow Crystal OrbMedal of ValorPhantom GemNoble Lord PendantAbrasive NecklaceGreen Vine NecklacePearl Bauble (Hib) (traded)Eluvium BeltBauble Studded BeltBelt of SprynessSiabrian BeltStout Leather BeltShimmering Unseelie Loyalist RobeMistwoven CapShimmering Bladed Guardian HelmShimmering Seolc Cap of MentalismShimmering Silverhand Truemail CoifShimmering Mischievious Greenbriar HelmArcanite Kirkleis's ScythePrimordial Reptilian Boots
Updated All Items: Rough Blunt ArrowsRough Flight Blunt ArrowsRough Clout Bodkin ArrowsRough Bodkin ArrowsRough Flight Bodkin ArrowsRough Clout Broadhead ArrowsClout Blunt ArrowsBlunt ArrowsFlight Blunt ArrowsClout Bodkin ArrowsBodkin ArrowsFlight Bodkin ArrowsClout Broadhead ArrowsBroadhead ArrowsFlight Broadhead ArrowsFooted Clout Blunt ArrowsFooted Blunt ArrowsFooted Flight Blunt ArrowsFooted Clout Bodkin ArrowsFooted Bodkin ArrowsFooted Flight Bodkin ArrowsFooted Clout Broadhead ArrowsFooted Broadhead ArrowsKeen Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsBlunt Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsBarbed Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsOmni Enchanted Cap

New Albion Quests: Cyhraeth Cloak -- Kill Task

Updated Albion Quests: Leoma's SightFaint Grim Scrap -- Kill TaskDunan's Bear ToothRipper
Updated Hibernia Quests: Morven's ReturnWorn Tradeskill Tools (Hib)A Piece of Gormghlaith's MindWrithing Death
Updated Midgard Quests: Ember One Time DropTradande One Time DropVindvasen One Time DropDrakulv Scales -- Kill TaskGriffon Loner Feather -- Kill TaskGreat Worg One Time DropThe Red Dagger (level 25)A Deed of OldMother's ChildrenThane's Blood
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Seven CoinsAiding the MauMagical Ingrediants


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