Tinkerfest Returns to Norrath!

Maximize your Gnomish fun with our Tinkerfest Guide!

UPDATE, 8/6: Tinkerfest has been extended through August 12th!

UPDATE, 9:30am PDT on 7/29: Tinkerfest is now active! (confirmed on the Everfrost server)

UPDATE, 6am PDT on 7/29: The only Tinkerfest feature that is currently running are the Aether Races. We'll update with more information as the event is finally switched on.

It's time for Tinkerfest, the Norrathian celebration of all things Gnomish! Your EQII ZAM staff has gotten the scoop on all the new additions to this popular live event. Several Aether Races will be activated in Butcherblock, Lavastorm, Great Divide and Tenebrous Tangle. This year also features new recipes, more merchant goodies (including flight wings!) and new rewards. Don't forget to hone your skills in the Gnomish language!

Tinkerfest will run from 12:01am PDT on July 29th through 11:59pm PDT on August 12th.

If you need a hint or just want a sneak peak before the festivities explode upon us on Sunday, see our Tinkerfest Guide and brand new Tinkerfest Gallery! For those of you with far too many alts, check out our Tinkerfest Quest Tracker.


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