Tuesday January 27, 2004

Thank you's to: Haneoka Meimi, Dehoch Skittlebug, Legom, Gnaw, Nalon, and pqwo for sending in new and updated information for items and quests! Thanks gang! New Albion Items: Arcanium Vest of Reveries (Alb)Arcanium Snake Scale Hauberk (Alb)Leoma's SightWeno'iak BeltEirene's Chestpiece (Alb) (cleric)Eirene's Chestpiece (Alb) (melee)Eirene's Chestpiece (Alb) (plate)Dream Sphere (Alb)Arcanium Rathell Chain Sleeves (Alb)Arcanium Rathell Chain Boots (Alb)Arcanium Rathell Chain Helm (Alb)Arcanium Rathell Chain Hauberk (Alb)Arcanium Whip of the Pure
New Midgard Items: Arcane Pansarkedja Sleeves (u)Omni Hunting HelmetFervent Defender's ChokerDuskwood Ember (Mid)Spiritstrike Sturdy Pendant (Mid) (u)Eirene's Chestpiece (Mid) (seer)Eirene's Chestpiece (Mid) (melee)Dream Sphere (Mid)Sulphur Studded Sleeves
New Hibernia Items: Arcanite Adze of the ChasmArcanite Shadowed War AdzeDuskwood Ember (Hib)Shimmering Bearskin ShieldEirene's Chestpiece (Hib) (druid)Eirene's Chestpiece (Hib) (melee)Dream Sphere (Hib)Arcanite Squall Shadowed Great Hammer
New All Items: Lava Scarred BeltEirene's Journal, page 2 of 3Eirene's Journal, page 1 of 3Egg of Youth, Scroll 3 of 3Egg of Youth, Scroll 2 of 3Crafter's Pages, 2 of 3Crafter's Pages, 1 of 3Loukas' Journal, volume 3 of 3Loukas' Journal, volume 2 of 3Loukas' Journal, volume 1 of 3

New Albion Quests: Leoma's Sight

Updated Albion Items: Bracer of ShieldingHooded Blades CloakAncient Roman CoinBracer of the StrongStaff of the DyingStaff of SubstanceFighter's Call HauberkDuskwood Ember (Alb)Brazen Stout DefenderAzure Faithbound Cudgel
Updated Midgard Items: Mithril Weighted Throwing KnivesMithril Weighted Throwing HammersMithril Weighted Throwing AxesAdamantium Weighted Throwing KnivesAdamantium Weighted Throwing AxesAdamantium Weighted Throwing HammersAsterite Weighted Throwing KnivesAsterite Weighted Throwing AxesAsterite Weighted Throwing HammersMithril Balanced Throwing KnivesMithril Balanced Throwing AxesMithril Balanced Throwing HammersAsterite Balanced Throwing KnivesAdamantium Balanced Throwing KnivesAdamantium Balanced Throwing AxesAdamantium Balanced Throwing HammersAsterite Balanced Throwing AxesAsterite Balanced Throwing HammersBronze Bastard Sword (Mid)Iron Bastard Sword (Mid)Steel Bastard Sword (Mid)Alloy Bastard Sword (Mid)Fine Alloy Bastard Sword (Mid)Bronze Longsword (Mid)Iron Longsword (Mid)Steel Longsword (Mid)Alloy Longsword (Mid)Fine Alloy Longsword (Mid)Bronze Broadsword (Mid)Iron Broadsword (Mid)Steel Broadsword (Mid)Alloy Broadsword (Mid)Fine Alloy Broadsword (Mid)Bronze Short Sword (Mid)Iron Short Sword (Mid)Steel Short Sword (Mid)Alloy Short Sword (Mid)Fine Alloy Short Sword (Mid)Bronze Dagger (Mid)Iron Dagger (Mid)Steel Dagger (Mid)Alloy Dagger (Mid)Fine Alloy Dagger (Mid)Fine Alloy Battle HammerAlloy Battle HammerBronze Battle HammerIron Battle HammerSteel Battle HammerIron Pick HammerSteel Pick HammerFine Alloy Pick HammerBronze Pick HammerAlloy Pick HammerFine Alloy War HammerAlloy War HammerBronze War HammerIron War HammerSteel War HammerFine Alloy HammerAlloy HammerBronze HammerIron HammerSteel HammerIron Small HammerSteel Small HammerFine Alloy Small HammerBronze Small HammerAlloy Small HammerFine Alloy TridentAlloy TridentBronze TridentIron TridentSteel TridentFine Alloy SpearFine Alloy Long SpearFine Alloy Lugged SpearFine Alloy Great SpearAlloy Great SpearAlloy Long SpearAlloy Lugged SpearAlloy SpearBronze Great SpearBronze Long SpearBronze Lugged SpearBronze SpearIron Great SpearIron Long SpearIron Lugged SpearIron SpearSteel Great SpearSteel Long SpearSteel Lugged SpearSteel SpearElm Composite BowElm Great Composite BowHeartwood Composite BowHeartwood Great Composite BowIronwood Composite BowIronwood Great Composite BowOaken Composite BowOaken Great Composite BowRowan Composite BowRowan Great Composite BowRunewood Composite BowRunewood Great Composite BowRunewood BowOaken BowRowan BowHeartwood BowIronwood BowElm BowFrenzied Blackhearted ShieldOtrygg's Darkened Cloak
Updated Hibernia Items: Exquisite Infernal Black Diamond Necklace (Hib)Arcanite Lightning Etched Scale Hauberk
Updated All Items: Rough Blunt ArrowsRough Flight Blunt ArrowsRough Clout Bodkin ArrowsRough Bodkin ArrowsRough Flight Bodkin ArrowsRough Clout Broadhead ArrowsRough Broadhead ArrowsClout Blunt ArrowsBlunt ArrowsFlight Blunt ArrowsClout Bodkin ArrowsBodkin ArrowsFlight Bodkin ArrowsClout Broadhead ArrowsBroadhead ArrowsFlight Broadhead ArrowsFooted Clout Blunt ArrowsFooted Blunt ArrowsFooted Flight Blunt ArrowsFooted Clout Bodkin ArrowsFooted Bodkin ArrowsFooted Flight Bodkin ArrowsFooted Clout Broadhead ArrowsFooted Broadhead ArrowsKeen Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsBlunt Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsBarbed Footed Flight Broadhead ArrowsRough Flight Broadhead ArrowsShades of MistBand of ShadowHarpy Feather CharmNecklace of Cyclopean StatureEirene's Journal, page 3 of 3Egg of Youth, Scroll 1 of 3Crafter's Pages, 3 of 3

Updated Albion Quests: Protecting AnniogelUnder Attack
Updated Hibernia Quests: Sylvan Shadows (level 7)
Updated Midgard Quests: Gazsi's Nightmares
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Eirene's ChestpieceEgg of YouthEerie Darkness Lighting StoneDream Sphere

Updated Zones: Temple of Twilight

Updated Factions: Fenrir PackCats of AegirLjossalfarHidden PeopleAwakenedFrozen WebClan Smyg


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Will the % melee/speed/range/+ caps Be added to the item sea
# Jan 30 2004 at 11:53 AM Rating: Decent
Will the % melee/speed/range/+ caps Be added to the item searcg engine. I recently signed up for the premium package only to be disappointed that the premium search engine does not search by these new attributes.
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