Monday January 26, 2004

Welcome to the Monday update! Quite a few folks sent in new items and item corrections over the weekend for your viewing pleasure today. Much thanks goes out to Lasse, Valacar, Rhelak Shadowwolf, Mithwen, Vortigrn, Astend, Thoton, Grimjakk, Cuthbertus, katfit, Dakir, Throlla, chalk, and sainttail for their submissions over the past few days! New Albion Items: Bluntbender Broadsword (Alb) (u)Decimator Jewel (Alb) (u)Mighty Flail (u)Arcanium Duamutef's Gauntlets of Dread (Alb)Giril's Pain Working StaffFallen Star Metal SwordArcanium Miasmic PickShimmering Staff of the Dragon LichMagician's Secret SleevesAshen Spirit StaffDuskwood Flamespark Longbow
New Midgard Items: Arcanium Snake-Lord's Runed Hauberk (Mid)Duskwood Flamespark Bearded Bow
New Hibernia Items: Zephyr's Commanding StoneArcanite Soot Blackened BootsScepter of the Meritorious (Hib)Crown of Zahur (Hib) (druid)Arcanaite Stone Bone CrusherArcanite Duamutef's Rapier of DreadArcanite Desert Venom HarpoonArcanite Melos's Wave Spear
New All Items: Advisor's Log, page 2 of 3Advisor's Log, page 1 of 3Advisor's Log, page 3 of 3Desmona's Ring

New Cross-Realm Quests: Crown of Zahur

Updated Albion Items: Scepter of the Meritorious (Alb)Pitted Iron Tower ShieldJade-tipped LongbowSpider Silken RobeAzure Prayerbound RobeSable Warlock's RobeShimmering Stone GutterAzure Prayerbound BootsHeart of the SlyHarping pinGarnet BeltFiery Crystal PendantBracelet of Matter Manipulation
Updated Midgard Items: Steel Weighted Throwing AxesSteel Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing KnivesBronze Weighted Throwing KnivesBronze Weighted Throwing AxesBronze Weighted Throwing HammersIron Weighted Throwing KnivesIron Weighted Throwing AxesIron Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing AxesAlloy Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing AxesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing HammerBronze Balanced Throwing KnivesBronze Balanced Throwing AxesBronze Balanced Throwing HammersIron Balanced Throwing KnivesIron Balanced Throwing AxesIron Balanced Throwing HammersSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesAlloy Balanced Throwing AxesAlloy Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing AxesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing HammersFine Alloy Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing AxesSteel Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Bladed Claw GreaveAlloy Claw GreaveBronze Bladed Claw GreaveBronze Claw GreaveFine Alloy Bladed Claw GreaveFine Alloy Claw GreaveIron Bladed Claw GreaveIron Claw GreaveMithril Bladed Claw GreaveMithril Claw GreaveSteel Bladed Claw GreaveSteel Claw GreaveAlloy Bladed Fang GreaveAlloy Fang GreaveBronze Bladed Fang GreaveBronze Fang GreaveFine Alloy Bladed Fang GreaveFine Alloy Fang GreaveIron Bladed Fang GreaveIron Fang GreaveMithril Bladed Fang GreaveMithril Fang GreaveSteel Bladed Fang GreaveSteel Fang GreaveAlloy Bladed Moon ClawAlloy Moon ClawBronze Bladed Moon ClawBronze Moon ClawFine Alloy Bladed Moon ClawFine Alloy Moon ClawIron Bladed Moon ClawIron Moon ClawMithril Bladed Moon ClawMithril Moon ClawSteel Bladed Moon ClawSteel Moon ClawMithril Moon FangSteel Bladed Moon FangSteel Moon FangAlloy Bladed Moon FangAlloy Moon FangBronze Bladed Moon FangBronze Moon FangFine Alloy Bladed Moon FangFine Alloy Moon FangIron Bladed Moon FangIron Moon FangMithril Bladed Moon FangFine Alloy Double-Bladed AxeAlloy Double-Bladed AxeBronze Double-Bladed AxeIron Double-Bladed AxeSteel Double-Bladed AxeFine Alloy War Axe (Mid)Iron War Axe (Mid)Steel War Axe (Mid)Bronze War Axe (Mid)Alloy War Axe (Mid)Fine Alloy Bearded AxeBronze Bearded AxeAlloy Bearded AxeIron Bearded AxeSteel Bearded AxeFine Alloy Hand Axe (Mid)Bronze Hand Axe (Mid)Alloy Hand Axe (Mid)Iron Hand Axe (Mid)Steel Hand Axe (Mid)Arcanium Whirlwind Great HammerImmolated Great Dragonfire CleaverSoulsong's Hauberk
Updated Hibernia Items: Dweomer RifterArcanite Serpentine Dire ClubCrystalized Scaly Runed PantsArcanite Mace of the ZenithArcanite Barbed Adze of the Storm's EyeArcanite Scythe of the PureOre Ring

Updated Albion Quests: The Hunt for ArachneidaTainted MagicScura TragediaInformation / Trickery
Updated Hibernia Quests: Stolen Ore A (level 15)Darkened Terror Claw -- Kill Task
Updated Midgard Quests: Soulsong One Time Drop
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Lornas' Trial (M1T2)Wicoessa's PropositionSkyros Order

Updated Zones: Oceanus Hesperos

Updated Factions: Skyros OrderNaxos SocietyMelos Alliance


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