Glitch's big... UNlaunching?

Oh Tiny Speck, you always do the weirdest things. Like unlaunching your game. And returning to beta. In a surprise move yesterday, just two months after launch, Glitch is getting some relationship anxieties and is trying to slow - or in this case, reverse - things down to more peaceful times.

Either way, Tiny Speck feels like Glitch just has so much more to offer, but in order to do so, unlaunching Glitch and returning it to its beta phase is the best way to go about getting it done. This doesn't mean that the game will be shutting down in any way; rather, the team feels this change better reflects the kind of work they'll be doing on the game in the coming while. As a gesture of friendliness, Tiny Speck is also offering full refunds to anyone who wants it, but after hearing this endearing tale of scrappiness, if you get a refund now, you're totally a jerk. Totally.

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