Ex Item Delivery Revisions

 In April 2011, Square Enix significantly improved item storage for Final Fantasy XI by allowing players to send rare/ex and ex tagged items to other characters tied to the same Playonline ID. In the upcoming version update planned for the end of this month, the list of items that can and cannot be sent through delivery boxes will be adjusted, with a considerable number of new items previously unsendable being added.

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From the official Final Fantasy XI forums:

The forthcoming version update will feature revisions to the Ex items that can be delivered within the same PlayOnline account. Please refer to the following list to see which items will be made deliverable and which will be made undeliverable. The list of undeliverable items has been updated accordingly and may also be used for reference.

[Items to be Made Undeliverable]

Power Sandals
Homing Ring
Return Ring
*The above items will be rendered undeliverable when the September version update is implemented, so please transfer all necessary items before then.
*We will continue to emphasize in-game balance for any future revisions to the delivery status of movement- or quest-related items.

[Items to be Made Deliverable]

Chocobo Bedding
Sky Pot
Red Jar
My First Magic Kit
Stationery Set
Kaiserin Cosmetics
Jeunoan Tree
Dream Platter
Dream Coffer
Dream Stocking
Snowman Knight
Snowman Miner
Snowman Mage
Jeweled Egg
Lines and Space
Hoary Spire
Adventuring Certificate
Melodious Egg
Clockwork Egg
Hatchling Egg
Bomb Lantern
Pumpkin Lantern
Mandragora Lantern
Hume ♂ Mannequin
Hume ♀ Mannequin
Elvaan ♂ Mannequin
Elvaan ♀ Mannequin
Tarutaru ♂ Mannequin
Tarutaru ♀ Mannequin
Mithra Mannequin
Galka Mannequin
Adamantoise Statue
Behemoth Statue
Fafnir Statue
Nomad Moogle Statue
Shadow Lord Statue
Odin Statue
Alexander Statue
Prishe Statue
Mythril Trophy
Bronze Trophy
Red Bamboo Grass
Blue Bamboo Grass
Green Bamboo Grass
Guild Flyers
Poele Classique
Pot Topper
Aldebaran Horn
Egg Stool
Egg Table
Egg Locker
Egg Lantern
Egg Buffet
Pepo Lantern
Cushaw Lantern
Calabazilla Lantern
Buffalo Milk Case
Quadav Charm
Polar Fir Sapling
Garlaige Key
Castle Floor Plans
Lanolin Cube
Engraved Key
Rusty Key
Delkfutt Key
Dangruf Stone
Gold Orcmask
Divination Sphere
Ahriman Lens
Well Water
Gusgen Clay
Bronze Box
Smooth Stone
Torn Epistle
Muddy Bar Tab
Odd Postcard
Damp Envelope
Sharp Stone
Mythril Sand
Giant Fish Bones
Wyvern Skull
Starmite Shell
Lumbering Horn
Rampaging Horn
Yuhtunga Sulfur
Nue Fang
Morbolger Vine
Dodo Skin
Scorpion Stinger
Shaman Garlic
Lufet Salt
Ghelsba Chest Key
Palborough Chest Key
Giddeus Chest Key
Ranperre Chest Key
Dangruf Chest Key
Horutoto Chest Key
Ordelle Chest Key
Gusgen Chest Key
Shakhrami Chest Key
Davoi Chest Key
Beadeaux Chest Key
Oztroja Chest Key
Delkfutt Chest Key
Fei'Yin Chest Key
Zvahl Chest Key
Eldieme Chest Key
Nest Chest Key
Garlaige Chest Key
Davoi Coffer Key
Beadeaux Coffer Key
Oztroja Coffer Key
Nest Coffer Key
Eldieme Coffer Key
Garlaige Coffer Key
Zvahl Coffer Key
Uggalepih Coffer Key
Rancor Den Coffer Key
Kuftal Coffer Key
Boyahda Coffer Key
Cauldron Coffer Key
Quicksand Coffer Key
Grotto Chest Key
Onzozo Chest Key
Toraimarai Coffer Key
Ru'Aun Coffer Key
Grotto Coffer Key
Ve'Lugannon Coffer Key
Sacrarium Chest Key
Oldton Chest Key
Newton Coffer Key
Pso'Xja Chest Key
Uggalepih Key
Prelate Key
Unlit Lantern
Rancor Flame
Crimson Rancor
Blue Rancor
Judgment Key
Cursed Key
Rafflesia Nectar
Tonberry Board
Elshimo Marble
Ancient Salt
Star Spinel
Snobby Letter
Three-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Uggalepih Offering
Uggalepih Whistle
Rattling Egg
Antican Tag
Sahagin Key
Tonberry Rattle
Bee Larvae
Dryadic Abjuration: Head
Dryadic Abjuration: Body
Dryadic Abjuration: Hands
Dryadic Abjuration: Legs
Dryadic Abjuration: Feet
Earthen Abjuration: Head
Earthen Abjuration: Body
Earthen Abjuration: Hands
Earthen Abjuration: Legs
Earthen Abjuration: Feet
Aquarian Abjuration: Head
Aquarian Abjuration: Body
Aquarian Abjuration: Hands
Aquarian Abjuration: Legs
Aquarian Abjuration: Feet
Martial Abjuration: Head
Martial Abjuration: Body
Martial Abjuration: Hands
Martial Abjuration: Legs
Martial Abjuration: Feet
Wyrmal Abjuration: Head
Wyrmal Abjuration: Body
Wyrmal Abjuration: Hands
Wyrmal Abjuration: Legs
Wyrmal Abjuration: Feet
Neptunal Abjuration: Head
Neptunal Abjuration: Body
Neptunal Abjuration: Hands
Neptunal Abjuration: Legs
Neptunal Abjuration: Feet
Libation Abjuration
Oblation Abjuration
Xhifhut Strings
Xhifhut Body
Xhifhut Bow
Xhifhut Head
Mermaid Head
Mermaid Body
Mermaid Hands
Mermaid Tail
Rancor Mantle
Rancor Globe
Rancor Tank
Rancor Handle
Adamantoise Egg
Wyrm Beard
Behemoth Tongue
Red Cryptex
Darksteel Engraving
7-Knot Quipu
Galka Fangs
Jade Cryptex
Silver Engraving
Mithra Fangs
13-Knot Quipu
Tiger Leather Missive
Behemoth Leather Missive
Ram Leather Missive
Hell Hound Fangs
Dhalmel Leather Missive
Beach Bunny Fangs
Sheep Leather Missive
Coeurl Leather Missive
Attestation of Might
Attestation of Celerity
Attestation of Glory
Attestation of Righteousness
Attestation of Bravery
Attestation of Force
Attestation of Vigor
Attestation of Fortitude
Attestation of Legerity
Attestation of Decisiveness
Attestation of Sacrifice
Attestation of Virtue
Attestation of Transcendence
Attestation of Harmony
Attestation of Accuracy
Mystic Fragment
Ornate Fragment
Holy Fragment
Intricate Fragment
Runaeic Fragment
Seraphic Fragment
Tenebrous Fragment
Stellar Fragment
Demoniac Fragment
Divine Fragment
Heavenly Fragment
Celestial Fragment
Snarled Fragment
Mysterial Fragment
Ethereal Fragment
Shard of Necropsyche
Demon Pen
Bronze Key
Misareaux Garlic
Cathedral Tapestry
Copper Key
Chameleon Diamond
Cleanly Snapped Rod
Royal Treasury Gold
Attohwa Ginseng
Warding Oil
Soiled Letter
Giant Scale
Carmine Chip
Cyan Chip
Gray Chip
Habanero Peppers
Magicked Steel Ingot
Spruce Lumber
Extra-Fine File
Nyumomo Doll
Eastern Paper
Counterfeit Gil
Naphille Pochette
Fernan's Diaries
Teal Memosphere
Beryl Memosphere
Indigo Memosphere
White Memosphere
Egret Fishing Rod
Garhada Teak Lumber
Moblin Hotrok
Polar Fir Flowerpot
Rimed Sapling
Ice Bauble
Blue Bandeau
Khue Meat Pie
Mehiruru Pop
Jade Bauble
Kiddie Present
Ebisu Card
Bishamon Card
Hotei Card
Benten Card
Daikoku Card
Jurojin Card
Fukurokuju Card
Cerebrator Remnant
Coveter Remnant
Satiator Remnant
Recollection of Suffering
Recollection of Animosity
Recollection of Anxiety
Flaxen Pouch
Cotton Pouch
Sylvan Stone
Luminian Tissue
Phuabo Organ
Xzomit Organ
Aern Organ
Hpemde Organ
Yovra Organ
Free Chocopass
Impetuous Vision
Tenuous Vision
Snide Vision
Grave Image
Beatific Image
Valorous Image
Ancient Image
Virgin Image
Vernal Vision
Punctilious Vision
Violent Vision
Solemn Vision
Audacious Vision
Painful Vision
Valiant Vision
Timorous Vision
Pretentious Vision
Vivid Vision
Brilliant Vision
Malicious Vision
Endearing Vision
Venerable Vision
Pristine Vision
Euvhi Organ
Luminion Chip
Attestation of Invulnerability
Supernal Fragment
Bal Shell
Cloud Evoker
Cordial Invite
Brigand's Chart
Pirate's Chart
Shield Bug
Goldfish Set
Vice of Antipathy
Vice of Avarice
Vice of Aspersion
Ivory Chip
Scarlet Chip
Emerald Chip
Silver Chip
Cerulean Chip
Smalt Chip
Smoky Chip
Aura of Adulation
Aura of Voracity
Sin of Indignation
Sin of Indolence
Sin of Indulgence
Sin of Invidiousness
Sin of Insolence
Sin of Infatuation
Sin of Intemperance
Ultima's Cerebrum
Ultima's Heart
Ultima's Claw
Ultima's Leg
Ultima's Tail
Omega's Eye
Omega's Heart
Omega's Foreleg
Omega's Hind Leg
Omega's Tail
Ecarlate Cloth
Argyro Rivet
Utopian Gold Thread
Ancient Brass Ingot
Benedict Silk
Benedict Yarn
Diabolic Silk
Diabolic Yarn
Ruby Silk Thread
Cardinal Cloth
Supple Skin
Light Filament
Snowy Cermet
White Rivet
Dark Orichalcum Ingot
Black Rivet
Smalt Leather
Fetid Lanolin Cube
Coiled Yarn
Brown Doeskin
Chameleon Yarn
Charcoal Cotton
Scarlet Odoshi
Sheet of Kurogane
Plaited Cord
Ebony Lacquer
Cobalt Mythril
Blue Rivet
Glittering Yarn
Astral Leather
Orchid Chip
Charcoal Chip
Magenta Chip
Monarch's Orb
Metal Chip
Archaic Mirror
Lamian Claw Key
Lamian Fang Key
Lamian Bone Key
Halvung Shakudo Key
Halvung Bronze Key
Halvung Brass Key
Mamook Silverscale Key
Mamook Tanscale Key
Mamook Blackscale Key
Martial Ball Invite
Jody's Acid
Chocobo Egg
VCS Honeymoon Ticket
Zhayolm Card
Arrapago Card
Bhaflau Card
Silver Sea Card
Smoke-Filled Flask
Moldy Buckler
Hoary Battle Horn
Flickering Lantern
Phantasmal Abjuration: Head
Phantasmal Abjuration: Body
Phantasmal Abjuration: Hands
Phantasmal Abjuration: Legs
Phantasmal Abjuration: Feet
Hadean Abjuration: Head
Hadean Abjuration: Body
Hadean Abjuration: Hands
Hadean Abjuration: Legs
Hadean Abjuration: Feet
Gauger Plate
Chocobuck Slip
Mercenary Camp Entry Slip
Wyrmseeker of Areuhat
Forbidden Key
Bottled Pixie
MMM Fishing Rod
Red Oven Mitt
Block of Yagudo Glue
Fiend Plate
108-Knot Quipu
Peiste Pellets
Gnole Pellets
Gnat Pellets
Dorter Key
Balrahn's Eyepatch
Pandemonium Key
Monkey Wine
Bagged Sheep Botfly
Olzhiryan Cactus Paddle
Senorita Pamamas
Oily Blood
Samariri Corpsehair
Hellcage Butterfly
Floral Nectar
Rodent Cheese
Buffalo Corpse
Pure Blood
Vinegar Pie
Rock Juice
Raw Buffalo
Bone Charcoal
Granulated Sugar
Cog Lubricant
Singed Buffalo
Bound Exorcism Treatise
Whole Rose Scampi
Opalus Gem
Merrow No. 11 Molting
Mint Drop
Golden Teeth
Spoilt Blood
Coin of Birth
Coin of Advancement
Coin of Glory
Coin of Decay
Coin of Ruin
Plateau Chestnut
Tinnin's Fang
Armed Gears' Fragment
Gotoh Zha's Necklace
Dea's Horn
Iriz Ima's Hide
Amooshah's Tendril
Iriri Samariri's Hat
Vulpangue's Wing
Chamrosh's Beak
Gigiroon's Cape
Sarameya's Hide
Nosferatu's Claw
Bhurborlor's Vambrace
Achamoth's Antenna
Anantaboga's Heart
Reacton's Ashes
Dextrose's Blubber
Brass Borer's Cocoon
Ob's Arm
Tyger's Tail
Mahjlaef's Staff
Experimental Lamia's Armband
Nuhn's Esca
Wulgaru's Head
Zareekhl's Neckpiece
Verdelet's Wing
Velionis's Bone
Lil' Apkallu's Egg
Metamorphose Balsam
Metamorphose Perfume
Luminian Thread
Flameshun Cloth
Silkworm Thread
Canvas Toile
Pantin Wire
Corduroy Cloth
Bovine Brand Card
Maple Strongbox
Magnolia Strongbox
Beech Strongbox
Evergreen Strongbox
Holly Strongbox
Oak Strongbox
Elm Strongbox
Willow Strongbox
Bronze Letterbox
Brass Letterbox
Shakudo Letterbox
Paktong Letterbox
Pig Iron Letterbox
Iron Letterbox
Cast Iron Letterbox
Wrought Iron Letterbox
Bamboo Grass Basket
Bamboo Medicine Basket
Bamboo Bugcage
Bamboo Flower Basket
Bamboo Birdcage
Bamboo Charcoal Basket
Bamboo Tea Basket
Bamboo Snakecage
Filet Lace
Gold Stud
Electrum Stud
Cernunnos Bulb
Mandragora Cap
Korrigan Cap
Lycopodium Cap
Seedspall Lux
Seedspall Luna
Seedspall Astrum
Orcish Armor Plate
Quadav Backscale
Yagudo Caulk
Poison Enfeeblement Kit
Blindness Enfeeblement Kit
Sleep Enfeeblement Kit
Silence Enfeeblement Kit
Astral Matter
Ebon Pigment
Furia Pigment
Ebur Pigment
Aptaint: Primus
Aptaint: Aecus
Aptaint: Durus
Aptaint: Bellum
Aptaint: Arkhe
Aptaint: Tachus
Aptaint: Pera
Aptaint: Ishis
Aptaint: Fyrst
Aptaint: Geoc
Aptaint: Haelan
Aptaint: Secan
Wolfram Steel Ingot
Timeworn Talisman
Lambent Scale
Eye of Verthandi
Baby Blobdingnag
Ruthven's Nail
Krabkatoa Shell
Orcus Mandible
Glavoid Shell
Two-Leaf Chloris Bud
Helm of Briareus
Carabosse's Gem
Fistule Discharge
Kukulkan's Fang
Viscous Spittle
Powder Casket
Sanguine Spike
Itzpapalotl's Scale
Ulhuadshi's Fang
Sobek's Skin
Cirein-croin's Lantern
Bukhis's Wing
Sedna's Tusk
Badlands Salt
Punch Bug
Orthrus's Claw
Dragua's Scale
Apademak's Horn
Isgebind's Heart
Alfard's Fang
Azdaja's Horn
Iron Plate
Colorless Soul
Ominous Skull
Barbaric Bijou
Steelwall Bijou
Divine Bijou
Roving Bijou
Leering Bijou
Shrouded Bijou
Despot's Fortune
Sadist's Fortune
Villain's Fortune
Deluder's Fortune
Traitor's Fortune
Mystic Goad
Ornate Goad
Holy Goad
Intricate Goad
Runaeic Goad
Seraphic Goad
Tenebrous Goad
Stellar Goad
Demoniac Goad
Divine Goad
Heavenly Goad
Celestial Goad
Snarled Goad
Ethereal Goad
Mysterial Goad
Supernal Goad
Odious Scale
Odious Leather
Odious Cryptex
Odious Strongbox
Odious Charm
Odious Backscale
Odious Engraving
Odious Letterbox
Odious Necklace
Odious Feather
Odious Holy Water
Odious Quipu
Odious Cup
Odious Die
Odious Mask
Odious Grenade
Odious Talisman
Odious Bell
Odious Tree Root
Odious Mirror
Odious Skull
Odious Horn
Odious Blood
Odious Pen
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 1
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 2
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 3
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 4
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 5
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 6
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 7
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 8
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 9
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 10
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 11
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 12
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 13
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 14
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 15
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 16
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 17
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 18
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 19
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 20
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 21
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 22
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 23
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 24
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 25
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 26
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 27
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 28
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 29
Fiendish Tome: Chapter 30
Cat's Eye
Comet Fragment
Puny Planet Kit
Cosmic Designs
Galley Kitchen
Djinn Pricket
Korrigan Pricket
Carillon Vermeil
Mandragora Pricket
Celestial Globe
Scroll of Instant Warp
Scroll of Instant Reraise
Bastok Mines Gate Glyph
Bastok Markets Gate Glyph
Port Bastok Gate Glyph
Eastern San d'Oria Gate Glyph
Western San d'Oria Gate Glyph
Northern San d'Oria Gate Glyph
Windurst Waters Gate Glyph
Port Windurst Gate Glyph
Windurst Woods Gate Glyph
New Year's Gift
Inferno Crystal
Glacier Crystal
Cyclone Crystal
Terra Crystal
Plasma Crystal
Torrent Crystal
Aurora Crystal
Twilight Crystal
Giddeus Water
Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Four-Leaf Mandragora Bud
Fat Greedie
Royal Jelly
Bowl of Ambrosia
Bottle of Amrita
Silkworm Egg
Quadav Stew
Lucky Egg
Tavnazian Sheep Liver
Homemade Herbal Tea
Homemade Stew
Homemade Gelato
Homemade Rice Ball
Homemade Cheese
Homemade Steak
Homemade Salad
Homemade Bread
Homemade Risotto
Fire Feather
Blaze Feather
Revive Feather
Rebirth Feather
Regain Feather
Special Present
Old Quiver
Old Bolt Box
Old Bullet Box
Romance Potion
Tarutaru Snare
Mithra Snare
Walahra Water
Training Grounds Key
Virtue Stone Pouch
Magnus Stone Pouch
Prismatic Elixir
Moogle Pie
Roast Turkey
Candy Ring
Candy Cane
Aileen's Delight
Withered Rolanberry
Angler's Cassoulet
Homemade Salisbury Steak
Homemade Carbonara
Homemade Omelette
Mihgo Mithkabob
Soothing Potion
Pest Repellent
Buffalo Bonanza Milk
Creel of Moat Carp
Creel of Forest Carp
Frayed Pouch of Birth
Frayed Pouch of Advancement
Frayed Pouch of Glory
Frayed Pouch of Decay
Frayed Pouch of Ruin
Galette des Rois


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