Uncharted Waters Gets New Shipbuilding System

CJ E&M has released a new shipbuilding system in Uncharted Waters Online that will allow players to upgrade and customize their vessel. Here are some details from a press release:

"Players can choose the materials for the hull, sails and gunport to build their own unique ships. How you combine the materials and equipment will decide how durable and capable your ships are and contribute to success or failure for the expedition. Not only are players offered more options, as they become familiar with their ship they can attain ‘Steering Proficiency,’ which gives players more control while sailing and additional shipbuilding options. With all upgrades and customization, ships will attain higher resistance to the rough weather. If a player receives a ‘Wave resistance’ higher than 11, their ship will have the power to pass through a storm or blizzard, flying past opponents to victory!"

Uncharted Waters Online was recently added to the gPotato portal to bring more North American and European players into the historic nautical MMO.


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