Tuesday November 4, 2003

The Tuesday update is here! Along with new and corrected items, quests and factions, the bestiary section received a healthy update of over 150 new images! Also, we now have a new forum system that is integrated with the rest of the site and has more features than the Ubb version we were using before. Head to this link to get to the new General Discussion Forum and check it out and start posting. New Albion Items: Wind Hardened Leggings (Alb) (chain)Water-worn Gauntlets (Alb) (chain)Sand Scorched Helm (Alb) (chain)Barnacle Encrusted Boots (Alb) (chain)Ancient Wrought Hauberk (Alb)Albion Plain BowspiritAlbion Maiden BowspiritAlbion Lion-head BowspiritBritish CogDuskwood Cyclone Skinners Bow
New Hibernia Items: Arcanite Sword of CastaAncient Wrought Hauberk (Hib) (scale)Barnacle Encrusted Boots (Hib) (scale)
New All Items: Duskwood CinderArcanite Sinovia's ProtectorBlue Trim PaintCharcoal Trim PaintGreen Trim PaintOrange Trim PaintPurple Trim PaintRed Trim PaintTurquoise Trim PaintTurquoise Hull PaintYellow Hull PaintCharcoal Hull PaintGreen Hull PaintLime Green Hull PaintOrange Hull PaintPink Hull PaintPurple Hull PaintRed Hull PaintBlue Hull PaintSkiff

Updated Albion Items: Mithril Great AxeMithril War AxeMithril Great HammerMithril Bastard SwordMithril Short Sword
Updated Midgard Items: Adamantium Balanced Throwing KnivesAdamantium Weighted Throwing KnivesAdamantium Balanced Throwing AxesAdamantium Weighted Throwing AxesAdamantium Balanced Throwing HammersAdamantium Weighted Throwing HammersMithril Throwing DaggersMithril Throwing HammersMithril Throwing AxesMithril Balanced Throwing KnivesMithril Weighted Throwing KnivesMithril Balanced Throwing AxesMithril Weighted Throwing AxesMithril Balanced Throwing HammersMithril Weighted Throwing HammersAsterite Balanced Throwing KnivesAsterite Weighted Throwing KnivesAsterite Weighted Throwing AxesAsterite Balanced Throwing HammersAsterite Weighted Throwing HammersBronze Balanced Throwing KnivesBronze Weighted Throwing KnivesBronze Balanced Throwing AxesBronze Weighted Throwing AxesBronze Balanced Throwing HammersBronze Weighted Throwing HammersIron Balanced Throwing KnivesIron Weighted Throwing KnivesIron Balanced Throwing AxesIron Weighted Throwing AxesIron Balanced Throwing HammersIron Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing AxesFine Alloy Balanced Throwing HammersFine Alloy Balanced Throwing KnivesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing AxesFine Alloy Weighted Throwing KnivesSteel Balanced Throwing AxesSteel Balanced Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing AxesSteel Weighted Throwing HammersSteel Weighted Throwing KnivesAsterite Balanced Throwing AxesAlloy Balanced Throwing AxesAlloy Balanced Throwing HammersAlloy Balanced Throwing KnivesAlloy Weighted Throwing AxesAlloy Weighted Throwing HammersAlloy Weighted Throwing KnivesAlloy Bladed Claw GreaveAlloy Claw GreaveBronze Bladed Claw GreaveBronze Claw GreaveFine Alloy Bladed Claw GreaveFine Alloy Claw GreaveIron Bladed Claw GreaveIron Claw GreaveMithril Bladed Claw GreaveMithril Claw GreaveSteel Bladed Claw GreaveSteel Claw GreaveAlloy Bladed Fang GreaveAlloy Fang GreaveBronze Bladed Fang GreaveBronze Fang GreaveFine Alloy Bladed Fang GreaveFine Alloy Fang GreaveIron Bladed Fang GreaveIron Fang GreaveMithril Bladed Fang GreaveMithril Fang GreaveSteel Bladed Fang GreaveSteel Fang GreaveAlloy Bladed Moon ClawAlloy Moon ClawBronze Bladed Moon ClawBronze Moon ClawFine Alloy Bladed Moon ClawFine Alloy Moon ClawIron Bladed Moon ClawIron Moon ClawMithril Bladed Moon ClawMithril Moon ClawSteel Bladed Moon ClawSteel Moon ClawIron Moon FangMithril Bladed Moon FangMithril Moon FangSteel Bladed Moon FangSteel Moon FangAlloy Bladed Moon FangAlloy Moon FangBronze Bladed Moon FangBronze Moon FangFine Alloy Bladed Moon FangFine Alloy Moon FangIron Bladed Moon FangMithril Dagger (Mid)Mithril Two-Handed Sword (Mid)Mithril Longsword (Mid)Mithril Broadsword (Mid)Mithril Great Sword (Mid)Mithril Great SpearMithril Long SpearMithril Lugged SpearMithril SpearMithril TridentMithril Bearded AxeMithril Hand Axe (Mid)Mithril Spiked AxeMithril Double-Bladed AxeMithril Large AxeMithril Small HammerMithril Pick HammerMithril Battle HammerMithril Two-Handed War Hammer
Updated Hibernia Items: Enchanter's Staff of Sand
Updated All Items: Cenalon's Ring of PowerWrap of WithstandingSilver and Coral Ring

New Cross-Realm Quests: Kalare's NecklaceEnyalios' BootsJacina's SashRing of FireNamiah's RobesCrocodile's Tooth DaggerBand of StarsSnakes and Spikes (M2T10)Four Items Trial (M2T9)Amenemhat Trial (M2T8)Fear, Terror, and Horror Trial (M2T7)Kanakht Trial (M2T6)Chess Trial (M2T5)Assasins Trial (M2T2)Ka'a Trial (M2T1)Baggart's BowStaff of the GodsFools BowBane of Battler

Updated Albion Quests: Marauding Bandit (Alb)
Updated Hibernia Quests: Marauding Bandit (Hib)
Updated Midgard Quests: Marauding Bandit (Mid)
Updated Cross-Realm Quests: Origins of the HarpiesSeed PouchWicoessa's PropositionIanetor's Trial (M1T5)

Updated Zones: MesothalassaOceanus HesperosTyphon's ReachOceanus NotosOceanus BorealAshen IsleKrondon (Ogre Citadel)Green GladesStygian DeltaLand of AtumHypo AerusOceanus Anatole

Updated Factions: Skyros OrderNaxos SocietyGreat ForgeMelos AllianceSobkite KhemDevourer of Millions


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