Grand Mer Producer Discusses Upcoming Fishing MMO

Redbana and T3 Entertainment recently announced that they are currently developing Grand Mer, "the world’s first free-to-play online fishing game set in an open and persistent ocean world." If you're wondering what a fishing MMO entails, you may want to check out Free MMO Station's lengthy interview with Producer Dong-man Lee. Here's a small sample:

"People who have no idea about trolling fishing can enjoy playing Grand Mer while being immersed in the thrill of fishing, since Grand Mer is made to be easy to understand and control. Grand Mer broke the limit of ‘Level up grinding’ and ‘fishing grinding’, which are common in fishing games, and provides challenges, purposes, and motivations through various systems and tournaments besides level-up."

Lee also outlines the various characters and fish varieties, as well as the game's features. For example, players can show off their catches and invite other users to check out their aquarium. Players can also compete in competitions or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Watch the trailer after the jump to see Grand Mer in action. The game is nearing closed beta testing, although no dates have been announced.

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