Tuesday, January the 4th 2011

New Quests: Task: Fine Skin (Thorenhad)Task: Very Sharp Beaks (Thorenhad)Task: Fine Feathers (Thorenhad)Task: Grey Ears (Thorenhad)Task: Extremely Sharp Claws (Thorenhad)Task: Elder Finger Bone (Thorenhad)Task: Huge Filth (Thorenhad)

New Items: Very Sharp Beak

Updated Objects: Tasks Bulletin Board (Bree)Tasks Bulletin Board (Esteldin)Tasks Bulletin Board (Oatbarton)Tasks Bulletin Board (The Forsaken Inn)Tasks Bulletin Board (Othrikar)Tasks Bulletin Board (Lin Giliath)Tasks Bulletin Board (Amon Raith)Tasks Bulletin Board (Trestlebridge)Tasks Bulletin Board (Thorenhad)Tasks Bulletin Board (Gondamon)Tasks Bulletin Board (Agamaur)

Updated Quests: Task: Mossy Carapaces (Bree)Task: Bent Claws (Hobbiton)Task: Dirty Ears (Hobbiton)Task: Dull Beaks (Gondamon)Task: Matted Feathers (Gondamon)Task: Blackened Filth (Bree)Task: Broken Wooden Hatchets (Bree)Task: Wet Fur (Bree)Task: Wet Skin (Bree)Task: Worn Sword Sheaths (Bree)Task: Blackened Carapaces (Bree)Task: Jagged Claws (Bree)Task: Glistening Filth (Bree)Task: Bulbous Goo (Bree)Task: Glistening Essence (Bree)Task: Fine Fur (Thorenhad)

Updated Items: Sturdy HideGrey Wolf EarPristine HideGrey EarWorn Sword SheathWet SkinDirty EarElder Finger BoneDull BeakMatted FeatherMossy CarapaceBroken HatchetSoft SkinFine FeatherHardened CarapaceFine SkinSilky FilthHuge FilthExtremely Sharp ClawJagged ClawBent ClawBlackened FilthWet FurBlackened CarapaceGlistening FilthGlistening EssenceBulbous GooLeathery FurFine FurSmooth Wing

Updated Mobs: Whiskerback ScavengerElder StonehoofWhiskerback DiggerMoor-stalker ScavengerWrithing Stone-crawlerMountain-bear ProtectorMountain-bearVicious Mountain-bearElder Moor-stalkerSwift Crag-hawkMountain-bear WhelpBlighted Mountain-bearNarlinnSilent Moor-stalkerSpooked Moor-stalkerDeadly Stone-crawlerRotting Barrow-wightWight Dread-warriorStone-crawler DevourerVile Corpse-ratWight Blight-callerGlen-hindGlen-buck


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