Darkfall Developer Talks Relaunch, Possible Sequel

Tasos Flambouras gives more details on his recent comments regarding the next expansion and Darkfall 2.

In last week's activity report, Darkfall Developer Tasos Flambouras said that he recently gave a short postmortem on the game's development at the Hellenic Game Developer’s Conference. In the speech, he talked about the the next expansion/relaunch and mentioned plans for the sequel to Darkfall.

As one would expect, the brief mention of a Darkfall sequel and relaunch confused many players. In an attempt to provide some clarification on the matter, Tasos just posted a thread outlining Aventurine's future plans for the game. He says the team hasn't diverted resources to a Darkfall sequel, and there are no plans to replace the current game with a Darkfall 2. Basically, it appears that a sequel may be part of Aventurine's long-term plans, but that doesn't mean the company is currently working on a new game.

Tasos also confirms that the team is in the process of developing a major expansion for Darkfall. It can be considered a relaunch, but Aventurine will not be wiping the servers. The relaunch simply means that "it may give fresh options to new and existing players."


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