BFF Report Episode 42: Warhammer Online

Due to popular demand, Fony decided to jump back into this PvP-oriented MMO. After two years, does Warhammer Online still deliver? Watch the episode and find out!

Warhammer Online recently celebrated its two-year anniversary, so Fony decided now would be a good time to dive back into this PvP-oriented MMO using the game's Endless Free Trial. Fans of the BFF Report have been asking Fony to focus an episode on Warhammer for awhile, which made his decision even easier.

After two years, does Warhammer Online still deliver? Check out episode 42 of the BFF Report and find out! You'll also get the chance to check out Fony's mad PvP skills, which is an added perk.

So have any of you stuck with Warhammer Online since the beginning or tried it out recently thanks to the Endless Free Trial? What are your thoughts on the game?


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