Fallout Online's "Church of Harold" brochure

"We don't say we have the answers. . . but we might."

I've always loved PR teams that like to add so much depth to their MMOs with piles and piles of lore and propaganda, so something like Fallout Online's "The Church of Harold" brochure just tickles me pink. Within the brochure, which was sent out as a newsletter to Fallout Online followers, the Church of Harold promises... well... nothing, according to their tagline, "Unlike other religions, we promise nothing. But, unlike others, we back up our promises!" Additionally offered within the brochure are suggestions for players to adopt a shrub (for 10 caps a month!), and a publication list for tips on how to wear a hat and what to do about people trying to shoot your hat off, as well as "the true story of one of the first, most famous, and mostly wrongly told stories of Our Times. Find out how it was really Harold who saved a vault."

While there hasn't been much concrete information on Interplay's Fallout Online MMORPG, they certainly seem to be having fun!


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