Tuesday, September the 7th, 2010

"Enedwaith/Free to Play/Vol III, Book II goes to live servers for Veterans & Beta players in the Early Access. Here are some of those changes.

Updated Zones: Enedwaith

Updated Deeds: Path of the Grey CompanyDunlending-slayerDunlending-slayer (Advanced)Little WondersExiles from the Lonely MountainThe Cartrevs of EnedwaithMysteries of EnedwaithCuthraul and Elhudan-slayerCuthraul and Elhudan-slayer (Advanced)Half-orc SlayerHalf-orc Slayer (Advanced)Wolf and Shadow-wolf SlayerWolf and Shadow-wolf Slayer (Advanced)Wood-troll SlayerWood-troll Slayer (Advanced)The Long Road of the HobbitsMysteries of Enedwaith (Intermediate)Mysteries of Enedwaith (Advanced)Mysteries of Enedwaith (Final)Known to the Grey CompanyKnown to the AlgraigFriend of the Grey CompanyFriend to the AlgraigAlly to the Grey CompanyAlly to the AlgraigKindred with the AlgraigKindred with the Grey Company

Updated Objects: Small BootsSmall SkeletonSmall BowDunlending Military Orders

Updated Titles: Ambassador of the Grey CompanyFoe of the White HandLittle WonderExile of EreborHomesteader of EnedwaithExplorer of EnedwaithBanisher of DreadEnemy of the White Hand Avenger of the Uch-luthShadow-foeDark HunterWood-chipperClear-cutterFollower of the Long RoadDefender of EnedwaithKnown to the Grey CompanyKnown to the AlgraigFriend to the Grey CompanyFriend of the AlgraigAlly to the Grey CompanyAlly to the Algraig

Updated Quests: Book II, Chapter 1: Wrought in Secret ;

DisorderBook II, Chapter 2: The Grey Company in RivendellChronicle: Daughter of StrifeChronicle: The Prisoner of Sammath BaulChronicle: The Fall of MoriaChronicle: The Fate of LaerdanChronicle: We Cannot Get OutGoblin HuntersIvory SpearsA Greater MysteryDanger in the HillsInstance: The Grey KingBehind Bars -- InstanceBehind BarsAn Understanding

Updated Items: Plain Heritage Rune of LoreMedallion of Dol GuldurScroll of EmpowermentReturn to EnedwaithSilver Token of the WildsGolden Token of the WildsMuster in HarndirionGuide to HarndirionStoor BootsAragorn's StandardBugan SpearFine TusksDunlending Military OrdersDunlending OrdersCell Door Key

Updated Mobs: ElrondDemurDeserter ScoutMabonCannuion (Rewards)DufrigNeirin BrehurPenlhun BrehurSiorus BrehurGlynn BreninGuladus BrehuresBrungosIdhrienFainneleg (Provisioner)NestadronOrchithDagoras (Echad Dagoras)Braigiar (Echad Dagoras)Lothrandir (Echad Dagoras)Blackmane WolfDeserter ShieldbearerSteppe WolverineSnarling ShadowBlackmane AlphaHowling ShadowBaleful ShadowLeaping ShadowFang of ShadowDeserter ArcherDeserter CaptainHalbarad (Rivendell)WunneDavudhAlunAndreg (Quartermaster)SaerdanAmlan (Echad Saeradan)White Stag BullGloomglens SowIdhrenfair (Echad Idhrenfair)Himeinior (Echad Idhrenfair)PrestadirBugan HunterGloomglens WolfBuganBugan BullyGrey KingDagoras (Jailor's Quarters)Dunlending Jailor

Updated Skills: Vitality: Rank 1Vitality: Rank 2Vitality: Rank 3Agility: Rank 1Agility: Rank 2Agility: Rank 3Fate: Rank: 1Fate: Rank: 2Fate: Rank: 3Might: Rank 1Might: Rank 2Might: Rank 3Will: Rank 1Will: Rank 2Will: Rank 3Grey Company - Travel Discount

Updated Areas: FordirithWindfellsGloomglensMournshawsNan LaeglinThror's CoombLich BluffsEchad DagorasEchad SaeradanEchad IdhrenfairEchad DaervunnHarndirionThe Hall of MakingLhanuchMaur TulhauThe Brenin's HallLhe LhechuThe Black DensPluvun GwernThe Jailor's QuartersAraniantUch CadlusAmon MinThe King's Way GateGrey King's Lair

Updated Zones: Enedwaith


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