Thursday June 17, 2010

DAoC Update

Updated Albion Items: Perforator Studded Vest (Alb) (u)Heatbender Bardiche (u)Fortifying Friar Robe (u)Fortifying Barbed Whip (u)Fervent Cymric Leather Sleeves (u)Energybender Plate Half-helm (u)Decimator Partisan (u)Bodybender Lamellar Vest (u)Bluntbender Barbed Whip (u)Bladeblocker Fluted Plate Boots (u)Battering Scale Plate Boots (u)Battering Mail Hauberk (u)Arcane Cymric Leather Gloves (u)Adroit Pendant (Alb) (u)Earthsplitter Ring (Alb) (u)Adroit Barbed Whip (u)Decimator Mantle (Alb) (u)Staff of WindsNight's Edge BillArcanium Conflagrant Short Sword (Alb)Sap of Lost WillArcanium Crackling Wind Inquisitors Trident (Alb)Tempered Shadow-bound Gauntlets (Alb)Grand Summoner's Silken Mantle (Alb)Arcanium Spiked Flail of the DepthsExhaustive Energybender Blighted Desert Boots (Alb) (u)Heatbender Jewel (Alb) (u)Shining Firebound Invoker Staff (Alb) (u)Shining Fortifying Scaled Plate Gauntlets (Alb)Shining Honed Jambiya (u)Shining Honed Scaled Plate Greaves (u)Shining Insightful Quilted Gloves (u)Shining Lifetaker Bastard Sword (Alb) (u)Shining Mighty Dagger (Alb) (u)Shining Thrustbender Plate Gauntlets (u)Shining Whirling Short Sword (Alb) (u)
Updated Midgard Items: Cerulescent Discord HammerCinereous Discord War HammerRadiant Summoner JerkinWoven Silksteel GlovesCloak of InsightMighty Ring (Mid) (u)Lustrous Bladeblocker Bastard Sword (Mid) (u)Edgebender Jewel (Mid) (u)Glowing Blighted Padded Gloves (u)Martial Choker (Mid) (u)Lifetaker Jewel (Mid) (u)Bound Troll Bone StaffBright Mephitic Leather LeggingsArcanium Striking Serpent Sword (Mid)Torn Wolf-Runed Asterite CoifHoarfrost BootsBlodjeger GlovesBrilliant Adroit Mjuklaedar Sleeves (u)Lustrous Serrated Svarlaedar Gloves (u)Glowing Fortifying Svarskodd Boots (u)Glowing Martial Svarskodd Jerkin (u)Glowing Shadowwalker Svarlaedar Leggings (u)Luminous Bladeblocker Double-bladed Axe (Mid) (u)Luminous Swathe cutter's War Axe (Mid) (u)

Updated Hibernia Items: Old Silk CapLethal Fortifying Briny Long Sword (Hib) (u)Frenetic Archer's ChainSleek Slimy Shriller BeltFlawless Lecherous Gress Skin (Hib)Thorntoe's RingHaunting Grey Coif (str/dex)Haunting Grey LeggingsOmni Warscale LeggingsStinging Nettle CapArcanite Shadow-bound Gauntlets (scale)Lion's Roar GlovesShimmering Oro's Flawless Stiletto of Night (nld)Banba's Cloak for EldritchesBrilliant Wintry Effluvium LuteDarkened DefenderRichly Designed BroadswordShimmering Dread Blackscale GreavesCrystalized Lightning Etched Sleeves (qui)Hollowed Crustacean CarapaceHollowed Crustacean ChitinSilk Gatherer's BootsShining Round Slate ShieldRhinestone RingStarspun RobeFathomless Deepscale Leggings
Updated All Items: Omni Enchanted PantsSkyros Fishskin Belt

Updated Hibernia Mobs: Damibard ThorntoeThuxra the Cackler
Updated All Mobs: ColossalLord Tholos


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