The Sanguine Sky

Unbelievable! Surely we wouldn't be so lazy as to recycle an old comic by slapping another color on the background on it and calling it brand new! Who would do such a thing? At least game designers never exhibit such gross displays of blatent apathy toward creativity, especially when it comes to adding new content.


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buncha suckers
# Jun 17 2010 at 3:01 AM Rating: Good
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Some exec at SE wrote:
Don't worry about that comic guys, they'll buy it anyway.

Now lets get back to finding more ways to put this game on autopilot so we can put more resources into developing for our new projects we aren't bored with yet.

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The FFXI "community" needs an enima. If you doubt this, look at the forums on BG, ffxiah, and alla. If you STILL doubt this, visit 4chan. Note the similarities. Then light yourself on fire.

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I choose to be what I want to be & do. Job, religion, games...These are my choices & no one elses. Try to change that & you'll have a fight on your hands. Freedom of Choice!
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