The official launch of Dungeon Fighter Online!

The month of June will be a month of events for DFO fans, as Nexon has decided to officially launch this month!

I know this can get a little bit confusing since Dungeon Fighter Online went into "open beta commercial release" a few months back, but it seems as though this time, it's official! That's right, Nexon's adrenaline-packed side-scrolling beat-'em-up is now officially out of beta and has now hit official launch status! With this announcement comes a whole month of events for DFO fans and the introduction of the awesome female gunner class. For all players level 30 and above, you will be receiving a "Lethe's Bell," which is good for one free complete skill reset - just make sure to take it out of your mailbox within 7 days, or it will be gone for good!

As well, any player who creates a female gunner during the event period will receive one "Kiri's Gift Box," which includes ten Empyrean Soda's (which recover 10% of your HP and MP), a random rare weapon and a Conqueror or Tactician's Contract. As well, all female gunners who hit level 30 by June 29th will also receive a Lethe's Bell for resetting their skills.

Finally, with the official launch of DFO comes the final batch of awakenings for the Soul Reaper, the Machinist and the Hellcat! Players who can get their awakenings before June 29th will receive an awesome title, and for players who party with Soul Reapers, Machinists or Hellcats, they'll receive an experience bonus of +10% for a party of 2, and +20% for a party of 3 or 4. So get leveling!


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