ZAM Gets Feature Upgrades

Our diligent tech team rolls out some new features for our forum users.

While the same editorial team is hard at work pumping out stories on your favorite games, our tech team is also working behind the scenes to help our users feel more comfortable when browsing and interacting with the site. Recently, three new forum features were rolled out. 

Have you been bugged by some annoying forum poster who insists on trolling more than offering anything substantial to the conversation? Now, ZAM forums allow you to ignore specific users. Under the My Account section on the left side by your user information, click on the "contacts" link. Then click the "ignore" tab. On the right is a space with a plus sign next to it to add the troll's name ... and voila, no more annoyance.

We've also changed how read/unread forum posts are tracked. Now, the infomration is collected by account, instead of by cookie. For more information, you can read what Nizdaar had to say on the topic.

And finally, as a general change, the headings underneath our ZAM banner, the one where you see Home -- Games -- Forums -- Videos, etc., now show menus on mouseover. You no longer have to click "games" to see the menu options for the games section. Give it a try.

A special shout out to the tech team for their hard work. Enjoy the new features!

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