Jade Dynasty has new details of upcoming expansion

Two new classes will be added to the immortal Athan race, the Celan and the Rayan, along with territory wars and upgraded physics

Jade Dynasty fans will be tickled pink at the new information posted on the Perfect World Entertainment Blog, as the team has revealed that this new yet-to-be-named expansion will add two new classes to the immortal Athan race, the Celan and the Rayan. According to the blog entry, the Celan are "known for their ability to manipulate foes while boosting thei rallies' morale using the musical notes of the immortals," while the Rayan are simply "known as deadly assassins, feared even amongst their allies." In other words, the Celan appear to be another support / bard type class, while the Rayan seem to be a bit more of a standard assassin / dual-wielding type of class.

In addition to these two new classes, the Jade Dynasty team has also announced Territory Wars! In Territory Wars, alliances will need to battle for the lands of Jade Dynasty, controlling regions and resources in a bid for world domination. Finally, the team has also revealed that Jade Dynasty will also be receiving some physics upgrades, in the form of smoother movements, better physics and even destrucible environments! So for you Jade Dynasty players out there craving something new, keep your eyes peeled for this new expansion as more information comes out!


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